Numbers – K-drama Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

And the Fight Continues

Episode 12 of Numbers takes us back to when Jang Ji-soo went to Seung-jo’s house. Jang Ji-soo asks Seung-jo if it’s okay if she stays with him for a while. As expected, Seung-jo gladly agrees.

Meanwhile, Ho-woo is on his way to check out a paper company (this is a company that looks fine on paper, but it is practically non-existent in reality) called Jaehan Holdings. 

When he arrives at Jaehan Holdings’ headquarters, he finds what seems to be the CEO unconscious on the floor. Ho-woo calls the police and paramedics, and the CEO is taken to the hospital.

Whilst there, the doctors ask for the CEO’s guardian, and the barista arrives and identifies herself as the guardian. Ho-woo realizes that Jaehan Holdings’ CEO is Yoon-ll. So, what happens next after this major bombshell? 

What happens to Je-kyun? 

Je-kyun is released from prison, which explains why he was calm and had a smirk on his face when he was sent to jail in the previous episode. Je-kyun didn’t give direct orders for the crimes he was responsible for. Most of the crimes against him didn’t have enough evidence. 

While in prison, he was working with his men to make his comeback. For starters, Jaehan Holdings is actually his company. Je-kyun had this company registered under Yoon-ll’s name. He also had several accounts opened under Yoon-ll’s name. Ho-woo had gone to check out Jaehan Holdings when he found Yoon-ll unconscious. He tried to take his life, and this was a setback for Je-kyun. This is because he couldn’t access the money in the accounts under Yoon-ll’s name without Yoon-ll’s consent. 

Je-kyun also took over an overseas bank called Harbour City Bank. He was planning to take over other banks in Korea that weren’t in the union of banks that had agreed to help Jisan Bank, as we saw in the previous episode. However, these banks entered the bank union before they could be liquidated and taken over by Je-kyun. 

Is Sang-hyun on Je-kyun’s side?

It turns out, Sang-hyun wasn’t on Je-kyun’s side after all. He was just pretending to be Je-kyun’s right-hand man so he could find a concrete way to stop him. Je-kyun was planning on purchasing a securities company but Sang-hyun stopped him from doing so by stealing his financial plan documents for the bid on the securities company and giving them to Seung-jo and Ho-woo. 

What happens to Seung-jo? 

The chairman of Taeil Accounting Firm appoints Seung-jo as a partner at the firm. But, at the end of the episode Seung-jo mentions he left Taeil Accounting Firm. 

Seung-jo and Jang Ji-soo finally get back together. It turns out Jang Ji-soo’s son’s father is actually Seung-jo. 

After Jang Ji-soo gets back together with Seung-jo, she goes back to Hong Kong and brings their son back to Korea. Jang Ji-soo’s son and Seung-jo have an emotional reunion at the airport. Jang Ji-soo also starts her own company, which is quite similar to PEF HK Private Equity. 

What happens to Ho-woo? 

Ho-woo is promoted to an associate in charge of recruits at Taeil Accounting Firm. At the end of the episode, Ho-woo informs Seung-jo that he may be promoted to CEO at the firm. When he took Yoon-ll to the hospital after attempting to take his life, the barista gave him an address to where his birth parents were buried. So, Ho-woo visited his parent’s graves and found closure. 

As for where things between him and Yeon-a stand, it seems they finally became a couple. 

Son Hye-won and Yang Jae-hwan finally reconcile and start their own company. Son Hye-won then finds she is expecting their second child. 

It also turns out Kong Hee-sam was working on getting a patent this whole time and finally does get it! As for Yeo-jin, she meets with Yeon-a and finally makes peace with the fact that Ho-woo and Yeon-a like each other. 

How does Numbers end? 

One day, Je-kyun visits Seung-jo and Jang Ji-soo’s son at his school but he doesn’t actually talk to him. He just sits somewhere and watches him play for a while, then leaves. While Je-kyun is leaving, Seung-jo and Jang Ji-soo happen to see him. It seems Je-kyun is warming up to the fact that he has a grandson. 

The episode ends with Ho-woo informing Seung-jo that Je-kyun has started his own Real Estate Investment Trust company. So now they have to start investigating what he is up to. 

The Episode Review

This final episode ended in a way most of us didn’t expect. But at least, most of the things happened as we had hoped. Seung-jo and Jang Ji-soo have gotten back together, Ho-woo and Yeon-a are a couple, and even Sang-hyun does his best to stop Je-kyun. 

It’s nice to see that Ho-woo finally visited his parent’s graves and found peace with everything that happened. It’s also cool to see Je-kyun warming up to the reality that he has a grandson. Even though Je-kyun is the villain in this show, we can’t deny that he loves his family. 

While Seung-jo, Ho-woo, and the others did their best to stop Je-kyun’s schemes, it seems the fight isn’t over because Je-kyun has made yet another comeback. 

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