Nothing Uncovered – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Jung-won Learns the Truth

Nothing Uncovered Episode 15 begins with Jung-won getting a call from the other reporter, who connects her with the mother of the truck driver who caused a collision near Bongto factory. The woman tells Jung-won that her son was hired by someone to do so since he paid off all her hospital bills at once. In the son’s things, she finds a business card from Gong Joon-ho. After she leaves the house, she recalls that Joon-ho was the one who killed her father.

Meanwhile, Tae-heon gets stabbed while fighting Joon-ho. Tae-heon manages to stab Joon-ho’s leg. Soon, Myung-soo and other police arrive but Joon-ho gets away. While hiding in the forest, Joon-ho calls Seol Pan-ho and tells him that Tae-heon knows the truth. The detective is then rushed to the hospital.

Jung-won arrives home, where Woo-jae and Pan-ho are waiting. She’s about to confront him about Joon-ho when Pan-ho himself says that Joon-ho has disappeared. Jung-won reveals that his secretary killed her father, Cha Eun-sae and even Lee Ba-reun. When Jung-won is suspicious of Pan-ho, he claims to be innocent and says Joon-ho was Mo Hyung-taek’s secretary at the time.

Later, Woo-jae asks Pan-ho about the truck accident that Jung-won mentioned. He knows Pan-ho ordered Joon-ho to make it happen. He wonders if his child should have a father like him, who will grow to be as monstrous as Pan-ho.

In the morning, Jung-won calls Tae-heon and finds out about his injury from Myung-soo. She rushes to the hospital and Woo-jae watches her do so. Inside, Jung-won worries about losing Tae-heon. She warns him to not die before her. He promises to never leave her. Woo-jae overhears them from outside. Tae-heon and Jung-won then discuss Gong Joon-ho. Tae-heon says he put a GPS tracker on Joon-ho’s clothes.

We see Joon-ho patch up his injury in a public restroom but Myung-soo soon arrives and arrests him. Myung-soo conveys this to Tae-heon who gets ready to interrogate him. Jung-won asks if she can watch the interrogation and Tae-heon agrees.

During the questioning, Joon-ho takes the blame for all the killings. In the process, Jung-won hears about Woo-jae’s emergency call. Joon-ho refuses to let any blame fall on Woo-jae or Pan-ho.  As he’s leaving the interrogation room, Jung-won confronts him for killing her father. He doesn’t deny it either. Afterwards, Tae-heon tells Jung-won that he suspects Woo-jae is the one who hit Na-ri.

Woo-jae comes home and learns what happened from his father. Pan-ho then sets up a meeting with Mo Hyung-taek, who has won the recent election. Mo hands over the piece of bloody headlight to Pan-ho, no strings attached. But Pan-ho realises that Mo Hyung-taek is about to threaten him with something else, so Pan-ho reveals that he’s set Jung-won on Mo’s scent for now. He warns the assemblyman to lie low.

Jung-won comes home and confronts Woo-jae about his father’s connection with Joon-ho.  He’s unable to admit or deny it. Instead, he apologises for wanting so much from Jung-won and agrees to get a divorce.

Sometime later, Jung-won gets a call from Mo Hyung-taek. He wants to meet. In person, Jung-won asks him about Joon-ho and the truck accident. Instead, Mo says that Seo Sang-gyeon had come to meet him on January 9th of that year. A day before he died. A flashback shows the two men talking, with Sang-gyeon mentioning he’s stowed away a piece of evidence regarding another crime committed by Pan-ho. At present, Jung-won asks Mo why he’s telling her all this. He doesn’t seem sure himself.

While searching through Joon-ho’s apartment, Tae-heon finds a camera that belonged to Sang-gyeon. Jung-won recognises it too. But there’s no memory card inside.

Later, Kang In-han tells Jung-won to check a backup website for his data. Meanwhile, Pan-ho tells Woo-jae that Mujin Group has won an award. When Woo-jae says he’s leaving the company, Pan-ho gets angry. Woo-jae then meets Tae-heon, who openly suspects Woo-jae of killing Na-ri. He says hiding it will only make Jung-won suffer more.

Back home, Jung-won finds a different ID that her father had written in a book. She manages to log into this account and is shocked to find video footage of Woo-jae hitting Na-ri with his car.

Woo-jae wakes up in the morning to a text from Jung-won. She wants him to meet her at the place where they first met. He goes to the beach where Jung-won had first found him staring at the waves. Jung-won reveals she knows what he did. Woo-jae cries and repents and Jung-won encourages him to tell the truth. Woo-jae agrees to accept his punishment.

Later, Mujin Group is given an award at a ceremony. Woo-jae accepts the award and in his speech, confesses everything about Na-ri at the end of Nothing Uncovered Episode 15.

The Episode Review

Episode 15 is Nothing Uncovered’s penultimate episode and the ennui has fully set in. It is not fun to watch Jung-won oscillate in between Seol Pan-ho and Mo Hyung-taek and strive to figure out the truth all while knowing the truth. By revealing the true events to us early on, the story has deprived viewers of any suspense or sense of mystery.

In general, the last few episodes have dragged the story onwards but there simply isn’t enough meat in the story to sustain this many episodes. As a result, what was once a gripping mystery-melodrama has now become a bore. Personally, I can’t wait for this show to finally reach its end.

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