Ragna Crimson – Season 1 Episode 16 Recap & Review

Will of Resistance

Episode 16 of Ragna Crimson Season 1 begins with Olto Zora contemplating if it’s a great idea to have Kamui arrive on the battlefield or not. Then, he wonders why the Reaper (Ragna) and his affiliate (Crimson) are helping Starlia’s forces. He speculates several things Crimson could gain from supporting Starlia’s forces. 

Ultimately, Zora believes he’s competing in a race with Crimson to see who can achieve their goal first. Zora’s confident he’ll kill Starlia before Crimson can accomplish his goal. We cut to Crimson, lying powerless on the ground. Crimson hopes Ragna can escape with commendable allies and that Starlia perishes in the battle. 

We return to the battlefield between Starlia’s group and Zora’s mature dragons. The commander’s still holding Starlia on his back and encourages the remaining troops to continue fighting. The twins provide these soldiers with aid and Starlia hopes they can continue overwhelming their reptile enemies. 

Starlia recalls Crimson’s words to her about why she shouldn’t underestimate superior dragons. While the twins examine the battleground where Ragna fought Taratectora, Starlia ponders other things Crimson relayed to her concerning Zora’s eye ability and its range. With this intel, Starlia feels she’s narrowed down Zora’s location. 

Zora raises his dragon army’s insanity levels with his powers. Although they’ll be useless to him in ten minutes, he feels they’ll get the job done in due time. Zora asks Starlia how she plans to deal with this phenomenon. Starlia and her forces power up and head for Zora’s location. She plans to hit him with an attack they used to defeat a past superior dragon. 

Zora has an idea of what Starlia’s planning to do, so he gets up from his seat and starts spreading a deadly toxin in the air. As Starlia and her troops draw closer to him, Zora receives an image in his mind of a human female named Lakucia. Suddenly, Nazarena appears behind Zora and chops off his head and the arm he was using to spread the deadly toxin. 

However, Zora is unfazed by Nazarena’s attack, making her question what’s happening before her eyes. Nazarena leaves Zora alone as she feels she’s done her part in this war. We cut to Starlia and her allies rushing to Zora’s location. She’s satisfied with Nazarena’s attempt as it convinced her to tell the others not to go through with their ultimate attack. 

Starlia senses the real Zora is 100 meters underground. Starlia uses her power to drag Zora to the surface and tells her commander (Chris) that she’s counting on him for the “throw.” Meanwhile, Zora ponders his human life and the time he spent with Lakucia. As Zora ponders this strange sensation he’s feeling, Taratectora warns him about the forest’s elevated magic levels. 

Additionally, he warns Zora not to let the dragons enter the forest. Suddenly, the forest dragons arise from the ground and start gobbling humans. Zora mentions he can’t control them, but realizes the forest dragons are attacking his enemies, too. Taratectora says it’s an aftershock and Zora realizes Borgius (the Verdant Sea Dragon) regained his abilities. 

Zora yells at Borgius for interfering in his war with Starlia. However, he revokes his statement because he feels he is about to do something stupid. Meanwhile, Ragna, Gram, and Shin continue slaughtering more dragons. Taratectora notices and attacks them with his arm cannon. Taratectora tells Zora that he annihilated them with his attack. 

He asks Zora for an update on Starlia’s condition. Zora spots Starlia lying on the ground but tells Taratectora a lie about her outcome. Simultaneously, Zora doesn’t know why he’s doing this. He tells Taratectora to keep an eye on Ragna and uses this opportunity to contemplate his strange behavior. 

Zora approaches Starlia’s unconscious body and questions the decisions he’s made in the battle (so far). Then, he contemplates his human existence with his human subordinates and Lakucia. During this moment, we learn Kamui murdered Lakucia and Zora became one of the superior dragons afterward. 

Then, Zora states how everything he lost during that time resurfaced through this fight. He tells Starlia that he adores their battle and praises her and her troops for their effort. In a flashback, Crimson informs Starlia about Lakucia’s leadership skills and Zora’s human past. Ultimately, Crimson tells Starlia to not give up during her fight with Zora since their resolve will slowly drive Zora insane. 

Zora asks Starlia to join the Blood of the Wing. Starlia responds and admits that Zora bested her in many categories. However, she informs Zora about one area she bests him in. Starlia unleashes her Forging Arts attack on Zora which forces him against a tree. Several soldiers retrieve Starlia’s body and Chris removes the weapon she used to penetrate Zora’s body. 

Starlia activates her thought-union technique to communicate with her remaining troops. She praises her allies for their effort but tells them to keep moving forward. She has everyone send their energy to the Silverine weapon Chris is holding. Chris throws this weapon at Taratectora and Zora tells Taratectora to watch out. 

Instead of dodging the weapon, Taratectora fires his cannon at it. The episode closes with both attacks clashing, resulting in a massive explosion. 

The Episode Review

As wonderful as it is to receive more focus on Starlia and Zora’s affairs, many will be glad that this arc is starting to wrap things up. While the back-and-forth mind games feel entertaining to watch (to some extent), this arc’s starting to overstay its welcome. Nevertheless, the information we receive about Zora’s human past life is mildly intriguing. 

While this chapter doesn’t delve into his human history enough, fans will find his princess companion’s battle prowess and leadership skills fascinating. Additionally, some may speculate if Taratectora happened to be the “comrade” Zora mentioned during one of this chapter’s flashback portions. 

Concerning Starlia, many will find her unwavering determination compelling. While she’s received a major whooping these past few episodes, she refused to back down from her dragon enemies, which is an aspect many will adore about her character. Overall, this episode was fine at best and had some intriguing plot and character development.

Yet, its narrative and animation aren’t living up to expectations, especially when one compares it to other works airing this season. Hopefully, the next chapter will deliver something on a better and more entertaining scale. 

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