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Attempted Murder

Episode 11 of Reborn Rich starts at Hyeon-min’s gallery. Dong-ki discusses with her that they must ensure the eldest grandson returns to where he belongs. They intend to use their influence to help sung-joon get into the good graces of chairman jin.

They convince him, and Hyeon-min delivers the news that he is allowed to transfer to the head office. Chairman Jin would discuss with him the new position. It is revealed that Hyeon-min was involved in the scandal Miracle Investment went through with New Data Technology.

Elsewhere, Do-jun finds Min-young waiting in the basement of his workplace. She has good news, the investigation did not find him guilty of stock manipulation. Do-jun promises that she will never have to investigate him ever again. Sung-joon returns to the main office and is informed about Soonyang Financial Holding and wonders who would run that business.

Back to the ending scene of the car accident involving Do-jun and Chairman Jin. Min-young receives a call about the accident, and Se-hyeon and Rachel at miracle investment are devastated. The Soonyang family rushes to the hospital to see Chairman Jin, but the doctor informs them that he is in a coma and will not be allowed any visitors.

Do-jun’s family arrives, and no one tells them anything. An unharmed Do-jun is seen waiting outside an operating room. The doctor informs him that someone was out of danger. He says he was hugely indebted to that person. In-hyeok is wheeled to the recovery room.

Back to the accident scene, In-hyeok drove between the track and Do-jun’s car, saving him. The bodyguards inform Do-jun that it was not an accident. The Chairman’s car was targeted since they found the car information in the truck driver’s pocket. They launch an investigation. Do-jun swears that he must live this life long enough to make them pay.

At the hospital, the Chairman is not in a coma. Outside the waiting room, the family discusses the effect of the Chairman’s accident on the company stocks. They argue whether or not to continue with the press conference announcing the Soonyang Financial Holding Company.

Dong-ki thinks they should postpone the meeting, while Young-ki thinks they should go ahead. Dong-ki is furious because he knows chairman Jin wants Do-jun to run the financial company and be the heir to Soonyang Group.

Do-jun informs his grandfather that they were targeted, and he is extremely saddened by the realization that his family might have tried to kill him. He intends to surprise them at the board meeting and make the board vote for Do-jun as the head of the financial holding company.

He also intends to use the tragedy to promote Soonyang Motors, the cars were smashed into pieces, and no one died. Chairman Jin expresses concern for Do-jun. he insists that he should be careful and not trust anybody. Min-young waits in Do-jun’s hospital room. He hugs her tightly, making Min-young realize it was not just an accident.

Se-hyeon is trying to figure out which newspaper to trust regarding the accident, and one says the passengers walked off with minor scratches, while the other says Chairman Jin is in a coma. Do-jun’s presence in the office answers his dilemma. Do-jun informs Se-hyeon that after the board meeting and the establishment of Soonyang Financial holding, Se-hyeon would take over the management of Soonyang Investment.

Dong-ki and Hwa-young storm the hospital, demanding to see chairman Jin since they think the Chairman is not in a coma. Do-jun’s father steps in as the Chairman of Soonyang Medical centre and stops them from visiting the Chairman. Do-jun’s mother is angered that the investigation was ruled an accident and wants to make a police report.

Do-jun informs her that he agrees that the police conclude it was an accident so he could live. If it were confirmed that the culprit was a family member, they would have the power and the money to evade imprisonment, and Do-jun would be in further danger.

Hyeon-joon visits D-jun at the hospital. He is sad that his album fell through. He has a heart-to-heart with Do-jun telling him that they should not fight over money and that when their parents leave their inheritance, he should take all his money. He also suggests that he will take all of Do-jun’s money in return; Do-jun is shaken, but it turns out Hyeon-Jon is just joking.

The bodyguards are still investigating the case, and they fund connection to a gambling place. Upon visiting the venue, they are introduced to someone who was a friend of the truck driver.

Hwa-young, Young-ki, and Dong-ki plan to go ahead with the board meeting but put measures in place to ensure the financial holding company falls through.

After a talk with the bodyguard investigating the accident, the truck driver’s friend rushes to his office, instructing his subordinates to get rid of some documents. He has a painting with him, and the bodyguards storm in just before they get to move. It turns out the friend knew that there were no CCTVs at the scene of the accident, and they had carefully planned the accident. The bodyguard reports back to Do-jun at the hospital.

Do-jun feeds the information to Min-young, who visits Hyeon-min to ask about the painting. Hyeon-min makes the mistake of first admitting that her gallery owned the painting, and when she asks to see it, Hyeon-min says that it was stolen.

Min-young tells Hyeon-min that the painting was used as payment to murder instigators. Sung-joon visits Hyeon-min, and she suspects that he took the painting and used it to plan the attempted murder. She is convinced when Sun-joon confidently tells her that their family will be fine in the future.

Do-jun reports the progress of the investigation to chairman Jin. He admits that he is scared. He fails to understand why they are trying to kill him. Suddenly, chairman Jin becomes delirious and fails to recognize Do-jun as his grandson. He is afraid of him and says he is trying to kill him, yelling “get out!”

The Episode Review

This was the first episode we see chairman Jin express some emotions. He is genuinely concerned about Do-jun and asks him to promise not to trust anybody and always to be careful. Also, he is genuinely scared for the first time; afraid that his family is trying to kill him. His dejection is evident.

After the accident and before knowing what exactly happened, it was a heart-wrenching moment thinking Do-jun and chairman Jin were seriously injured. In-hyeok is the hero of the episode. Putting himself between Do-jun and the truck was selfless, and he deserves all the love in this episode. The family continues to show no concern for each other.

With their father in a coma, as reported by director Jung, they were more concerned about saving the company and ensuring Do-jun does not become the owner of the financial holding about their father’s health. Yoong-ki was terrific while dealing with Dong-ki and Hwa-young, ensuring they did not get in to see chairman Jin and realize he was well.

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