Not Others – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Between Maternal Aunty and Paternal Aunt

Episode 9 of Not Others starts with a flashback when Eun-mi visited her friend Ji-eun’s house to use the restroom after being sick from drinking. There, she meets Ji-eun’s brother Jin-hong for the first time and is shocked to see the good-looking boy.

The episode moves back to the present day when Ji-eun and Eun-mi are faced with each other again, showing up at her brother’s house. Ji-eun blames Eun-mi for ruining their family while Jin-hong tries to run away from facing his sister and his girlfriend at the same time. Jin-hong tells Eun-mi that Ji-eun had helped him when he separated from their parents.

Ji-eun is shocked to learn that Eun-mi has given birth to her child with Ji-hong and that her daughter is now 29 years old. After the conversation, Eun-mi asks to be dropped at home. On her way back, Jin-hee finds Eun-mi and Jin-hong and asks to chat with him in private.

Jin-hee tells Jin-hong that the person who was arrested for killing the girl was not the actual stalker. She claims that Eun-mi was still in danger and she did not want her mother to know. Jin-hee asks him to stick around Eun-mi for longer. Back at home, Jin-hee tells her mother that she was only talking to Jin-hong to get his mobile number to contact him in case of emergencies.

The next day, Eun-mi is shocked to see that Jin-hong had skipped meeting his sister and had instead come to pick her up to drive her to work. On the other hand, Jae-won is called in for questioning at the Police Headquarters while Jin-hee is there too. The superiors scolded Jae-won for talking to the culprit who was in police custody.

The section chief scolds Jin-hee for trying to get more intel on the case but acknowledges the fact that her concern was valid as her mother was a witness in the case. Jin-hee and Jae-won leave the headquarters and on their way out, Jae-won tells Jin-hee about his interaction with the stalker.

He claims that the person who was arrested denies having killed the victim and had claimed that he initially thought he was the reason for her ex-girlfriend’s death. Jae-won adds that the man had revealed that he had seen the real culprit at the scene of the crime after the victim’s body was discovered.

Jae-won also adds that the man had seen the culprit using hearing aids. At the same time, Tae-kyung meets the duo and tells them that Soon-chul had gotten in trouble for attacking a victim. Soon-chul tells Jae-won and Jin-hee how he received a call about an illegal trash dumping site and had been attacked by a woman.

The cop also adds that he did not hit the woman but had only blocked the woman’s attack. That night, Jin-hong tells his sister that he would like her to stop dropping by his house unannounced and adds that he would be changing his security passcode on his main gate. He claims that he was choosing the woman he loves and it was Eun-mi.

Ji-eun is shocked and tells Eun-mi that she was only picking Jin-hong because of his wealth and wanted his daughter to have all his money. Eun-mi warns Ji-eun and asks her to keep her daughter out of it. At the same time, Jae-won claims that Jin-hee should investigate Soon-chul’s case while he would investigate the stalker’s case. He adds that since Jin-hee was related to the witness in the case, things would be tricky for her.

That night, Jin-hee takes Officers Young-gyo and Young-min with her to interrogate the alleged victim suing Soon-chul. The woman suing the inspector is feisty and unhelpful during the interrogation which prompts Jin-hee to ask Young-gyo and Young-min to look for witnesses.

The three officers go door to door looking for witnesses but are not able to convince any of her neighbours to testify in the case. The next morning, the two male cops on the case revisit the scene and find that Jin-hee had left her visiting card all over the place in the hope of having a witness reach out to her.

Meanwhile, Jin-hong shows up at the orthopaedic clinic to chat with Dr Park. Eun-mi eavesdrops on the conversation and learns that Dr Park has recommended Jin-hong for a job at a nearby hospital. He also reveals that Jin-hong is a super-shy doctor and wonders if he would be able to do a good job.

Eun-mi starts getting furious but Jin-hong diffuses the situation and promises to maintain Dr Park’s reputation at the new hospital. On her way out, Eun-mi wonders why Jin-hong was taking a salaried job when he was wealthy enough already. Jin-hong tells her that he wants to make more money because he wants to live a long and happy life with his partner, i.e. Eun-mi.

Dr Park overhears the conversation and is shocked to learn that Jin-hong is with Eun-mi. Ji-eun visits Mi-jung’s restaurant and the two women have a pleasant chat until Eun-mi shows up. Mi-jung and Ji-eun’s initial fun conversation is overpowered by their dislike for each other when Eun-mi tells Mi-jung how Ji-eun is related to Jin-hong.

Eun-mi and Mi-jung gang up and start mocking Ji-eun when Jin-hee shows up all of a sudden. Ji-eun is shocked to see her niece but Eun-mi introduces her as a school friend. After Jin-hee goes inside, Ji-eun asks about Jin-hee’s qualifications and is surprised to learn that Eun-mi had raised her well enough to be a cop.

Mi-jung kicks Ji-eun out but the latter does not leave before sneaking a photograph of Jin-hee with her. That night, Jin-hee goes back to the area to find more information on Soon-chul’s case but finds nothing but a blue truck. Meanwhile, the following day, Dr Park tells Mi-jung that her bones are growing weak as she ages and asks her to start taking physical therapy to get better.

Mi-jung grows disheartened to learn that she is ageing but Mr Park claims that working at a restaurant for so many years had put a toll on her body. Jin-hee finds Ji-eun on her patrolling duty and offers to walk her to the bus station. The aunt-niece duo chat without Jin-hee knowing her relationship with the woman while Ji-eun enjoys Jin-hee’s company.

That night, Jin-hee shows up at Jae-won’s house and shares her disappointment about not making any progress in order to help Soon-chul. Jin-hee asks Jae-won about the developments in the stalker case and learns that he too has not made any substantial progress.

Jin-hee tries to motivate Jae-won to the best of her ability and goes back to the same area looking for more details on the incident. She finds a truck parked in the area that has a dash cam pointed to the location of Soon-chul’s fight with the woman. Instead of going back home, Jin-hee checks on her mom over the phone and sits out all night in order to catch the truck driver.

Early the next morning, Jin-hee requests the truck driver to give her the SD Card from his dash cam and goes to the station to inspect it. In one of the video clips from the night, it is clearly visible that the woman had trashed Soon-chul and not the other way around like she claimed to be. The group of cops celebrate this victory and Soon-chul thanks Jin-hee for saving his life.

However, their celebration is interrupted when they get a call from the internet cafe in Jin-hee’s locality. Ga-eul’s mother was creating a scene at the cafe and trying to get her daughter to forcefully abort the child without Ga-eul’s consent. Jin-hee is not able to do much to save Ga-eul, the teenager’s legal guardian.

Ga-eul argues that if Jin-hee’s mother can raise a child on her own, she should be allowed to as well. On their way back, Jin-hee notices Jin-hong with Ji-eun and suspects that the man is having an affair with her mother’s friend. That night, Jin-hong shows up at home with Eun-mi and drops off some side dishes for the two to enjoy.

Jin-hee is disgusted by Jin-hong’s lies and tells her mother that he is cheating on her with Ji-eun. Both Jin-hong and Eun-mi break into laughter over Jin-hee’s misunderstanding and eventually explain to her that Jin-hong and Ji-eun are siblings. Jin-hee is embarrassed and goes back to her room while Mi-jung looks all around the restaurant, trying to find the photo of Jin-hee that she kept at the restaurant reception.

Later that night, Jin-hee tells her mother how complicated familial relationships were and how she would have to address Ji-eun as her aunt. Jin-hee wishes that life would come with a manual for her to know how to do the right thing at all times while Eun-mi claims that she grew up by making mistakes and learning not to repeat them. Just then, Jae-won asks to meet Jin-hee at the evidence room at the other police station.

On her way out, Jin-hee tells Eun-mi about the incident involving Ga-eul and her mother. Jin-hee and Jae-won sneak the piece of hearing aid from the box and try to inspect it in detail outside. Jin-hee claims that the object had a serial number which could possibly help track down the owner.

Jae-won asks Jin-hee to step up and take responsibility for the station while he is away working on the case. Eun-mi is out late that night and spots a man following Ga-eul. She follows after the guy but is not able to find him or Ga-eul anywhere. Just then, the guy shows up out of nowhere and Eun-mi asks her where Ga-eul is.

The man points in the direction that Ga-eul has gone and leaves. Eun-mi heads off in the same direction while talking to Jin-hong on the phone. The episode ends with Jin-hong rushing to save Eun-mi after hearing her scream on the phone and is relieved to see Ga-eul and her boyfriend.

The Episode Review

The shock on Ji-eun’s face when she learns that Eun-mi looked so young, despite being a mother to a 29-year-old! I really hope we have more of Ji-eun on the show because she seems like a fun character. 

Jin-hee finding out about Ji-eun and Jin-hong being related is funny but I wish she knew how Ji-eun had Eun-mi up for hooking up with Jin-hong. I am sure Jin-hee would not have treated Ji-eun with the same respect as she did in this episode. Moreover, the fact that Mi-jung stood up for her friend and kicked Ji-eun out of her restaurant really shows how she treats Eun-mi as her own sister.

With that being said, it is clear that the internet cafe guy is the real stalker and killer who is out on the lose to attack Eun-mi and I hope nothing bad happens by the time Jin-hee and Jae-won finally find this out.

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