Pluto – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of PLUTO begins with Gesicht speaking with someone concerning the case. His ally tells him to check up with Hoffman since he’s worried his Zeronium’s strength has depleted. Gesicht refuses because he feels he’s about to make a break in the case. After helping a small robot with something Gesicht meets Abullah and learns about his robotic enhancements. Gesicht asks Abullah questions concerning Darius, Goji, a Tenma model, and his possible affiliation with it all. 

Abullah gives him vague responses but informs Gesicht of a rumor he heard about Dr. Goji hiding a powerful robot in his former palace and entices him to travel there to find it. Gesicht shows Abullah a photo of the man he thinks is Pluto and asks Abullah if he recognizes the man on it. Abullah says he doesn’t and attempts to leave. Gesicht calls Abullah out for lying since his system informed him Abullah lied about that. Gesicht leaves but a man selling trinkets catches his attention after mentioning Goji. 

The robot child approaches Gesicht, introduces himself as Ali, and mentions the man in the field of flowers photo is named Sahad. Ali says Sahad. Gesicht visits Sahad’s home and speaks with a woman who knew him. She promises to give him intel about Sahad later but promises Gesicht he is a great robot who’d never do anything troublesome. Gesicht meets with a scientist who knows Sahad well. He says he’s an excellent student who’d do weird things like naming his tulips. 

Gesicht visits a forest and receives more intel about Sahad’s character. She recalls him being a pleasant person to be around, but he seemed different one day. She recalls him sharing his plans for enlisting in a war, mentioning his father passing away from war, and him being scared he’d die similarly. She recalls him working on multiple flowers that could survive in the war-torn desert. However, the flower the scientist showed Gesicht at the university only remained and the lady recalls him naming the flower, Pluto. 

Gesicht returns to the woman from Sahad’s apartment complex. She shows him a cropped photo of Sahad and says he’d taken the photo with his father, who turns out to be Abdullah. We cut to the teddy bear from a previous episode, remarking how Gesicht is getting closer to the truth and how impressive he is. However, the teddy bear knows of a way to kill Gesicht since he feels Pluto might lose against him. We cut to Brau and Gesicht telling him that he believes Professor Abullah. 

Abullah meets with Epsilon at Howard’s funeral and the two discuss Howard’s genius and Epsilon’s craftsmanship. Meanwhile, Gesicht asks Brau what would happen if humans made an AI that was too advanced. Brau feels it wouldn’t wake up because it’d lack purpose. However, Brau says one could forcefully wake the robot up by introducing it to extreme emotions like hatred, sorrow, and anger. Meanwhile, Abullah and Epsilon discuss war and why it’s pointless. 

Abullah says the war took his family from him as he sees human children flock to Epsilon. Abullah says he’ll be attending a conference soon. He wants to restore Persia by creating more robots like Epsilon. Epsilon comforts Wassily, the child he told Gesicht would utter the phrase Bora a lot because of the trauma he suffered during the war. Meanwhile, Brau tells Gesicht that this “perfect robot” will develop a lying habit and says Pluto’s likely undergoing maintenance at home. He confirms the tulip is Pluto’s home. 

Gesicht tells his ally to put Abullah into custody and says he plans to visit an agricultural research facility in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, a group of people praises Hoffman for giving a fantastic speech. They’re looking forward to him attending the upcoming conference. Hoffman visits the restroom and meets Abullah. Meanwhile, Gesicht enters the facility encounters Abullah’s robotic companion, and fights him. Abullah and Hoffman discuss Zeronium and Hoffman’s work on Gesicht. 

Abullah asks Hoffman specific questions about Gesicht having possible weaknesses. He asks Hoffman what he and his men would do if Gesicht killed someone as we cut to Gesicht combatting Abullah’s comrade. Gesicht defeats Abullah’s comrade, but more clones of his comrade attack Gesicht. Abullah compares Brau and Gesicht’s murderous intent to the ways Bora treated Persia after they entered the nation. He apologizes for his words but argues a robot who’s responsible for taking a human’s life should be executed. 

Hoffman believes Gesicht would never take a human’s life, but Abullah believes it’s possible certain authors erased Gesicht’s memories of doing so. This makes Hoffman remember his encounter with Schelling. Meanwhile, Gesicht’s ally informs him that Abullah’s been spotted in Dusseldorf and plans to attend the conference alongside Hoffman, worrying Gesicht. Hoffman gets in the elevator with his robot bodyguard, but his bodyguard happens to be working for the enemy, putting Hoffman’s life in danger. 

Gesicht tells his comrade to protect Hoffman as he finds himself in Pluto’s presence. Gesicht ‘s comrade tells some personnel to put the building on lockdown. Someone informs him of the situation Hoffman’s in as Hoffman asks his bodyguard if he’s the one who murdered the other scientists. He apologizes for what happened to Persia but feels killing him won’t resolve anything. Hoffman’s other bodyguard tries to save him but the evil one kills him and sticks horns by his body. 

Hoffman’s bewildered by it all and asks the bodyguard about his origins. The robot repeats the phrase Bora and captures Hoffman as several officers trail the rogue bodyguard from behind. Meanwhile, Gesicht and Pluto continue their fight and Gesicht captures him. Captain Becker, Gesicht’s ally thus far, tells Gesicht Hoffman’s safety and asks him to destroy Pluto. Pluto engulfs Gesicht in illusions, depicting crying people and Sahad in a field of flowers to throw him off. 

Gesicht tells Pluto his real name Sahad to calm Pluto down. We receive a flashback between Sahad and Abullah. Sahad’s thankful Abullah survived the war, but Abullah’s upset over everything he lost from it. Abullah leads Sahad to an underground facility and says they should seek vengeance. Sahad pleads with Abullah to stop because revenge only leads to more hatred. Abullah tells Sahad he’ll be inserting his brain into the strongest body possible, which happens to be Pluto’s.

Gesicht tells Becker he’s not going to kill Sahad/Pluto. He asks Becker if he can resign from the force but Becker says as a robot, he has no choice but to serve as a detective. Gesicht requests a one-year leave from his position but Becker refuses. Gesicht brings up Becker’s lie about Hoffman being safe. Suddenly, a man asks Gesicht to make a deal with him. He wants Gesicht to release Pluto, if he does, he’ll release Hoffman from the bodyguard’s grasp. Gesicht complies, allowing the officers to safely secure Hoffman. 

Gesicht tells Sahad that his father doesn’t love him as he hears Sahad crying. Gesicht calls Helena and tells her he’s completed his case and has a lot of free time. He asks her if they should go on their Japan trip and adopt a child. Gesicht tells Helena she’d make a great mother and says they’ll discuss this further when he gets home. Gesicht calls Hoffman and they discuss Abullah, Dr. Goji, and Gesicht’s strange dreams he’s been having. Gesicht says he’ll discuss his dreams with him further at a later date. 

We cut to several officers arriving at the research facility. Schelling asks Becker to contact Gesicht and Schelling scolds Gesicht for disobeying orders. Gesicht asks Schelling why he didn’t punish him for murdering Adolf’s brother. Gesicht ends the call because Schelling refuses to elaborate. Gesicht the florest’s shop tells the female worker that Sahad’s alive as he picks up some flowers for his wife. Gesicht runs into Ali and wonders why he’s in Amsterdam.

Suddenly, Ali ends up reminding Gesicht of the robot child Adolf’s brother killed and threw toward him during their encounter. We learn that Gesicht and Helena had a child in the past and that it was the same one Adolf’s brother murdered. Suddenly, Ali shoots at Gesicht who is blinded by his memories of his child. Both robots fall to the ground as we receive a news report confirming Gesicht’s murder. Sometime after Gesicht’s passing, Helena meets with Ochanomizu. 

Hoffman tells Ochanomizu that their lives can still be in jeopardy. While Helena explores Japan with them, Hoffman confirms Europol tampered with his memories and believes it’s unjust. Helena and Hoffman arrive at a location Gesicht booked for her and him. Helena meets Tenma in private and hands him a memory disc. She hopes this will help him find the true culprit and discusses the overwhelming grief in her body. Tenma tells Helena she can try imitating human emotion as she cries into his arms. 

The Episode Review

What a way to end to cap things off for our protagonist. Although some fans will be mixed on how things turned out for Gesicht in this chapter, many will adore this one for its thrilling cinematography, engaging plot reveals, mature themes, and well-written character interactions. From Ali and Gesicht’s moments to the emotional meeting between Tenma and Helena, viewers are in for a exciting time.  

While the episode delivers many highs, there are slight moments in the plot that’ll make viewers question it. For instance, many may wonder who gave Ali the weapon needed to kill Gesicht. Many may point their fingers at Abullah since he’s currently the primary target of suspicion in this narrative. However, there’s always a chance this could be the anti-robot cult leader’s doing.

Regardless, many may not adore the way Gesicht perished in the story as they may have hoped he received a more heroic demise akin to the other robots. Speaking of Abullah, many may wonder how he managed to hijack the robot guard who was assigned to defend Hoffman. Although he showcases some robotic ability during the flashback involving him and Sahad, many would’ve preferred seeing him perform said action in real time instead of being told he did it. It’d make his involvement feel more authentic and less convenient.

Besides those things, everything else involving the Pluto tulip, Gesicht, and Helena’s son, and what drove Abullad down his hateful path was executed well. I’m excited to see what route the story will take for the final two episodes as it’s likely we’ll be following Tenma now. 

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