Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 8 PM Walkthrough

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 8 PM

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Meeting Evelyn

The Road To Copper Creek Trail

Meeting Jacob

Walking With Jacob

Heading To Camber Cape


Meeting Evelyn

The first chapter opens where the prologue left off. Riley awakens at a bus stop after seemingly falling asleep. There’s crackling on the radio; it’s someone called Evelyn.

Evelyn is an Environmental Researcher. She explains that this is Riley’s first day on the job and she’s tasked with planting transmitters across the coast to study “anomalous frequencies”. 

After a bit of banter, dialogue choices, and learning how to switch radio channels (the game prompts you how to do this) you’ll be free to explore the general area. There isn’t much to see in truth, so head right and up the first set of stairs you come to.


The Road To Copper Creek Trail

Your destination is the General Store, which is marked with a sign at the top of the stairs. It’s the house with a yellow exterior. Interact with the front door, then chat to Evelyn on the radio, making sure you’re on channel 7 when you do so.

From here, Evelyn will guide you on your next destination, which is Copper Creek Trail, located north west of your current location. Don’t follow the path north of the General Store though!

Instead, head back down the stairs you just climbed, left of the bus stop and keep going across the plaza to the end of the road, past a signpost and exiting the scene.

When the screen fades back in again, ascend up the road. There’s a slight detour for Funnie’s Family Market on the way, but again there’s not really anything to interact with here.

If you do pull out your radio here, be sure to switch over to Channel 8. You’ll hear a pre-recorded message from Camena High School Radio Advice Line. They mention switching over to frequency 88.1 to “find out when to call”.

When you’re done, follow the zig-zagged road up and head all the way left until you find a broken down truck. Jacob is here, and he needs your help to start the engine.


Meeting Jacob

Jacob will present a few dialogue choices but regardless of what you choose, you’ll need his help in turning the ignition on in his truck. It’s definitely not working, and midway through, Evelyn will call. Update her on what’s going on, and she’ll tell you the first transmitter location is somewhere called Camber Cape.

As taking the truck up isn’t an option, the transmitter will have to be moved manually. Approach the transmitter just next to Jacob and interact with it to bundle it into your backpack.

From here, Jacob decides to tab along. Before you go though, pick up the radio at the back of Jacob’s truck. It’s indicated with a faint white circle just like before with the front door to the lighthouse.

After, Jacob will want you to tune in to a baseball game with your newly acquired frequency tuner. Tune your radio to 93.7.

If you do choose the sassier option of asking what the point of listening to baseball is, Jacob will explain that it’s just to see if his radio is working or not (which it definitely is!)


Walking With Jacob

Follow Jacob up the stairs just to the right of his truck and answer the various dialogue choices. They help to build your relationship with Jacob and it’s strongly advised that you be kind to him! You’ll also learn some interesting facts about Riley too if you do!

There’s a flyer about a missing child on the billboard in front of you, so feel free to interact with that. Again, it’s probably best to choose the blue dialogue option here.

You do get a choice next of venturing off to the right and hiking up a more advanced path. Jacob will present another choice and plead with you to join him going left. You also don’t really have the right climbing gear so either way, you’re going to go left here.

Choose the blue dialogue options and follow Jacob up the linear path on the left.


Heading To Camber Cape

The left path is a little longer than the one on the right, but there really isn’t much in it it terms of distance and time. When you cut to the next scene, Jacob will start talking about strange occurrences, which you can probe a little bit with your dialogue choices. In essence, he’ll touch on the subject of “tuning into physical objects”.

When the path forks, there’s an info board on the right, and also a pathway leading down and out of frame. This is where the “experienced climb” in the previous scene connects. There’s also another dialogue choice at the info board, should you choose to interact with that.

Keep moving up the zig-zagged path, continuing to go north. Shimmy over the narrow gap on the way and interact with the path to climb up when prompted. When you reach the large stairway to your right, Jacob will ask you to take a short break with him.

It’s advised that you definitely do this, as Riley will share details about her past, specifically involving her father. This also helps to flesh out more of the story.

When you’re ready, head up the stairs for Camber Cape.

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