Raising Dion – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Raising Dion begins in Alabama with a father and son on a farm, surrounded by crops while neighbouring fields are dying and full of withered crops. After showing Pat the picture of the electrified giant, we learn it’s Dion’s birthday. Kat drops off an iPad as a present for the little man before Pat takes him out for a ride. Meanwhile, Malik is offered a job by Nicole; to find the origin of the video. Along with a handsome sum of money, she also offers to teach him dance choreography.

At Biona, Pat shows Dion around before allowing Susanna to take him to the cafeteria while answering a call from Dion. Finally catching up to them, Susanna leaves as Dion hears the faint sound of a reindeer behind one of the locked doors. Managing to focus his powers, he swiftly levitates the keycard over to Pat and, deliberating what to do, decides to open the door and check what’s inside.

Along with a whole slew of animals, they also find a monitor showcasing a whole group of people being watched. Seeing a sick animal in one of the cages, Dion uses his powers to heal one of the cubs. After taking another animal from the cage, Dion drops the power in the lab and manages to sneak out with Pat, acting normally as they head out the building. On the way, they’re stopped by security before stepping outside and seeing the blackout is actually nationwide and not just in the building.

Heading home and notifying Nicole what happened, they discuss her dancing while Suzanne demands her workers look through the CCTV and find out what happened.

Walter, the man from the farm, then wakes up to find his son Brayden missing from the house. Outside, he watches as storm clouds gather. Telling his son to head inside, Walter uses his powers to protect the house, covering it in roots, while outside the storm-man begins striking the land with lightning bolts. As the episode closes out, Brayden watches in horror as his Father tries to fight off the giant.

With a cliffhanger ending and a nice balance of drama and lighthearted elements, Raising Dion finally comes to life here in one of the series’ best episodes. Seeing the organisation hiding a whole array of creatures from Iceland and keeping track of, presumably, different super-powered individuals is a nice twist and the whole series does well to keep things moving in a solid direction. Quite what’s in store for our characters next remains to be seen, but right now that ending leaves things wide open.

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