Raising Dion – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Backstory & Flashbacks

Episode 5 of Raising Dion begins in Iceland 2010. Mark joins Pat in a yurt full of scientific equipment and tells him he just got married to Nicole. They’re here to record atmospheric conditions before and after the comet passes. Suddenly the sky changes colour and multiple tiny shooting stars fall to the ground.

Back to the present, it’s the day of Dion’s birthday party and as he cheekily levitates a packet of crisps to his room, his mum tells him that some of his old friends aren’t able to come. Nicole gets a call from her boss soon after, telling her to come to work and, not able to refuse, she asks her neighbour Tessa to take him to the party for 3pm.

Suzanne questions Pat about his whereabouts during the blackout and explains that L5 was vandalized. As Nicole heads to work, she reminisces about the past when she decided to quit dancing because she was pregnant. She told Mark just after a performance and he vowed to be more present in his kid’s life than his dad was in his. Back in the present, she unfortunately leaves work late and has to beg the closed bakery to let her in to get Dion’s cake.

We then flashback to 4 years ago when Mark started developing his powers. As he’s missing his son’s birthday party while investigating his abilities, he suddenly teleports there and this makes him realize the extent of his powers.

Back to the present, Dion is not having a great time as his old friends are making fun of him and this make him reject Esperanza’s friendship to impress them. Angry, his mother berates him and tells him to apologize to her. As he angrily storms off to the bouncing castle, Dion makes his inhaler fly to him, prompting Esperanza to tell him she’s known for a while that he has powers.

Another flashback to New Orleans, in 2017 this time, shows Mark meeting Charlotte for the first time to talk about their abilities. She tells him to stop fighting it and if he does that, he’ll be able to control them. Just as she tells him that two other people from Iceland have disappeared, the storm man arrives, shooting bolts of lightning at them. Mark then rushes in to save a drowning Charlotte before being picked up by the giant. Screaming in agony, he disintegrates into thin air.

In the present, the spirit of Mark watches his son sleep before disappearing into the night as the thunder claps. Dion then wakes up and sees the storm man outside. Hearing the storm herself, Nicole rushes in the room and as she looks outside, she sees the outline of Mark in the clouds.

This episode of Raising Dion gives us more backstory into Mark’s past and we finally see what happened that fateful day. This definitely helps move the story forward but there are still some mysteries around his disappearance. Is it really his spirit that we have seen so far or has he now taken a different form? There are still quite a lot of questions to answer but in the meantime, Raising Dion offers us another decent episode full of suspense and action, making this series very easy to binge watch.


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