One Day – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 begins, and we learn that Emma has now arrived in London, hoping for new opportunities and adventure. Emma is living with Tilly, one of her oldest friends, who’s surprised to see that Emma and Dex are still connected. However, life in London isn’t what Emma had expected. She has to work in a shabby and almost run-down French restaurant to pay rent for her apartment.

Emma calls the restaurant the “Graveyard of Ambition”. It’s satisfying to see that no matter the circumstances, Emma manages to keep herself afloat, be it by cracking corny jokes or something else. 

Emma is surprised to see Dex in her restaurant, and that too with a girl, Naomi, whom Dex has been currently dating. Dex says that he has been filming in the area, and decides to pay his old friend a warm visit. Dex tries to order some shorts, but Emma refuses, saying she can’t take time off.

It’s clear that Emma doesn’t appreciate Dex visiting her with Naomi. When Emma refuses to sit down, Dex asks for the bill and even tips Emma. This greatly upsets her but swallows her words and thoughts. Emma even returns Dex’s money the next time she meets him, warning him never to tip her again. 

Emma reveals that she doesn’t like it here in London and is thinking about moving back to Leeds, her home. In reality, Emma is in a creative drought and can’t find inspiration or words to work on her book. Emma figures maybe going back home will rekindle that fire.

However, Dex doesn’t see Emma that way; he knows Emma is extremely talented, humorous, and one of the best people he has ever met. Dex even asks Emma to reconsider her plans to return to Leeds. It is satisfying to see that Dex and Emma still share a beautiful friendship despite not being a couple.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 keeps up with the slow pace, and at this point, we’re starting to think it’s all part of the plan. Instead of just telling us their story, the creators want us to really feel invested in Dex and Emma’s journey. They want us to understand and empathize with their life trajectories, actions, and regrets.

We get a glimpse into Dex’s colorful and carefree life, where he’s dating beautiful women and not worrying about money. Meanwhile, Emma is struggling to keep her head above water, doubting her decision to move to London. 

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