Prodigal Son – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review

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The Killabustas 

Episode 9 of Prodigal Son Season 2 begins with Malcolm painting with his Mother. However, he’s interrupted by news that a new case has dropped. He’s not happy about being left out the loop either, and immediately heads to the crime scene. Malcolm pleads with Gil to be part of this new case, and even sweetens the deal by giving Gil a reason to see his Mother.

Anyway, this warehouse is full of frozen carcasses and among those is a mutilated body cut into pieces. This male is in his mid 50’s and it seems he was killed in the middle of the night. Given the blood clotting, the group believe the killer derives pleasure from this – and the victim was still alive when the killing took place. However, the culprit is actually the infamous Vulture killer.

Back at the station, Edrisa reveals that she’s actually a web sleuth by night. She has a number of well-constructed “Murder Boards” at home too. One of those involves The Vulture. This bird killer seems to have switched from animals to humans, meaning Malcolm needs to see the Surgeon.

Over at Claremont, Dr. Capshaw speaks to Martin, telling him their kiss was a bad case of judgment on her part. Martin doesn’t see it that way and tries to win her over. This gets him nowhere though, eventually leading Malcolm in to see Martin.

He asks about what the trigger point could be but Martin is obviously distracted. So much so in fact, he winds up fantasizing about Dr Capshaw while they talk. When Malcolm leaves empty-handed, with the thin promise that the killer will strike again, Martin eventually gets his reward. Dr Capshaw caves and ends up kissing Martin in private again.

News comes in regarding the victim’s true identity. This man is Alex Malone, someone who happens to be one of the Killabustas. As the group show up at his house, the rest of the Killabustas show themselves, much to Edrisa’s glee.

Edrisa is in the driving seat here and as she leads Malcolm back home, they find the letter Alex sent several days before his death. Within this, it hints toward another member of the group, using the alias “Save The Sparrows”.

Now it becomes clear that someone has infiltrated them…but who? Well it seems like it could be Blaze, who just so happens to be the new love interest for Edrisa.

When Dani and Malcolm show up at Edrisa’s apartment, they find the pair naked behind the kitchen counter. No clues needed for what they were doing! By the door happens to be a bag with Alex’s head inside.

Eventually the group figure out Ashton Colter is really the Vulture. Edrisa saves the day, stopping Colter by knocking him down and finding Blaze, who’s bleeding out in the back of a truck. With the case resolved for now, we end things with a few more glimpses of these various love angles dotted around the different characters.

The Episode Review

Prodigal Son roars out the gates with one of its best episodes this season. The comedy is absolutely on point and the changed focus to Edrisa serves as a nice diversion from some of the more tense and dramatic segments we’ve been given.

Don’t get me wrong, the whole shtick with the Vulture is certainly a grizzly case, but it’s also one that empowers Edrisa a lot more and shows her as a competent and well-rounded member of the team. Her conversation with Malcolm about being a loner is a particular highlight too.

All in all, this episode centers on themes of love and lust, with our different characters all having their hand in this to some degree. Werther it be Martin and Dr Capshaw or even Gil and Jessica, there’s some nice thematic moments of romance throughout.

Quite what next week will have in store for us remains to be seen, but if this episode is anything to go by we could be in for quite the treat!

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