Reborn Rich – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Hostile Take-Over

Episode 10 of Reborn Rich starts at the dismissal hearing for the Soonyang distribution store Hwa Young. Prosecutor Min-young talks about the criminalities of issuing a false report to the authorities. She then plays a pen recorder, and Hwa-young is heard issuing orders to director Im.

The recording proves that Hwa-young is guilty of embezzlement and that she was the one who gave a false report about Miracle Investment’s trying to steal her shares by causing a stock price drop. She has no way out.

Hwa-young discusses this with Do-jun. She is adamant that she will not hand over her store shares to Do-jun even if it means she would be imprisoned. Do-jun agrees she should rot in prison so the department store can go bankrupt, and Chairman Jin would not forgive her for the liquidation. In addition, her husband’s political career is coming to an end. She is backed into a corner and has no choice.

Do-jun finally has his revenge for Hwa-young humiliating his mother and telling him he will never be the rightful heir. Miracle Investment now owns the Soonyang department store. Do-jun takes Chairman Jin on a tour of the store. Chairman Jin loses mobility while with Do-jun. He tells Do-jun never to trust anyone.

Min-young insists on investigating Hwa-young against her superior’s orders. The case is transferred to another prosecutor. She calls Do-jun for a drink. He agrees that he knew she would not be able to indict Hwa-young and use her. Do-jun had made it clear he did not tip her off for the sake of law and order.

She insists he also lied about her favourite musician making a comeback and her becoming a great prosecutor. Just like the stars are aligning, Do-jun sees on a screen outside the club that Seo Tae Ji has made a comeback. He rushes to find Hwa-young and shows her that he did not lie. He requests that she should trust him if she could not trust herself. They have their first kiss.

The IMF crisis ends. Se-hyeon is awed by Do-jun’s ability to predict outcomes accurately and is surprised since he never gets excited. The feeling that Do-jun might be much older comes back, and now he thinks he might be from another universe. The crisis ends as a good opportunity for a miracle; hence they expand by hiring more employees.

Chairman Jin wants to start a money lending business by venturing into finance. He plans to establish Soonyang Financial Holding Company. Dong-ki knows about his father’s health condition. He deduces that the financial Holding is a front to manage all the manufacturing affiliates of Soonyang cooperation. Hence, the owner of Soonyang Financial Holding becomes the heir.

Hyeon-min and Young-ki present a report about Sung-joon. They intend to impress Chaimrna Jin so he can bring him back to the fold. Do-jun and Min-young have a date, and Min-young is concerned that Do-jun might stand before her as a suspect since he is in the capital market business. Then they both receive calls.

The Chief Prosecutor hands Min-young a new case. Miracle Investment is accused of being one of the companies manipulating New Data Technology Stocks, and she has to investigate. Hyunsung Daily, Hyeon-min’s family company, released the article. The prosecution, led by Min-young, storms into the Miracle Investment company office.

Dong-ki is having a meal with Chang-je. He talks about how Miracle Investment could sell its stocks just before the price of New Data Technology plummeted, referred to as internal trading using private information. Public opinion is influenced against Do-jun and Miracle Investment, and many of their investors want their money back.

Do-jun meets with his grandfather Chairman Jin. Dong-ki is also at the meeting and suggests that Soonyang Investment absorb Miracle Investment, “an uncle takes responsibility for his nephews’ errors.” Chairman Jin agrees.

Back at Miracle Investment, Se-hyeon, Rachel, and Do-jun are brainstorming about where to get 480 million dollars to refund their investors. Do-jun tells them to pull out all their investments made in the American stock market. Se-hyeon is in disbelief but still does it anyway.

Dong-ki is celebrating his victory. He calls his inside man In-hyeok to be Do-jun’s investment portfolio. Chairman Jin is convinced that Do-jun will be found guilty, and he suggests leaving Soonyang Group to Dong-ki. Dong-ki receives Miracle’s investment portfolio.

Do-jun was certain a tragedy was about to happen since what happened in his other life happens in this timeline. The next day comes with breaking news about an attack in America. Dong-ki is in a frenzy, figuring out how much he will lose.

In addition, he had made investments using the portfolio taken from Miracle Investment, and his investments were in business tremendously affected by the incident; hence he was bound to make huge losses. He advises his secretary to buy put options to protect him against losses.

Do-jun advises Se-hyeon to send donations to all the victims of the attack. He also chooses to go against the flow and buy blue-chip stocks rather than put options. He intends to change the market flow. They advertise encouraging people to buy miracle shares since the company believes in the Korean economy.

He aggressively works to make funds available and more popular. Miracle Investment succeeds in flooding the market with over 90 billion dollars.

Dong-ki fails to understand how the market did not crash, which means he lost the investment made input options. Just then, Do-jun walks in. Dong-ki thinks that Do-jun also lost his New York Stock exchange investments. Dong-ki realizes he was set up. Do-jun’s visit was to buy Soonyang Investment.

Dong-ki does not intend to sell, but Do-jun informs him that all his significant investors have pulled out and invested with Miracle Investment. Using Dong-ki’s words against him, “a nephew takes responsibility for his uncle’s shortcomings.”

It is revealed that In-hyeok has been working as a double agent. If he lost his job working as Dong-ki’s informant, it would have meant that he messed up, and no one at Soonyang would take him back.

Dong-ki visits jeongsingjae; he is furious and speculates that Chairman Jin is behind Do-jun. It made no sense that he and his sister could lose everything to their nephew, who is a mere kid. It could only be because Chairman Jin is behind him.

The news infuriates Chairman Jin, who thinks Do-jun might be going too far. He visits Do-jun’s workplace to take him someplace. They discuss how ruthless Do-jun has been to his uncle and aunt. Like his grandfather said, Do jun says he has three extra organs in his heart, greed, suspicion, and change of mind.

A press conference is scheduled, and Chairman Jin is heading to the press conference with Do-jun. Young-ki suspects that he would make it official without saying a word to his children. The press conference is to be held at the Soonyang history museum. In the car, Chairman Jin declares that he will leave Soonyang Financial Group to Do-jun just as a car bumps into them at an intersection. Suddenly, it occurs to Do-jun that he remembered nothing about Do-jun since he was killed, and things that are bound to happen must happen. A truck is seen speeding toward them; it all fades to black.

The Episode Review

This episode highlights just how ruthless Do-jun can be in business. Watching him take everything from his aunt and uncle without batting an eye was scary. Even though Do-jun has previous knowledge of some situations, he is also brilliant in his choices, like when he decides to help the Korean economy recover.

Watching Dong-ki and Hwa-young lose to Do-jun is satisfying since they keep underestimating him. I was looking forward to a revenge scene for how Hwa-young had humiliated Do-jun’s mother in the previous episode. It is sad to see Min-young get caught in the family feuds.

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