Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

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Episode 15 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with Ragna slaying numerous dragons. Meanwhile, one of Starlia’s troops rushes to her aid and she orders the man to take her Northwest. During this time, Taratectora and Zora share their thoughts about what’s happened on the battlefield (so far).  Zora learns Ursh-Gaurun and Platinum Tiara didn’t achieve victory in battle, baffling him. 

He questions how Starlia’s forces have this much fighting power. Zora promises Taratectora that he’s taking this fight seriously and asks Taratectora how long will it take for his deadly spell to recharge. Taratectora tells him it’ll take five minutes, and Zora says that’s how long Starlia’s forces will have left to survive. 

Zora develops a new strategy and relays it to Taratectora. However, Taratectora questions Zora, but Zora reassures him that everything will be fine. Taratectora proceeds as normal and plans to blow everything up within five minutes. Meanwhile, Shin helps Ragna slay a dragon and Ragna tells him not to interfere, but he retracts his order when he remembers Shin’s words about not acting like a hero. 

Ragna apologizes to Shin and says Shin and Gram can fight the dragons in any way they want. In return, Ragna says he plans to protect them and asks the two to follow his lead. While following and slaying dragons under Ragna’s lead, Shin and Gram reflect on how Ragna is influencing them. Suddenly, Zora sicks several mature dragons on Ragna and his allies. 

Ragna defeats them easily and swiftly, angering Shin because Ragna’s not letting him or Gram partake in the hunt. Ragna tells the others to continue following him, despite Shin’s infuriation with him. Elsewhere, Zora’s enraged that Ragna and his allies are swiftly killing his forces. Additionally, Zora is flustered by Starlia’s human forces and is curious about what type of weapons they’re using. 

Zora concludes that someone else is leading these humans against him. He wonders if the same people who caused Ultimatia and the other’s issues are present on the battlefield. At the magic teleportation circle’s location, Crimson has a brainwashed human repress Fu and his allies. Crimson tells them that he’ll be taking over the magic circle now. 

Further, Crimson says his intentions for the magic circle align with their needs for it, however, he doesn’t want to bring along people he feels would be dead weight. Everyone starts agreeing with Crimson and Fu realizes something’s wrong with everyone and confronts Crimson about it. Crimson ensures Fu that nothing’s wrong with his friends.

He shares his take on good versus evil concerning his and Starlia’s views and use for ordinary humans. Crimson tells Fu he’s a valuable ally and apologizes for harming him. He says he set up measures that’ll help him teleport the corps away from the battlefield. However, he needs Fu to help him activate it. Meanwhile, Zora ponders if Ragna’s the Reaper since he knows the capital bombing person is here. 

Zora questions if he should inform Kamui that the Reaper’s here. He hesitates because he knows Starlia has allies who have things that rival superior dragons, therefore, he’d be sending Kamui and possibly Ultimatia to their deaths. While Starlia’s troops take Starlia Northwest, Hesela notices Greya devouring several mature dragons. 

Greya hands Hesela some dragon meat and tells her they’re the only ones in their unit who survived. Powered up, Hesela and Greya plot their revenge. Back at the magic teleportation circle, Crimson makes out with Fu. Fu realizes he can’t move and that Crimson’s voice is infiltrating his mind slowly. During this time, Crimson prattles on about wanting to be loved by many. 

Before Crimson entices Fu to activate the circle for him, Majo calls out to Fu and tells him not to obey Crimson. Suddenly, one of Crimson’s men shoots Majo, causing everyone to panic. Fu tries to help Majo but Crimson pins him to the ground. Crimson realizes his hypnosis magic’s losing its hold on the others. 

He threatens to kill the remaining Tharmatuges if they don’t comply and activate the circle. Not wanting his friends to perish, Fu tells Crimson he’ll activate the circle. Suddenly, Majo receives a power boost, shocking Crimson. Crimson orders the brainwashed humans to shoot at Majo but their gunfire proves ineffective against her. 

Majo uses her powers to teleport Crimson and his humans away from the circle. Majo falls unconscious and Fu and his friends rush to her aid. Meanwhile, Crimson and his humans fall from the sky and he can’t believe Majo has teleportation magic inside her body. Upset that he lost an opportunity to obtain notable troops under his liege, the episode closes with Crimson and his humans plummeting toward the ground. 

The Episode Review

While not the greatest Ragna Crimson episode, this one gives audiences enjoyable instances of comedy, brutality, and tension. From Zora’s puzzlement to Crimson’s heinous ploy, this episode contains many segments that’ll keep audiences glued to their screens. Unfortunately, this episode suffers from having too much quantity and not enough quality. 

Despite its impressive visuals and interesting developments, this episode’s structure and pacing could throw audiences for a loop. Although it was nice seeing how Greya and Starlia faired on the battlefield, Silverlink Studios should’ve fleshed out the scenarios involving Fu, Ragna, and Crimson’s groups more. They should’ve saved the instances involving the twins and Starlia for a future chapter. This would’ve made the episode’s important scenarios easier to understand. 

Pacing and structural issues aside, the episode provides viewers with nice explanations for some situations, one of those being how Crimson managed to brainwash the humans to his side. Additionally, Starlia continues to showcase strong resolve on the battlefield, despite the mature dragons catching her by surprise last week. In addition to having some fun banter between Ragna, Gram, and Shin, some fans will find episode 15’s content gratifying.

Hopefully, the next episode will be paced better and lean toward the quality route of things. 

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