Pluto – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Pluto begins with a flashback between Tenma and Abullah discussing Sahad’s progress and the possibility that he may not wake up from his dilemma. However, Tenma proposes there’s a way for them to force it but it could lead to Sahad becoming a devil. In the present, Ochanomizu encounters Tenma. He shares insight about Helena, her likeness to Atom, and Atom’s funeral date. Tenma doesn’t respond and walks off somewhere. We get more intel about Tenma’s interaction with Helena. 

He refers to the device Helena handed to him as Gesicht’s soul and plans to use it to revive Atom. Meanwhile, a defense agency member visit named Hogan visits Epsilon. Hogan says he’s been ordered to take him to a safe house since he’s likely to be the enemy’s next target with Gesicht passing away. Epsilon asks if he can attend a birthday party the kids set up for him and Hogan allows it. After hearing Wassily sing an eerie song about Sahad/Pluto, Epsilon calls his ally Arnold. 

Epsilon asks him if he knows anything about Persia’s meteorological events that occurred three years ago. Arnold shows him a picture of the area’s smoky battlefield as he spots a giant being inside the smoke. In a flashback, Epsilon visits a war battleground and follows General Scott of the UN forces. He tasks Epsilon with clean-up duty and tasks him with melting all the robot corpses from the war. He senses a human nearby and informs Scott. Epsilon finds Wassily and tells Scott he almost made him kill a boy. 

In the present, Epsilon reunites with Scott. They discuss why it’s important for him to keep Epsilon alive and Pluto. Epsilon asks Scott to tell him everything he knows about Bora. The children start singing the song for a bit but see something terrifying heading their way. Epsilon senses Pluto’s presence and tells Scott and Hogan he must return to them immediately. Suddenly, someone shoots a deadly weapon at the safe house, killing Scott and every soldier inside. 

Fortunately, Epsilon saves Hogan, who points Epsilon toward a pair of horns. Rather than contemplate what happened, Epsilon feels it’s best to head for the children. Epsilon thinks a being called Bora is responsible for all this but doesn’t know what that could mean. We transition to Uran, who senses two people experiencing grave sadness somewhere in the world while chatting with Principal Ban. Hogan and Epsilon arrive to protect the kids. After clashing with the entity, Epsilon wins and regroups with Hogan and the kids. 

He shares a heartfelt moment with Wassily, as Wassily finally calls out his name and thanks him. Uran says the child she sensed in the world is looking for his heart and doesn’t want to be a puppet or controlled by his hatred. She compares the other person to Gepetto, another puppet in someone else’s grander scheme. Uran says she wishes she could speak with one of them but doesn’t sense them anymore. Meanwhile, Tenma asks Ochanomizu to have the folks hold off on Atom’s state funeral. 

Epsilon attends a hearing and promises the interviewers that he defeated his enemy. They bring up the item they gathered from his battle with the enemy and doubt Epsilon finished his enemy off because of his pacifist nature. Epsilon says his enemy will never be his adversary no matter how many times they fight. Meanwhile, Simon (a worker for the Child Services Agency) tells Mrs. Griffith Mr. Johansen plans to adopt Wassily because Simon feels Epsilon isn’t an adequate caregiver due to his robotic nature. 

Meanwhile, we cut to Mr. Johansen ordering Wassily to follow him inside. Wassily refuses at first but recalls hearing Simon tell Mrs. Griffith that Johansen plans to donate a lot of money to the foster home if things work out for Wassily. This entices Wassily to follow his orders. Hogan tells Epsilon that Johansen faked his identity and states Wassily’s in danger. Johansen takes him to Abullah and he keeps screaming Bora. Abullah plans to use Wassily to lure Epsilon to his castle so Sahad/Pluto can kill him. 

Hogan and Epsilon travel to the castle. Although Epsilon won’t be at his best because of his Photon Energy powers, he plans to risk his life to save Wassily. Pluto grabs Epsilon and takes him to the sky. Abullah orders him to kill Epsilon, who prays for the sun to rise so he can regain enough power to put Pluto down. Meanwhile, Hogan saves Wassily. Epsilon asks Pluto multiple questions regarding Sahad, Abullah, and Bora. Pluto asks Epsilon to help him as the sun comes up. 

Meanwhile, we cut to Tenma visiting Uran. He realizes she’s been visiting his son’s grave and delivering flowers to it. He asks Uran if she can sense Tobio’s emotions in heaven. Uran says she can’t but she knows Tenma’s experiencing immense pain. Uran says she can sense sadness from two individuals who appear to be Epsilon and Pluto. Pluto asks Epsilon why he didn’t finish him off. Epsilon says he didn’t kill Pluto because he knows he’s experiencing sadness. 

Pluto begs Epsilon to use his Photon powers to melt him away. Pluto reveals his true body to Epsilon. Epsilon says he has the power to stop fighting and begs Sahad to extend his hand. Sahad says he can’t stop because someone dangerous is coming as the tornado’s picking up. Epsilon protects Wassily and Hogan with his Photon energy powers. Uran and Tenma visit Atom while Pluto/Sahad bites off Epsilon’s head, killing him.

Meanwhile, Atom awakens. Tenma tells Uran he inserted certain data in his AI. Tenma notices something happening with the data as Uran says he opened his eyes as soon as something flew down. Tenma asks her to elaborate on her claim and Uran claims someone died as we hear Epsilon’s final words about life. Wassily cries knowing Epsilon’s fallen as Hogan praises him for his brave effort. Atom rises from bed and says he understands what Gesicht and Epsilon are feeling. 

Atom says the Earth is going to break as soon as Arnold notices something crack. 

The Episode Review

And with that, Epsilon falls in battle. Despite being labeled as a coward by allies and enemies alike, his demise might be one of the most enjoyable of the ones we’ve seen thus far. Unlike Gesicht who perished via a gunshot or Blanc who perished off-screen, Epsilon’s conclusion felt like a spectacle. The imagery, conversations, and themes surrounding the battle made it all feel impactful. 

On the other hand, viewers may look at Pluto’s victims in a different light if they recall Tenma’s perfect robot theory. For instance, Blanc’s death led Brando down a path of vengeance while Epsilon gained sorrow for Sahad/Pluto’s outcome with their father. Now it all leads to Atom, who may have become the perfect robot based on the subtle lines he shares toward the chapter’s end. 

This is an interesting idea worth thinking about if one were to rewatch prior episodes again. Despite the beautiful visuals, concepts, drama, and dialogue, the episode had some issues regarding flashbacks. Sometimes it was a bit challenging to pinpoint where we were in the timeline due to the episode not having proper indicators. 

The meeting between Epsilon and Scott comes to mind. The scene could’ve been easier to follow if we’d received a text on screen telling us this was occurring in the past. On top of the chapter not giving us a reasonable explanation about Ali’s situation with Gesicht or who was responsible for firing the attack on the safe house, it’s not an entirely perfect chapter. Nonetheless, this one contains a great amount of insightful commentary on AI and its characters, so many may be willing to ignore these minor issues.

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