Numbers – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

We Will Make You Pay for Everything 

Episode 11 of Numbers begins with Ho-woo going to Yoon-ll’s home to talk about the building accident that killed his parents. Remember, Ho-woo found out that Yoon-ll was also in that building when it collapsed, but he survived. The deaf barista at Taeil Accounting Firm is the one who answered the door at Yoon-ll’s house, and Ho-woo realizes she isn’t deaf after all. 

Of course, the barista is shocked to see Ho-woo but the latter manages to convince her to talk to him. As they speak, the barista explains that her father, Yoon-ll became deaf after the building accident. She also pretended to be deaf at Taeil Accounting Firm under Je-kyun’s orders. 

Je-kyun had asked her to pretend to be deaf. That way, the people at Taeil Accounting Firm wouldn’t be cautious when discussing crucial matters he didn’t know about around the barista. And the barista would tell Je-kyun everything she has heard, as we’ve seen throughout the show.

The barista also tells Ho-woo that she was sponsored by Taeil Accounting Firm’s scholarship program, which explains why she couldn’t say no to what he told her to do. 

More people continue to withdraw all their money from Jisan Bank. Jin Tae-soo is then informed that they will soon have no more money to give to those who want to withdraw from the bank. 

Later, Ho-woo and Yeon-a meet at Kong Hee-sam’s café to discuss Jisan Bank’s current situation. Ho-woo reveals to Yeon-a that Jang In-ho of Haebit Construction is his adoptive father. He also tells her that Jang In-ho died because of Je-kyun. He then tells her that he became an accountant and joined Taeil Accounting Firm to seek revenge against Je-kyun for his father’s death. He finally tells her that he won’t sit back and watch Je-kyun mess with Jisan. 

Yeon-a gets drunk at Kong Hee-sam’s café, and Ho-woo takes her to spend the night at Jang Ji-soo’s house. The following day, Yeon-a asks Jang Ji-soo for help in stopping Je-kyun from messing with Jisan Bank since her father, Jang In-ho, was also in this kind of predicament. 

Jang Ji-soo points out to Yeon-a that Jin Tae-soo never bothered to help Haebit Construction when it struggled financially, but Jang Ji-soo still agrees to help Jisan Bank. She tells Yeon-a to tell Jin Tae-soo to publicly acknowledge how things went wrong from the start. This means confessing that he bought an online loan company that was in debt from Je-kyun. 

Yeon-a, Jang Ji-soo, and Ho-woo later visit Taeil Accounting Firm’s chairman to let him know that Je-kyun has been a manager at PEF HK Private Equity. This is illegal as Je-kyun is also the Vice President at Taeil Accounting Firm. 

Seung-jo, Ho-woo, Eun Suk-min, Son Hye-won, and Yang Jae-hwan team up to try and save Jisan Bank from being liquidated and taken over by Je-kyun. With how things are going, Je-kyun is heading in that direction. 

Ho-woo and Yeon-a visit Jin Tae-soo and inform him that Je-kyun has been planning to take over Jisan Bank all along. So, Je-kyun forcing Jin Tae-soo to buy the online loan company and him spreading the false rumours that caused the bank run at Jisan Bank was part of Je-kyun’s plan to take over Jisan Bank. The term bank run is used to refer to many people withdrawing money from a bank at the same time since they fear the bank will go bankrupt. 

One evening, Sang-hyun, who’s basically Je-kyun’s right-hand man now, noticed Ho-woo, Yeon-a meeting with Seung-jo, Son Hye-won, Eun Suk-min, and Yang Jae-hwan. They had earlier agreed to meet after office hours at Taeil Accounting Firm to plan how to save Jisan Bank.

As expected, Sang-hyun tells Je-kyun about it, but the barista informed Je-kyun that she didn’t notice anything unusual with Ho-woo. However, Ho-woo asked the barista to make Je-kyun think that nothing was happening. 

Later, Jung Si-young, another accountant at Taeil Accounting Firm, gives Ho-woo notice that he’s technically fired. However, Seung-jo won’t have to leave Taeil Accounting Firm immediately since employees fired at Taeil Accounting Firm are always given one month grace period. 

Seung-jo, Kang-hyun, and Jang Ji-soo meet at Cheon-ja’s restaurant to discuss Jisan Bank’s current situation. PEF HK Private Equity which is  Je-kyun’s company at this point, will be screened by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). This will determine whether or not it is fit to take over Jisan Bank. Jang Ji-soo tells Seung-jo and Kang-hyun that most of the FSC committee is siding with Je-kyun, so he may likely be cleared to take over Jisan Bank. 

Seung-jo, Ho-woo, Jang Ji-soo, and Yeon-a go to the FSC screening meeting and discover that Je-kyun found a way to have it postponed. It seems he knew Jang Ji-soo would expose PEF HK Private Equity for not being fit to take over Jisan Bank. 

An Seung-yeon later tells them that Je-kyun had that screening meeting postponed to give him time to fire Jang Ji-soo. He then would find another PEF HK Private Equity managing director who would vouch for the company to take over Jisan Bank. They then plan on making the FSC have a surprise screening meeting without Je-kyun’s knowledge. 

Jang Ji-soo later with FSC’s committee. She threatens to release a video of her giving one of FSC’s committee members one of PEF HK Private Equity’s patents if they don’t have another FSC screening meeting. Jang Ji-soo also demands that they screen PEF HK Private Equity fairly. 

Meanwhile, Seung-jo, Ho-woo, and Yeon-a meet with representatives from other banks in the country. Seung-jo convinces them to get their banks to help Jisan Bank improve its BIS ratio so, Je-kyun wouldn’t be qualified to take ownership of the bank. Fortunately, they all agree to do so. 

Elsewhere, Jin Tae-soo holds a press conference and confesses to buying the online loan company was the beginning of the crisis that Jisan Bank is currently facing. 

The FSC committee hold a screening meeting without Je-kyun’s knowledge. At the meeting, Jang Ji-soo exposes PEF HK Private Equity for recklessly buying and selling off companies. Meanwhile, Sang-hyun informs Je-kyun of the ongoing screening meeting. Je-kyun arrives at the meeting too late because the FSC committee had already deemed PEF HK Private Equity unfit to take over Jisan Bank. 

After the meeting, Je-kyun tells Seung-jo and Jang Ji-soo that he can always get the FSC committee to have another screening meeting. So, they can’t stop him from taking ownership of Jisan Bank. But, Seung-jo tells Je-kyun that Jisan Bank’s BIS ratio is now at a stable percentage, so he can’t take ownership of it. And this pisses Je-kyun off. 

Later, Jang Ji-soo tells Seung-jo that she’ll have to turn herself in to the prosecution so she can prove that PEF HK Private Equity has been engaging in illegal acts. Jang Ji-soo explains she has to turn herself in because she’s partly responsible for what PEF HK Private Equity has done up to this point. 

Seung-jo then informs Ho-woo of what Jang Ji-soo is planning to do. Ho-woo also tells Seung-jo that he’s planning to submit all the evidence he has against Je-kyun to the police. Meanwhile, Taeil Accounting Firm decides to demote Je-kyun as the firm’s vice president. 

Jang Ji-soo is then interrogated by the police and is cleared of any suspicions that she was involved in PEF HK Private Equity’s illegal acts. While this is happening, more evidence against Je-kyun is being gathered. The barista comes forward and exposes Je-kyun, and Yang Jae-hwan also exposes Je-kyun for being responsible for Hyeong-woo’s death. Seung-jo even submits crucial documents that further prove Je-kyun’s financial crimes. 

Je-kyun is then sentenced to ten years in prison for his financial crimes. Je-kyun doesn’t seem affected by all this though, because the episode ends with him having that evil smirk on his face that he always has. 

The Episode Review

A lot of things have gone right in this episode, to say the least. Jisan Bank has been saved from going bankrupt and being taken over by Je-kyun. On the other hand, Je-kyun is finally paying for most of his crimes. But why was smiling at the end of this episode? Why is he not affected by what is happening to him? Is he planning something?

This leaves us anxious and in more suspense.We’ll have to wait till the next and last episode to see. 

It’s nice to see Jang Ji-soo and Seung-jo possibly getting back together. Also, to see Ho-woo and Yeon-a’s relationship blossoming more in this episode. I hope they officially become a couple in the next episode. 

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