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Episode 10 of Not Others starts with a flashback of a young Jin-hee being punished by Eun-mi for using one of her lipsticks as a crayon. After Eun-mi throws Jin-hee out of the house, the girl goes to the park to play, claiming that her mother liked her makeup more.

Present-day, Jin-hee and Jae-won take the bus back home. Jin-hee thanks him for helping her in the case and Jae-won thanks her for sorting out Soon-chul’s case in return. However, Jin-hee accidentally falls on Jae-won’s shoulder in her sleep and he ends up napping on hers.

Once back at home, Jin-hee finds Jin-hong at her place and gets uncomfortable. Jin-hong insists on going back to his own place but Eun-mi forces him to stay on for longer. In her room, Jin-hee runs an online search on hearing aids and tries to find the owner of the machine.

However, she is weirded out by the noises Jin-hong and her mother are making. The next morning, Jin-hee finds Jin-hong in her kitchen and is uncomfortable around him as she is not properly dressed. Jin-hong apologises to Jin-hee from the bedroom door and goes back home.

However, Jin-hee goes to her mother’s room and yells at her for not respecting her personal space. Eun-mi apologises in her sleep but Jin-hee is seriously upset with her mother for not respecting their age-old rule as roommates. Jin-hee is further frustrated when her mother insinuates that she did more than just sleep with Jin-hong the night before.

Jin-hong waits outside to take Eun-mi to work later that day and tries to explain to her that Jin-hee must’ve felt with an almost stranger in her house. He suggests they move in together but Eun-mi immediately refuses. At work, Jin-hee is still thinking about her awkward interaction with Jin-hong that morning.

She then learns that Jae-won won’t be coming in till later that day and goes about looking at hearing aids herself. She learns that the shopkeepers were not allowed to disclose personal information about the owner of the hearing aids without an official warrant and decides to leave.

Meanwhile, Jae-won asks his friend at the headquarters to run some fingerprint scans for him on a cigarette lighter he had found in the evidence box. At the police station, Jin-hee and Jae-won try to discuss the details of the case when Soo-jin interrupts them. She is suspicious of Jin-hee and Jae-won but the two cops go outside to continue their discussion.

Jin-hee asks him to ask his seniors at the headquarters to help with the case but later jokes how he is not used to asking for help but threatening people. Meanwhile the other officers at the station grow curious about Jin-hee and Jae-won’s behaviour. Soo-jin sends a message to the police group chat but gets nothing.

Later that night, Jin-hee meets Tae-kyung for drinks and the two discuss the case. Tae-kyung points out that Jin-hee was acting like a psycho for the CCTV from the headquarters but hands out the flash drives to help her friend out. At the same time, Jae-won meets his friend and asks for his help in the case but the man refuses to do so for Jae-won’s benefit.

At the orthopaedic clinic, Dr Park and Eun-mi have an argument where the doctor mocks her for not taking care of her friend Mi-jung’s health. After that, Eun-mi’s coworkers tease her stating she had stopped hanging out with them and force her to go out with them that evening.

She texts Jin-hong and tells him that she does not want him coming to pick her up. Soo-jin finds Jin-hee napping in the break room as she goes through the CCTV footage. She inspects the footage and wakes Jin-hee up telling her that she had a visitor.

Ji-eun meets Jin-hee outside and asks for her niece’s number. Jin-hee is uncomfortable doing so but Ji-eun understands and gives Jin-hee a some cash as her aunt and asks her to treat herself. Later that night, Jin-hong shows up to pick up Eun-mi and joins her and her colleagues at dinner. Instead of going out to a cheap restaurant, Jin-hong takes the group to fine dining.

On their way back home, Eun-mi is pissed at him for tagging along with her. Jin-hong asks her why she had rejected his offer of moving in together earlier that morning and wonders if it was because of Jin-hee. Eun-mi claims that he need not bring Jin-hee into their discussion and adds that she has always lived with her daughter and did not need to change that for anyone.

Just then, Jin-hee shows up and asks her mother to pack her stuff and move out. The mother-daughter duo have an argument about Eun-mi not wanting to leave to stay with Jin-hong and Jin-hee wanting her mother to move out. Jin-hong offers to stay with them but both women are opposed to the idea.

Jin-hee claims that living under the same roof as an older man was uncomfortable for her. The argument turns into a fight and Eun-mi puts her foot down claiming she is going to stay there. That night, Eun-mi enters Eun-mi’s room and takes some of Jin-hee’s clothes and shoes as she packs up a suitcase to bring to Jin-hong’s house.

While Eun-mi hangs out at Jin-hong’s house, Jin-hee goes to Jae-won’s place to look at the CCTV footage together. Jae-won asks Jin-hee to go home because she is tired from the day but the latter decides to nap on Jae-won’s couch for a while before getting back up to reinvestigate the tapes.

Jae-won brings Jin-hee a comforter and she wonders why he was trying to make her so comfortable when she only wanted to nap for an hour. As he works on watching CCTV footage, he looks at Jin-hee. The next morning, Young-min and Young-kyo follow Jin-hee as she goes around looking at the garden that the stalking victim’s dead body was found at. She confronts the two officers for following her and shows them the CCTV footage from the local records.

The officers ask Jin-hee why she is keeping the rest of the team out of the investigation. They are offended that Jin-hee does not consider them as part of her team. Soon-chul claims that he already checked all of the CCTV footage from the flash drives and found nothing on it.

Soo-jin tells Jin-hee that she too had gathered the victim – Lee Na-kyung’s credit card details while Young-min adds that he and Young-kyo have gathered more leads on the case. The group of officers tells Jin-hee that working together as a team would have helped them solve the case sooner.

That night, Ji-eun finds out that Eun-mi has moved in with her brother. Eun-mi scolds Ji-eun for meeting up with Jin-hee while Ji-eun claims that Jin-hee need not grow up without any relatives like Eun-mi did. The two women start arguing and Jin-hong shows too, asking Ji-eun to leave.

He clarifies that Jin-hee was not his daughter because Eun-mi raised her on her own for 30 years, but Ji-eun is not able to see his point. He tells her that he is really happy for the first time and asks his sister to leave him and Eun-mi alone.

That night, the entire team at the police station discuss their respective findings, discovering that the real culprit had evidence of him leaving the scene of the crime but no evidence of entering it.

Young-gyo offers to look for more evidence, while Jae-won talks to his senior another time asking for his help with the case. Young-min and Soon-chul go around asking people from the neighbourhood if they have any information on the stalker while Soo-jin looks at CCTV footage.

Jin-hee brings the group some coffee and then goes down to the park with Jae-won looking for evidence. Jin-hong wakes up in bed and is alarmed when he learns that Eun-mi is not home. Eun-mi goes back to her own apartment looking for Jin-hee when she runs into the internet cafe part-timer. He tells her that Ga-eul is around the block as well and Eun-mi goes looking for Ga-eul, ignoring Jin-hong’s phone call.

At the same time, Young-min calls Jin-hee to tell her that the culprit had entered the convenience store before running into Eun-mi and Na-kyung. Jin-hee and Jae-won check the CCTV footage at the convenience store and learn that the internet cafe part-timer was the real culprit. Jin-hee also spots Ga-eul with her boyfriend at the same cafe.

Jae-won learns from the owner that the part-timer was a smoker who used the same lighter as the one in the evidence box and that he has gone AWOL, leaving the cafe unattended. Jin-hee gets a text from Jin-hong and learns that Eun-mi is not at home. She also learns from Jin-hong that Eun-mi is looking for Ga-eul.

She recalls seeing the teenager at the internet cafe and grows concerned. Meanwhile, the guy takes Eun-mi to an abandoned warehouse and tries to kill her with a knife. He tells her that she was never his target but adds that he only decided to kill her because she was trying to help Na-kyung.

While Jin-hee and Jin-hong look for Eun-mi, they spot the culprit and the group of cops start chasing after him. He pulls out a knife trying to attack them, but is caught and arrested in the process.

The episode ends with Jin-hong going inside the warehouse and learning that her mother had been stabbed and Eun-mi is taken to the operating room.

The Episode Review

While this episode just got interesting with Eun-mi being injured and on the verge of death, it feels like the makers have been dragging out the story of the murderer just to end it with the internet cafe guy being the stalker for no reason. There is zero motive in making him this and on the contrary, it would have been interesting for the case to have been turned the other way around. 

That aside, the chaotic relationship between Jin-hee and Eun-mi is the highlight of the show. I wish Jin-hee also would have a romantic relationship with Jae-won because they look like two people who really care about each other. Too much time has passed now and it would be futile to show them with a happy ending if there is one in the next two final episodes. 

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