Protocol: Rain – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Our Beginning -Astable Multivibrator-

Protocol: Rain Episode 3 begins with Shun entering the apartment, and Yu walking out of the bathroom. Seeing Shun, Yu is shocked and instantly tackles him to the ground. Just then, Akito enters the room, and Yu uses the pepper spray on him. Realizing who they are, she stops attacking them.

Later, Shun and Akito make excuses for entering the apartment. She notices the other two standing at the door and invites them inside. They inspect her untidy room carefully. They request her to join Fox One, and she agrees, claiming gaming is her passion. They agree to conceal her identity in the tournaments.

They bring her to the cybercafé and get her and the entire team registered for the tournament. Ryuusei brings her costumes to wear, and she selects a mask from them. They then begin with registrations, and Yu realizes Nozomi is 656. Akito intends to register with “Zane,” but Mr. Inatsuki misspells it. Shun settles for his own name.

Later that night, Shun receives a message from Explosion, and she inquires about herself. She also advises Shun to not deny himself his passion, and they hop into a game.

The group completes a practice session. After that, Nozomi gives Shun an old t-shirt of hers for Mio to wear, and seeing this, Yu feels guilty. Ryuusei requests Yu for a co-star’s autograph, but it infuriates her. Akito asks her for her autograph on a DVD for Mio, but Shun claims it’s no use as they don’t have a Blu-ray player at home and asks him to stop trying to win Mio over.

Upon reaching home, Shun tells them that he will be out today as well. Mio asks if she can hang out at Fox One, and Shun promises she can after a few days.

The day of the tournament arrives, and the group arrives to check in. Mr. Inatsuki is distracted by the food there. Shun sees a boy drinking curry and gets offered a pack too.

The event begins, and the matchups are announced. Mr. Inatsuki informs them that the strongest team there is Sleeping Owl. He also shows them an incident one of the players was caught in, causing them to lose sponsors. Nozomi turns on Akito, trying to make him delete his other accounts as he used to spread vitriol online.

Looking at their player board, they see Jonathan as a part of Sleeping Owl. Shun also spots the boy who offered him the curry drink at the end of Protocol: Rain Episode 3.

The Episode Review

Protocol: Rain Episode 3 uncovers the mystery behind “Infinity Big Bang” and it is revealed that the famous TV star Yu is the girl behind the mask. The plot gets even more interesting as Shun still doesn’t know that she is Explosion, the player he used to play with online. This creates an interesting situation where Yu can chat with him and find things out without him knowing it’s her.

The anime manages to break expectations and has a plot much more interesting than it appears to be, specifically because of the character Yu. Quite evidently Yu has a liking for Shun, but she comes face to face with reality as Nozomi is already incredibly close to Shun.

The episode leaves us on a cliffhanger with the team entering the tournament and finding Jonathan as joined Sleeping Owls.

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