Omniscient (Onisciente) – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Big Twist

The Season 1 finale of Omniscient begins with Nina and Dani working together to find the name of the suspect. After some digging through drone footage they finally find it – Davi Ferreria. Using the drone footage and hacking into the System this way, Nina and Dani manage to piece together enough information to track him down and confront him over the murder.

When they arrive at his house outside the city walls, he talks to them about photography before grabbing a gun and questioning them. The siblings are ordered to sit and Nina outright asks him just why he killed their Father. It turns out he was paid to do it; hired as a hitman by an unknown boss higher up.

It’s here he explains exactly how he managed to murder their Father, including hiking underground and waiting until the opportune time to strike. It’s a pretty damning examination of flaws in the System and as the siblings head back to the city, Carolina and Ricardo arrive to check up on them. Only, Dani suddenly snaps as she believes they’re the ones who caused her Father’s murder. As she shouts and curses, Dani asks them to leave before discussing rationally with Nina who it could actually be.

As they do, Vinicius continues to draw up his report against Nina. On his way home, Nina confronts him and asks where the stolen item is but he seems genuinely surprised by this question. Getting nowhere, Nina thinks harder and finally comes to the shocking conclusion that it’s Judite. It was her all along. As Nina sits across from her at dinner, Judite nonchalantly admits to the murder and manipulating Nina to her own devices. Slamming a knife down into her plate, Nina’s warning means this feud is far from over.

Vinicius heads into prison and visits his Father after 15 years. He tells him he committed a crime – irregular garbage disposal – and they begin talking. Meanwhile, Nina heads home and starts packing, realizing she’s not safe with Judite watching over her. As it happens, Judite’s new programmer happens to be Olivia, Nina’s best friend. Unfortunately, the Mayor’s PA now holds all the cards and worse – the footage from the drones too.

As the episode closes out, Nina heads out of the city, away from the prying eyes of Judite and prepares for her next move.

Despite the cliffhanger ending, Omniscient delivers a pretty decent final here, one that offers up a really good twist surrounding the puppet-master being Judite who has been pulling the strings all along. It’s something I certainly didn’t see coming and given the list of suspects it could have been, this is arguably the best possible option to go for. Where does season 2 go from here? Presuming this one’s renewed of course, the Brazilian sci-fi could go in any direction. There’s certainly scope for a thrilling espionage-centric mission to overthrow Judite or we could see a cat and mouse game as Judite hires assassins to kill Nina once and for all.

For now though, Omniscient does a good job with its story and the much welcome reveal over who Nina’s Father’s killer is does help soften the frustrating blow from the cliffhanger. Whether this one will be renewed or not remains to be seen but the relatively short run-time and quick-moving story should be enough to get some good viewing figures on this and justify a renewal.


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