Mythomaniac – Netflix Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Mythomaniac starts with Elvira getting ready for the hospital and Patrick waking up in Brigitte’s bed. However, he’s not happy and decides to head back home to convince Elvira to have him back. Determined to make a point, she tells him she needs time to think. Meanwhile, Sam struggles at school as he gets bullied while Carole finds out that Kevin has woken up but will never be able to walk anymore.

In the evening, Nonno and the children call Elvira who we see has actually gone to a hotel in Nice. Patrick then arrives at the house and after a confrontation with Nonno, he spends a touching moment with his kids while talking about their mother. At her hotel’s casino, Elvira meets a man and ends up sharing drinks with him at the bar. As they get closer, she takes him back to her room but is unable to do anything with him. She explains that she hasn’t kissed anyone other than her husband in a long time and tells her about the lies in her life. This revelation leads him to tell her that he’s also lying and pretending to be his cousin as he’s banned from casinos.

The next day, a journalist arrives at the house to speak to Virginie because she has been making a blog online which has now over 50,000 followers. She wants to do a piece on her to be able to help kids going through the same situation as her.

We then cut to Fetovia in Italy where we see a man swimming in the sea, followed by an older man receiving a text from a Simon with pictures of Elvira in Nice.

After Elvira has another vivid vision of the elderly woman, she receives a text from her father, telling her he’s picking her up from the hospital. She then rushes over and frantically tries to find an empty room to stay in. Unable to find one, she finds her dad instead and finally admits the truth to him. He slaps her at first, angry that she lied, but quickly changes his tone and hugs her as he’s happy she’s well.

Heading home in the evening, the kids greet their mother and have a surprise for her: Virginie’s interview is now on TV where she tells everyone she started her vlog to talk about her mother’s disease. Unable to deal with this, Elvira leaves the room, followed by her dad. She berates him for letting them go through with it before he replies that it wasn’t his fault she lied so much. She then accuses him of being a liar too, as he lied about her mother’s death when she was little by telling her she went on holiday, which made her miss the funeral.

We then close the episode with both men in Italy talking about Elvira being seen in Nice and with the young man looking very disturbed by their findings.

The fourth episode brings us a new mystery as we meet two strange men from Italy who seems to be from Elvira’s past. It definitely adds some intrigue to the show and helps with the slow pace of the series so far.

Virginie’s vlog was also a big surprise too and with that, brought the truth out in the open which will be interesting to see the repercussions of during the next episode. Elvira’s constant visions of the elderly woman who killed her husband could also be seen a sign that she’s slowly losing her mind and her grasp on reality as her lies slowly get out of control.

There are quite a lot of questions unanswered though as the series ticks along and whether we get all the answers by the end of this season remains to be seen.

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