My Tiny Senpai – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Even If We’re Just Playing, He’s My Kohai…

Episode 10 of My Tiny Senpai opens with a game featuring Shinozaki, Shiori, Akina, and Hayakawa. Following this, the scene shifts, revealing that a competition is about to begin in honor of the company’s 40th anniversary. We see that the new hires have the chance to win an Okinawa getaway for their entire department. Being a new hire, Shinozaki has Shiori and the rest of the team rooting for him.

Following this, Shinozaki is more motivated than ever to win the competition so that he and Shiori can take another vacation together. However, it becomes apparent very quickly that he has an obstacle.

Shinozaki finds out that the leader of Dev Group 1 is just as committed to helping her kohai succeed. Shinozaki finds out that, just in case he doesn’t win, the chief has already made plans to transfer Akina to another group. Shinozaki’s drive to succeed in the competition has increased as a consequence.

Shiori, Shinozaki, and the rest of the group visit a group of children the following day. They have been tasked with observing children’s reactions to various toys.

Soon after, Shiori and Shinozaki find themselves in the middle of a passive-aggressive quarrel between two small kids. Shinozaki knows that the boy’s behavior is a consequence of his feelings for the girl. Following this, Shinozaki brings the two children together. He then tells the boy that if he likes the girl, he must treat her with kindness.

As she travels back, Shiori mulls about Shinozaki’s words of wisdom for the little lad. After giving it some thought, she concludes that Shinozaki, who has always been extremely kind to her, must also have feelings for her.

The Episode Review

Episode 10 of My Tiny Senpai features two primary plots. To secure a reservation at a resort with the rest of the group, Shinozaki has to win a contest. He also needs to win so that Akina doesn’t get transferred to another team.

Shiori and the others pay a visit to a group of children in the second half of the episode. They then interact with the little ones. Eventually, Shiori begins to suspect that Shinozaki has feelings for her as well.

The episode is entertaining and enjoyable to watch. It also leaves us with a cliffhanger for the season finale. This episode had a lower cringe factor compared to others. It even offers some substance, which is a considerable improvement compared to the previous episodes. With only two episodes left, it will be exciting to see how the storyline develops.

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