Prodigal Son – Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Review

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You Can Run… 

Episode 11 of Prodigal Son Season 2 begins with Malcolm scrambling to find his Father after the dramatic break-out last episode. This case is so big in fact, the US Marshalls are getting involved. Specifically, the group are joined by no-nonsense officer Emily Ruiz. With Martin joined by his two wildcard inmates, Malcolm believes they should set their focus on them first.

Malcolm directs his attention toward Vivian Capshaw and realizes she’s lying. With chaos gripping Claremont, and Capshaw obviously emotionally involved, she admits to untying Martin.

Well, Malcolm is called away with news of another murder. While everyone else believes this is the surgeon’s doing, the crazed, erratic murder scene doesn’t ring true with his meticulousness. Even worse, Malcolm’s weapons are missing from his apartment.

Malcolm is not in a good way, with his hands shaking, and his mind frazzled. With Martin out of Claremont, Malcolm feels a lack of control as he tries not to drown in his own emotion.

The group continue on this proverbial trail of blood, eventually arriving at a bowling alley where he finds Pete. He’s drinking wine and bowling without a care in the world. The dead body of the manager stands between Malcolm and Pete.

When Pete brandishes a gun and comes at him, Ruiz suddenly bursts in and shoots the man in the head. Malcolm is not happy and hits back, furious at her methods when he was about to reveal Martin’s whereabouts.

Back at the station, the group uncover Pete’s phone. It only has one number on it and that number belongs to Ainsley. Given she was expecting Martin’s call, Gil brings her in for questioning. She’s clearly hiding the truth and Gil uses an opportune moment Ruiz isn’t watching for Malcolm to slip in and speak to his sister.

She mentions a story about apple picking, which seems to be a crucial clue here. Malcolm starts to piece everything together and he heads up to an apple farm.

The owner, Bobby, claims he has no connection to Martin but that may well be a lie. A message from JT comes in confirming that Jonas Salk made payments to Steve Orchards back in 1994 for the cool sum of $400,000. That amount was used to buy a plane; a plane which Martin could be planning to use for his getaway.

Inside the plane Malcolm finds passports and an old batman toy – something from Malcolm’s childhood. As Bobby anxiously heads back to the house, Malcolm believes Martin may well be there. Ruiz rings and reveals they’re all outside, complete with snipers aimed at the house.

As soldiers race inside, a gunshot ricochets through the air. Malcolm races in the house but Martin is nowhere to be found. It turns out he planned all this for his goons to get away – including the plane. The surgeon is nowhere to be found.

Back at Claremont, Vivian heads outside and runs her hands over the trunk of her car. “We’re nearly free.”

The Episode Review

Prodigal Son returns this week with a solid follow-up to last week’s break-out. With Martin on the run with his goons, the reveal that he’s parted ways and slipped under the radar from the others, is a nice touch and a twist that sees Malcolm start to doubt his own abilities.

This series has been a bit of a turbulent ride so far, but these past few episodes have been really good. With no actual case to solve this week, the cat and mouse game allows for a slightly different tone to bleed through.

This isn’t exactly unfamiliar territory for Prodigal Son though, with last season’s stand out episode seeing Malcolm captured by the junkyard killer. This changed dynamic works just as effectively here too.

The ending certainly leaves things open though and it looks like Capshaw may actually have been working with Martin this whole time. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next though!

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