Protocol: Rain – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Protocol: Rain Episode 7 opens with Team Foxone competing against another team in a tournament, where Shun pulls off a decisive victory.

The scene shifts to the teammates managing the café. Yu lends a hand in the kitchen alongside Shun, prompting some teasing from Nozomi about potential romantic interest. Meanwhile, Mr. Inatsuki introduces them to a new professional tournament aimed at boosting their earnings.

Later that night, while studying, Shun contemplates rejecting Matsuki’s offer, recognizing the sacrifice it would entail. He then engages in a conversation with Explosion and starts a practice round.

In the following days, Shun juggles between school, work, and practice, leading to burnout. Yu offers him a cup of coffee to help him stay awake. That night, Nozomi wonders if Yu has feelings for Shun and views her as a competitor. She discovers Shun asleep in front of the computer.

The next day, Shun’s mother discusses school complaints with him. Despite protests from Mio and his mother, Shun insists on gaming to earn more. However, during work the next day, Shun faints and collapses.

Upon waking up, he receives care from others, and Nozomi insists he take a week off to rest. Later, Mio expresses her reluctance to go to the rehabilitation center as it would mean being away from Shun.

That evening, Yu and Nozomi visit Shun, followed by Akito and Ryuusei. Ryuusei offers Shun his backup laptop for studying from home. Returning home, Shun’s mother is surprised to see them enjoying themselves.

After a week’s break, Shun returns to work, and Mr. Inatsuki informs them about the new tournament and its selection rounds at the end of Protocol: Rain Episode 7.

The Episode Review

The show takes a heartwarming turn, and Protocol: Rain Episode 7 perfectly embodies that shift. Shun falls ill and receives tremendous support from his friends. Their impromptu gathering at his place was both unplanned and unexpected.

Additionally, we witness Shun and the team practising the game, emphasizing their preparation for the upcoming tournament. This solidifies their commitment, which was lacking in the previous tournament. The upcoming faceoff promises a fairer and more entertaining match since both teams seem to be more evenly matched now.

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