My Tiny Senpai – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Can I Give You a Big Hug?

Episode 11 of My Tiny Senpai opens with Shiori singing a cat-centred song. Shinozaki walks in on her while she’s singing. In order to ensure she doesn’t feel awkward, he then joins her.

The segment then picks up where we left off in the previous episode. Shinozaki appears anxious over the prospect of losing the Most Valuable New Hire Award. Because the team’s manager, Akina, is at stake if they don’t win, his anxiety levels are through the roof.

Shiori immediately notices that something is off about Shinozaki’s appearance. She remarks instantly that he must be nervous about the competition. Following this, she gives him a boost of confidence.

A little later that day, Shinozaki encounters a distraught Kurusu. Following this, Shinozaki requests that Shiori encourage Kurusu as well, reasoning that she, too, is probably anxious about the upcoming competition.

When Shiori approaches Kurusu, she initially attempts to push her away. Meowtaro toys, however, provide a common ground for the duo. Kurusu then admits to Shiori that she isn’t a gifted artist, but she doesn’t want to let down her manager. Shiori then gives her the courage to tell the truth.

The crowd cheers for team 2 after witnessing their presentation during the competition. Shinozaki is presumed to be inside the Meowtaro costume. Plenty of women ask to hug him once the presentation is over. In light of this, Shiori gets jealous.

Soon later, Shiori presumes the person in the costume to be Shinozaki and requests to hug him. Though, it turns out that Akina is actually wearing the costume. In light of this, Shiori feels embarrassed.

The competition’s winner is revealed in the show’s closing minutes. Yamagishi’s Public Relations team’s least enthusiastic new hire is the lucky recipient. Both Shinozaki and Kurusu are thrown off by this. After the competition has concluded, Shiori tells Shinozaki that he did a terrific job no matter who won, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The plot of this episode centres around Shinozaki’s anxiety over earning the award for Most Valuable New Hire. His confidence is boosted by Shiori’s words. The announcement of the competition’s results surprises everyone.

As with earlier episodes, this one is both touching and enjoyable. The show maintains a consistent tone and delivers enjoyable episodes week after week.

It will be intriguing to see what the show has in store for us next week, as the season finale is just around the corner.

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