Raised By Wolves – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Lost Paradise

Mother’s Secrets

Episode 6 of Raised by Wolves begins with Mother continuing to relive her memories from her time with her maker. Pausing the simulation, she watches as Campion kisses her. Given the title she receives of “Savior for humanity”, Mother returns to the settlement with renewed vigor.

Of course, watching from the wings are Marcus and the others. Given Mother’s hold over them, Marcus tries to work out where she’s going every day. She’s not the only one either – Father questions her loyalty to the children given she’s gone for such long periods of time. As Mother walks away, she notices Hunter watching and encourages him to join the conversation next time.

In the wake of this, Hunter stirs the pot further by planting seeds of doubt in Father’s mind. He tells him Mother is lying and tries to convince him to find out quite what about. Just before he leaves, Hunter notices a metal pot lurking behind the rocks and realizes they aren’t alone.

He doesn’t tell Father though and instead stashes the tin in his coat pocket. Inside, he looks over it and is forced to show Holly when she confronts him. Realizing they aren’t alone, they contemplate what to do with this information.

Nightmares & Dreams

Mother meanwhile speaks to Tempest about her nightmares and dreams. As they discuss her wants, Mother reassures her that she’s there to serve not want. Ironically, that’s not exactly true given her devotion to the Maker. Tempest doesn’t know this of course and it’s enough to comfort her and encourage the girl to stay that evening.

Inside, Paul outshines Campion by managing to solve a stick puzzle faster than him. Campion doesn’t take too kindly to this though and accuses the boy of cheating. This takes a turn for the worst when Campion strikes Paul for using his initiative and using the fungus to make a trap.

Meanwhile, Marcus finds the hibernation pod that Mother has been using. Realizing she’s vulnerable while in this pod, he decides to use this information to his advantage. Mother however, notices sketches up on the walls involving two figures kissing – the same two figures that may be the Maker and Mother.


Father brings Campion before Mother and the two discuss morality and the nature of violence. Given her history of killing, she’s not one to actually give out this advice and Campion knows it. When he leaves to apologize to Paul, Mother confronts Father. She believes he’s the one who drew the sketch on the wall.

It’s in Tally’s style and she questions him about the pod. Checking his dumbfounded expression, Mother eventually realizes Father isn’t the one responsible. Wordlessly, she leaves the settlement.

This brings her back to the pod and she starts talking to the computer about the simulation. She exhibits signs of distrusting and asks the computer various questions about who else has been accessing the simulation.

Mother is convinced that the hologram she’s led to is a virus. She believes it’s infected her system but this figure of Campion asks her exactly what she wants. The hologram goes on to tell her the humans have no future and are only worth dying. Calling her eternal, this computer inside the pod starts kissing her.

Outside the simulation however, Marcus approaches the unconscious Mother. He plants the explosives and has the bucket-head man standing with a dish ready to try and destroy the android. Her powers don’t work against the dish and she eventually passes out. As she does, Marcus asks the soldiers to detonate the explosives. Only… it doesn’t work and something goes wrong.

As the ground starts shaking, Mother is lifted up into the air and turns into her Necromorph form. Marcus and the others back up in fear as she screams at the soldiers, blasting shock-waves toward them.Eventually she races off into the distance.

Under Attack

Back at the settlement, soldiers race in and grab Paul. Father however, leaves the house and senses something up. He collects up the children and starts calling out for everyone. Gunshots pierce the air and soldiers close in on their location. The bullets whistle past Father as he races around the complex to outflank them. Telling the children to get onboard the shuttle, they watch as the soldiers start closing in on Father.

With all the children safely onboard, Paul is the only one missing. This leads Father to begin taking out the soldiers. Only, Hunter betrays the android and tells the soldiers that Father is on top of the silo. As bullets continue to rain down, Father manages to survive the onslaught thanks to Mother arriving and saving the day. However, he’s in a bad way.

Back with Marcus, he tasks Paul to head into the settlement as a spy. When he returns, he watches in silence as Mother starts removing all the bullets from Father. Paul takes the necklace from Mother and rushes out the settlement. As he does, Marcus lies in wait and slashes her with a sword to the chest.

Spewing white liquid from her mouth, Marcus continues to slash at the android. Just before Marcus delivers the killing blow however, a strange voice whispers in the air and tells him to let her live. Is this Sol?

The Episode Review

Raised By Wolves once again raises more questions around what’s going on here. There’s some intriguing questions about wants and dreams, mixed up in Marcus seemingly being the chosen one and hearing Sol.  Is this really a deity or a computer simulation of some kind? Either way, the series raises some thought provoking topics about whether androids really could think and dream.

On top of this, the show leaves big question marks hanging over the direction this is likely to go next. Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long as HBO Max are releasing 2 episodes a week!


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