Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Act and Guilt

Episode 7 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with Future Ragna harming himself to avoid becoming a member of the superior dragons. Thinking Ragna’s perished, Ultimatia asks Trois to help her and the others flee. Suddenly, Slime, Crimson, and Golem arrive. Crimson observes Ragna’s body, realizing he froze his heart to avoid becoming a member of the dragon’s bloodline. Crimson tells Golem they plan to retrieve Ragna and return to base.

In the present, Crimson is infuriated that Ragna went against their plans while one of her henchmen reports Ragna’s progress in the fight. Crimson asks them to return to them and assigns their other henchmen with tasks. 

While Ragna battles Ultimatia, Nebulim interferes, revealing he barely survived Ragna’s assault. Before Ultimatia perishes, she uses her trump card time manipulation technique to escape Ragna’s wrath. She reverts time to the moment when Ragna was listening to a capital member give his speech. In stopped time, Ultimatia tells Ragna how much of a threat he is to her. She questions why he has a deep hatred toward her despite them not having a long history together. Ultimatia notices Ragna move in stopped time as Nebulim attacks Ragna with a barrage of punches. However, she thinks it was her imagination playing tricks on her and asks Nebulim to stop. 

Ultimatia explains that Ragna’s body is still unfazed by his blows. She believes they’ll need world-shattering magic to harm Ragna. Ultimatia tasks one of her allies to speak with Lord Lese. She wants Lese to fire his “light” weapon at Ragna. Ultimatia plans to deal with Ragna’s allies after they’ve defeated Ragna. She asks Nebulim to set up a barrier to protect the people in the area.

Suddenly, Ragna awakens and approaches Ultimatia. She doesn’t know how he’s moving since she’s only allowed people who share blood with her to move in her closed time. Ultimatia stops using her powers and before Ragna strikes at her and Nebulim he falls to the ground. This is because he used too much of his future powers. 

Lese uses the Aurora Light Beam to attack Ragna. However, the beam doesn’t work as Lese asks Ultimatia to stop time again. She’s too terrified by Ragna’s abilities and doesn’t comply. Suddenly, Nebulim spots Crimson and their ally by Ragna’s side. Crimson belittles Ragna for disobeying their orders.

The episode closes with Crimson looking at Nebulim and Ultmatia and plotting their move. 

The Episode Review

Ragna continues to showcase his might over the superior dragons in this week’s chapter of Ragna Crimson. From dominating Ultimatia to infuriating Crimson, Ragna’s determined to make the superior dragons suffer for all the harm they’ve caused his present and future incarnations. While this chapter had compelling visuals, action, and an interesting cliffhanger, it was a bit tough to follow narratively. The flashbacks, though insightful, could’ve been interwoven into this chapter better to make it easier for viewers to digest the information. 

Moreover, many fans may be confused about how Ragna moved through Ultimatia’s stopped time. It’s possible his future self still retained some essence of the superior dragon blood after they froze their heart but it’s never explained or touched upon. It simply happens, making the matter feel too convenient for our protagonist. Hopefully, a future episode will explain Ragna’s future capabilities better than this episode did. 

While the episode’s plot was shaky at best, many folks will enjoy the fight sequence between Ragna and Ultimatia. From its choreography to everyone’s reactions to their bout, everything looked marvelous to the eye. Studio Silver Link is exceptionally giving fans a nice visual treat and deserves praise in that regard.

Overall, this was an okay chapter of Ragna Crimson. It has a great battle that’ll get fans riled up. However, the series could be better if it had exceptional explanations and a greater handling of its flashbacks. Nonetheless, I’m interested to see what Crimson’s plans are for Ultimatia and the other dragons now that they’ve revealed themselves. 

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