Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Prophecy Comes True

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 8 picks up where the previous episode left off. However, prior to that, we are treated to a brief glimpse of Luke and Percy engaged in a training session. Luke is seen teaching Percy the fundamentals of warfare, approaches, and swordplay. Here he teaches Percy the rules of battle, which is a very practical piece of advice.

Who wins the wager?

During his fight with Ares on the seaside in the present timeline, Percy tries to employ this strategy. However, during the fight, Ares behaves quite arrogantly. Zeus’s lightning bolt and Hades’ helm are up for grabs in a wager between the two of them: whoever draws blood first wins.

Percy uses the sea to his advantage during Ares’ strike, bringing him crashing to his knees. Following that, Ares tells Percy that he has gained an enemy for the rest of his life. After this, he vanishes, leaving Hades’s helm in his wake.
Once Percy vanquishes Ares, he sees a seaside cottage. After entering the cabin, he finds Alecto, who has come to reclaim the helm of Hades. Percy returns Hades’s helm and tells her that he hopes Hades will keep his side of the bargain by returning his mother, Sally, to him.

Does Percy return the lightning bolt to Zeus?

Following this, Percy sets out on his second mission, which is to return the lightning bolt to Zeus by visiting Mount Olympus. Furthermore, Percy tells Zeus that Kronos, his father, had taken his master bolt and has begun preparing for war. However, Zeus takes offense when Percy brings up the fact that his family isn’t very close-knit and can abandon him at any moment.

Does Percy meet his father Poseidon?

Poseidon appears at the last minute to save Percy from a swift attack by Zeus. After Poseidon reassures Zeus, the gods decide to gather as a family to talk about the impending war. Following that, Zeus turns and walks away. The next scene is a touching one between Percy and Poseidon. At the end of the segment, Percy asks Poseidon if his mother, Sally, ever appears in his dreams. Instead of giving a direct response, Poseidon tosses him an orb and directs him to travel back to Camp Half-blood.

Who is the actual Lightning Thief?

After Percy’s return to camp, Annabeth hugs him tightly. After seeing Clarisse, Percy is advised by Annabeth and Luke to handle the matter once he has evidence against her. After some time apart, Percy finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together and recognizes that Luke betrayed him. After some reflection, he realizes that the shoes Luke gave him nearly sent Grover flying toward Kronos in Tarturus.

On top of that, Luke tries to win Percy over so that he can join forces with Ares and Kronos. However, Percy has no interest in being involved with any of that. In the aftermath, Luke removes his sword and creates a gateway, allowing Percy and himself to escape Camp. However, in the nick of time, Annabeth arrives, and Luke, revealing himself to be the actual Lightning Thief, makes his own escape through the portal.

What happens to Percy, Annabeth and Grover after the quest?

Following that, we see Percy getting ready to go back and see if Hades has returned his mother. As he gets ready to go, he pays a visit to Chiron and Dionysus. After that, he pays a visit to Grover and Annabeth beneath Thalia’s tree. We learn that Annabeth is visiting her father in New York. Meanwhile, Grover is prepared to look for Pan now that he has his official searcher’s license. After that, they all agree to meet beneath Thalia’s tree next year at the same time.

Does Percy meet Sally again?

As the episode comes to a close, Sally interrupts Percy’s dream involving Kronos. Following that, Percy starts to open up about his feelings for his mum and shows less fear of his dreams.

What happens to Gabe?

After the credits roll, Gabe reveals that his wife, Sally, is getting a divorce from him. If that weren’t enough, Sally has changed the locks when he arrives. However, outside the house, he discovers a parcel that the gods are returning to its sender—Percy. Nonetheless, he opens it without giving it any thought. With the arrival of the package containing Medusa’s head, he is immediately turned into stone, signaling the terrifying ending of the season.

The Episode Review

In the eighth episode, Percy invites the God of War, Ares, to a duel. Then he goes to Zeus’s home on Mount Olympus to give Zeus the Lightning Bolt back. Not only that, but Percy gets to see his mum Sally again, and he also finally meets his dad Poseidon.

You will experience thrilling, terrifying, and spine-tingling moments throughout the episode. At this point, the plot of the first part concludes; however, it does leave a few loose ends. You also develop a strong emotional connection to most of the characters and their stories.

Among the guest stars are the terrifying Ares, who, as always, gives a performance that leaves no stone unturned; he is both the most interesting and terrifying god. We also catch a peek of Poseidon, who exudes an air of majesty akin to the sea; his demeanour is calm yet tumultuous, like a storm; and his delivery of dialogues is passionate yet paternal.

Even though he was a powerful figure, Zeus let us down a little. You could feel a certain amount of discomfort in the delivery of dialogue when interacting with Percy. However, it wasn’t that striking, and that could be subjective. Beyond that, Zeus was also a formidable persona who, without a doubt, left a mark.

In contrast to last week’s jaw-dropping display of the underworld, this episode’s portrayal of Mount Olympus fell short of our expectations. Mount Olympus was significantly less grand and magnificent than the underworld, and we didn’t get nearly as much of a glimpse of it as we had hoped. However, it wasn’t half bad either. Having had our hopes raised by the underworld, this was somewhat disappointing.

I thought it was a solid episode that wrapped up the season well, with plenty of action, interesting characters, and a gripping plot. The plot concludes on a slightly chilly yet hilarious note, which has us eagerly awaiting the second season.

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