One Piece (Anime) – Episode 1102 Recap & Review

One Piece

Episode 1102

Stussy says they should wait for the Navy, but Lucci doesn’t want to. He believes Vegapunk and the pirates will escape if they don’t do anything soon.

As the Strawhats watch Lucci and the others, Nami wonders why the Government would want Vegapunk dead. Then, the scientist comments on many of his inventions and achievements and how the higher-ups fear he’ll use those against them. But fate brought Luffy’s crew to him, so now he has a way to get out. Some of the pirates hesitate, but they agree to help him.

Some robots check on Atlas and prepare to treat her. However, Bonney couldn’t care less about that. She gets a pipe from the wall and goes toward Vegapunk. If he doesn’t intend to help her father, she has no choice but to kill him.

At the same time, Kuma crashes onto Red Port at the foot of the Red Line. The citizens there get scared, and a siren informs everyone of the cyborg. Still, he gets up again.

CP-0 now controls all the Seraphim, even the ones they didn’t have access to before. With that, they start thinking of a way to kill the other 6 Vegapunks. Firstly, to ensure no one will escape, Lucci commands them to seize all ships.

Meanwhile, the scientists discuss what they should do. Even though Shaka says their priority is guaranteeing Vegapunk’s escape, Lilith says they must fight. Vegapunk agrees with her, so he calls someone to help them. When the person agrees, every one of them becomes more relieved.

So, Vegapunk goes tell the crew they’ll have to take his satellites too. Franky gets excited knowing there’ll be more scientists around, and Sanji only thinks about Lilith also being on the ship. Bonney, furious that Vegapunk used bugs to attack her, marches toward there. Suddenly, she, Luffy, and Chopper stop as they hear an alarm.

It turns out that the Frontier Dome is deactivating, eliminating their defences against CP-0. No one knows who did it, and the control room is empty.

Lucci hesitates to go up, as it might be a treat. However, Kaku ignores him, stating they are lucky either way. When they see it’s not a trap, they relax, and Stussy finds Luffy’s ship. Wanting to ensure again that no one will escape, Lucci decides to destroy it. At the same time, Kizaru and many other Navy ships get closer to Egghead.  

The Episode Review

The best thing about this episode is seeing all the small pieces moving together. Some are obvious, like Luffy’s crew and the Vegapunks, but we have more than that. Kizaru is coming, Kuma is trying to do something too, and someone mysterious is going to help the scientists. With each episode, the excitement over Egghead gets clearer and clearer. When everything clashes together, it’ll be a crazy battle.

Also, Lucci and the others will have a big surprise when they attack the Strawhats’ ship thinking no one is there to defend it. It’s good to see we’re probably getting more action in the next episode. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that has been solving the pacing problem.

Most episodes, like this one, try to rely more on jokes, but it isn’t as successful. Obviously, many of the jokes land, but they feel stretched sometimes or just handle the problem momentarily.

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