Protocol: Rain – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Turning Point – Flip Flop

Protocol: Rain Episode 8 opens with yet another intense tournament match played by Team Fox One; however, they lose the match. Seshiru is tired of watching them lose. Later that evening, they sit down to discuss a strategy to improve. Akito tries to motivate them with positive thinking, but they realize it will barely help.

That same night, Nozomi sees Shun waiting at the shop and has a conversation with him. Shun appreciates the new teammates, Daneko and Yu. Nozomi is confused about who Shun likes, Yu or herself. They get into a conversation with Explosion, and she accidentally reveals that she likes him but eventually muddles through. Shun puts Nozomi in a conversation with Explosion, and Nozomi tells her about going pro. Soon enough, Yu gets jealous and leaves the conversation.

At home, Mio realizes that Shun’s shirt smells of a different detergent. Shun explains that Nozomi washed it because curry had fallen on it. After that, Mio questions his interest in becoming a professional player and confirms that he only does it to pay her hospital bills. Realizing this, she curses him to lose.

At the café, they continue practising their gameplay. Just then, Seshiru arrives and criticizes their gameplay. She expresses her resentment for them firing her favorite player and hiring newbies. Shun takes the opportunity to ask for constructive criticism.

She critiques their gameplay and shows them a range of mistakes. She emphasizes the importance of naming all important in-game objects to improve communication. She also points out instances where they are very predictable and tells them to switch things up. She is devastated to learn that her favorite player, Yurukii, retired from the pro scene and also has a wife.

In the next match, Team Fox One takes the constructive criticism and uses it to improve, managing to pull off a win in the next tournament match. Post that, Seshiru coaches the team regularly through their flaws at the end of Protocol: Rain Episode 8.

The Episode Review

Over the past few episodes, there was a deterioration in the overall performance of Team Fox One; however, it looks like it’s time for that to change. Interestingly, it is Seshiru, a former Fox One team fan who is angry that the team got completely switched up, including her favorite player. Protocol: Rain Episode 8 brings her into the gaming café to criticize and curse the team and has also created an interesting character who ends up teaching the team a lot while pointing out their flaws.

The anime keeps stepping into dicey territory. Their journey in the pro gaming league is already very entertaining and also has a small love story going on along with it. However, certain actions from Shun’s sister Mio give off the wrong idea and leave a distasteful impression.

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