Omniscient (Onisciente) – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Main Computer

After a brief flashback involving Nina as a child with her Father, episode 5 of Omniscient begins with Nina looking through her father’s belongings. Dani arrives to tell his sister they’ve released their Father’s body and they begin to make preparations for the upcoming funeral.

At work, Nina prepares for a disk defragmentation which looks set to countdown from 3 hours. Vinicius confronts her and although she brushes off his concerns as issues with the prototype, he remains suspicious. He thinks about looking through her belongings but as he glances at the drone, he realizes it’s a crime and stops. Nina meanwhile, drops some cockroaches into the vents in the basement as she looks set to put her plan into action.

Vinicius decides to write up a report about Nina’s behaviour, learning of her 6 minute 43 second period without surveillance from the drone. As he starts to collect damning evidence against her, Nina sneaks in with the other engineers into the Main Computer following the inevitable issues with the cockroaches. Unfortunately Vinicius catches up to her as she looks set to leave and confronts her, asking just what she’s doing.

Eventually she admits to him what’s happening and why she’s breaking in. Unfortunately it’s not enough, and even telling him she loves him doesn’t seem to do the trick. Instead, she rips open her suit and starts choking as Vinicius deliberates over whether to open the door or not. Not opening it would be a crime in itself given he hasn’t helped and watched her die.

When Nina does finally open her eyes, she finds herself in the sick bay at work. After checking her phone, she manages to connect with the circuit-board planted in the Main Computer and hacks into the drone footage. After their Father’s funeral, Dani and Nina sit at home and watch the footage together. It’s here they see their Father being shot but frustratingly the drone didn’t record the killer on camera, only focusing on their Father lying face-down on the floor.

While Dani gives up hope, Nina remains determined and as she keeps watching she manages to find a big clue – the reflection of the killer in the TV. Who is this man? We’ll have to wait for the finale to find out!

With a thrilling episode involving Nina hacking into the Main Computer and her plan finally put into action, Omniscient combines its unique aesthetic with a good story that continues to grow and evolve. With some much-needed answers around who the killer is, things are left wide open for the inevitable finale that should provide an exciting, action-packed conclusion to this murder mystery.


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