Pyra – Pyradise | Album Review

Track Listing

cut my tongue
burning man
petrol & matches
bla bla bla
just a joke
new bitch
unfuck the system


Pyradise is the latest LP from Pyra, the award-winning London-based singer-producer, whose music is dropping in a style of Dystopian Pop infused with social messaging and raucous beats.

Split across 10 tracks, Pyra’s album begins with a simple intro, which effectively sets the tone and feel for the LP, before diving into the meat of what’s here. “cut my tongue”, like much of the album, is loud, raucous and infused with social messaging about inequality and feminism.

Some of the tracks, like “dicktatorshit”, also sample other tracks, and in this case, the 90’s song “Short Dick Man”. Each of the other tracks though are chock full of audio samples though, including raindrops on “wet” and the click of a lighter on “petrol & matches”, which help to add an extra layer of depth.

The album largely sticks to its principles of delivering Dystopian pop, but tracks like “petrol & matches” infuse a more mainstream appeal with its chorus, as the track crescendos and delivers an unapologetically anthemic feel.

The lyrics bring all of these ideas together in an intriguing way, although it’s fair to say that Pyradise is going to be an acquired taste. Given how many others are operating in this field, it’s always tricky to stand out, and Pyra attempts to do this through her lyrics, which dive into inequality and a myriad of other ideas.

When it comes to the production value of Pyradise, the beats are rather simple and there’s not too much depth when it comes to the flavour of this LP, and that comes back to what I mentioned before about standing out in this field. Given how many artists are trying to hit this new wave of punk-esque off-kilter pop, Pyradise does falter a little. It’s not a bad album, but similarly, it’s not an outstanding one either.

Whether Pyradise will send you to musical paradise or not is up for debate. If you’re a huge fan of dystopian pop and off-kilter punk, there’s enough here to enjoy, but those looking for an LP to really blow them away, you’re unlikely to find that here.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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