Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Guide: “The Tiger and the Rat” Walkthrough

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Guide: The Tiger and the Rat

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The Depths

Alternate Sargon – Boss Fight


The interesting thing with Tiger and the Rat is that there is no map for large parts of this journey. It’s highly recommended to play this level with headphones on though as it’ll help narrow down the location for the Old man, whom we’re going to be chasing throughout this chapter and you’ll hear him cackling.

The Depths

To begin with, head all the way to the right, jumping over the breakable platforms beneath you and jump up onto the conveyor belt. Hang there until you’re within reach of the opposite platform and then jump back, being sure to use your Rush to make the gap.

Head up higher, using the iron handholds to find a Collectible Item, Child’s Toy, up here. On the opposite side of this elevated area is a new Side Quest, Motherly Love. When you’re ready, head back down the gap, down the trap doors and all the way down those breakable platforms.

At the bottom of the slide, head to the left, and jump past the poison pits. Keep moving into the room on the left and at the slide, time your jump so you bounce off the wooden platform and keep moving to the left. You can actually make it to the top of this conveyor belt rather than sliding down (where our destination is).

If you jump then Rush to the left and continuously do this in a zig-zag motion, you’ll make it to the top (pictured below). There are 3 Crystals here, each netting 20x Crystals.

When you’re ready, head down the slide and be sure to grab the handrails on the side. To get the Xerxes Coin, drop down and Rush to the other side on the right. Be careful to time your jumps down here, and use that same aforementioned technique (Jump, Rush against the conveyor belt, repeat) to steady yourself for the final part, slashing the switch on the ceiling before jumping down.

Head down and follow the route to the Wak-Wak tree through the doorway on the right. Now, move into the next chamber, fLip the switch and follow the trail up toward the next Wak-Wak tree.

Take a right at the top and you’ll notice a broken pathway you can interact with, leading deeper into the Depths. Ignore this for now and Instead, climb up the iron bars on the right and curl back round to the left. Interact with the switch and this will give you a shortcut back to the earlier area of The Depths (where that brief cutscene saw the guy with a sack disappear into the grate).

Once you’ve done that, drop dOwn and pick up a collectible item, Dropped Locket. Remember that interactive doorway? This leads us to Scrapper, who will only accept Xerxes Coins in exchange for powerful amulets and upgrades. For now, head out of here and return to the section with the poison pit and the single enemy you fought against the two edges of the broken bridge, here:

We took the path up, we want to take the path back down again but do make note of that area with Scrapper, especially the switch that opens the doorway just before we climbed up. We’ll need that very soon!

For now, drop down and head to the right, followog the old man as he drops down the wooden platform. Follow him and take a right, being sure to watch out for thne poison that rains down from the sky.

At the end of the path, use your Chakram to knock the switch above you. This will reverse the direction of the conveyor below. Now, drop down and be sure to hug each side of the conveyor, using Rush to avoid the spikes.

Keep moving along the linear path all the way to the left, ignoring the rotating spike puzzle for now. Enter the lift, head down and follow the trail to another Wak-Wak tree. When you see the old man run to the left, take a right and activate the tree. Then, circle back and follow him into the room on the left.

In this section, you’ll have a raising pit of poison that will follow you to the top of the room. The aim here is to wait for the gunky parts you can stand on to appear, then hop on and over them to traverse the spikes and make it to the top. The platforms look like this:

Simply jump on them and make it to the top of the room. Flip the switch then return all the way back down and jump down the newly created gap.

At the bottom, go all the way to the left, following the little trail to the Wak-Wak tree. After, go into the room on the right and we’ll have a boss fight to contend with.


Boss Fight – Alternate Sargon

Alternate Sargon is a tricky customer and he basically uses the same move-set we do, including Athra Charges (both variations, the bow and the wave) along with combo strikes, slides and dodge. He’s pretty tricky to fight in all honesty but do be sure to use your arrow on occasion to get some good hits in.

Use your Slide/hit combo to try and get Sargon in the air, following it up with a three-strike combo which he can’t dodge. This works pretty effectively, and it’s a good idea to parry when Sargon uses his strikes too. Keep moving up in the air and try to jump either side of Sargon.

When you get him cornered, make sure your Athra Strike gauge is full and unleash hell. If you do it too far away, it won’t have the same impact.

Do watch out for those Athra Strikes yourself, and when the cutscene for the bow starts, immediately tap jump so you can dodge it. Likewise, jump and Rush over the Wave so it won’t hit you.

Keep attacking him and be sure to parry when Alternate Sargon gets into his groove with striking. Sliding back and following up with your own strike also works quite well.

He doesn’t have a ton of health so when he’s low, be sure to unleash all 10 arrows on him too, which works a treat to whittle away the health quickly.


With Alternate Sargon dead, you’ll gain Arash’s Ray Athra Surge. Approach the Feather in the room to the right and you’ll gain a new ability, Shadow of the Simurgh. This will allow us to leave a Shadow of ourselves in a specific point on the map (ie. on the side of a moving obstacle so we can move past it) and then by holding LB (L1) you can teleport back there. This will allow you to traverse past that earlier puzzle with the spinning wheels.

Before we get there, speak to the Old Man and it’ll complete this rather short mission.

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