Pyra’s PYRADISE LP: Single PREVIEW, Release Date & What to Expect

Pyra’s album PYRADISE, launches April 19th.  


Award-winning Thai singer and ‘artivist’ Pyra releases her new album this week, PYRADISE. Known for ‘Dystopian pop’ and speaking out about socio-cultural issues plaguing her homeland and the world, she continues her commitment to bringing attention to inequality and to creating positive change.

Who is Pyra?

31-year-old Thai singer Peeralada Sukawat, known as Pyra, has been releasing her own music since 2016, named Apple Music Best New Artist 2016. Her ambition to ‘change the world’ has been recognized by platforms including Forbes, NY Times, NME, Vice, TEDx, Paper, Mixmag, MTV, Dazed, and i-D. Additionally, the first Thai artist to appear at Burning Man (US), she’s also played at The Great Escape (UK) and Garden Beats (SG). 

What tunes might I recognize?

The cheer-worthy ‘Bangkok,’ with 225K views on YouTube was released in 2020 as a tribute to missing or deceased Thai political activists. While the gentler pop-y sound of ‘Plastic World,’ released in 2020 with over 577K views, also packs a punch, focused on consumerism and how that contributes to global warming.

What is the debut single for PYRADISE?

Her debut single is ‘Wet’ – a UK Garage Pop-inspired tune that’s an intriguing mash-up of sonic flavour.

What does Pyra say about ‘Wet’?

“’Wet’ embodies the spirit of female empowerment, symbolizing the act of rising to the surface despite being thrown overboard to drown. It’s a metaphor for overcoming adversity and reclaiming power in the face of oppression.

I actually, personally, like that track. I think it’s something very new, fresh, and quite straightforward – not too hard to understand. That’s usually how people pick their focus track. However, my favorite track is usually the one that people don’t like, probably wouldn’t listen to. But yeah, I think this time it’s quite different. I genuinely like this song.”

What can we expect from her album?

Including her single, ‘Wet,’ PYRADISE will include 10 tracks to be revealed on April 19th.

When will the album release?

The album releases on Friday, April 19th, 2024. You can find more information about her at TheReviewGeek where we’ll review the full album plus share an in-depth interview with the singer herself.

Where can I listen to it?

PYRADISE will be made available on all major digital platforms from April 19th, 2024.

Where can I catch news about Pyra?

Pyra is sure to update on her YouTube channel as well as her other social media channels. Subscribe for more.

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Where can I hear the single?

‘Wet’ will be released today, April, 16th, 2024, with a lyric video on Pyra’s YouTube channel – check it out below.

So, what’s Pyra’s least favorite tune? You’ll have to catch that & so much more in our interview story on April 19th to find out…

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