One Piece (Anime) – Episode 1101 Recap & Review

One Piece

Episode 1101

Luffy realizes Sentomaru is hurt and goes to talk to him. Thankfully, the marine actually is conscious. He even sensed Lucci’s attack and tried to defend himself against it. As he is awake, the Seraphins are still on Vegapunk’s side.

Luffy charges toward Rob Lucci, who manages to strike him. Because of that, the pirate is sent flying away. Then, he prepares to hit Sentomaru again, finally gaining control of the new Pacifistas back. However, Luffy arrives just in time and kicks the villain with all his might.

Unfortunately, Luffy spins so much because of his attack that he drills himself into the ground. As the researchers evacuate, the Seraphims easily defeat hordes of opponents.

While watching S-Shark, he realizes the Pacifista can use the Swim-Swim Fruit’s abilities. However, that’s Senor Pink’s power. That’s when Vegapunk reveals he has managed to reproduce the Devil Fruit’s abilities. Although he can’t make a Logia, he can create the Zoan type artificially.

Most importantly, he found a way to duplicate the Paramythia type’s abilities. If he gets the user’s Bloodline Elements, Vegapunk can create a special blood infusion that will give anyone the power he wants. For him, the Seraphims are the strongest form of humanity in history. While most Strawhats see how fearful that is, only Franky loves the idea.

Some researchers try to help Sentomaru, but he tells them to leave as it’s still dangerous. Then, Lucci gets up and charges toward him. Suddenly, Luffy’s head pops out of the ground in giant form, blocking the path. He also tries to snatch the villain with his mouth, but it doesn’t work. So, Luffy starts biting rocks and spitting them like projectiles to hit Lucci.

Then, he punches Lucci again and makes him feel like passing out. Meanwhile, Hancock’s Seraphim directs Jinbe and Chopper to the Vacuum Rocket. They thank her, and she gets flustered, saying she’s only following orders.

As the Vacuum Rocket is about to leave the facility, Chopper calls out to Luffy. He doesn’t know if he should hurry there or help Sentomaru, but the Marine tells him to protect Vegapunk. Confidently saying his crew will take the scientist off the island, Luffy enters the transport at the last second.

The Vacuum Rocket is so fast that Bonney wakes up and the others feel nauseous riding it. When they arrive, taking just 32 seconds, the Frontier Dome is fortified. And they’ll need that, as Sentomaru finally collapses, and the CP-0 members stare at their next target. 

The Episode Review

At times, the animation is incredible in expressing how violent and dangerous Lucci is. The episode already starts with Sentomaru bleeding in a black and white background, emphasizing even more the red on screen. When Lucci is about to attack the marine again, he seems like an uncontrollable animal, only focusing on its prey. Those are small details, but they easily win you over.

Still, he’s obviously no match for Luffy. Each time the protagonist strikes him, he is sent flying away like he was nothing. Gear 5, being the way it is, also builds a nice contrast between what happens and how Luffy sees it. It’d be nice if they had an exciting fight like in the previous episode, but unnecessarily stretching it out would be worse. Thus, it’s not a big problem.

1102 will be very exciting, as it has been a while since we’ve seen almost all crew members together. It’ll be interesting to see how the CP-0 members use the Seraphims to invade the Frontier Dome. However, as it stands now, they have almost no chance of defeating the pirates.

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