Mythomaniac – Netflix Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Cult

We begin episode 5 of Mythomaniac in Italy with the young man talking to his girlfriend about going away for a while. We find out his name is Lorenzo, which happens to be the same name Elvira has tattooed on her back. Meanwhile, Elvira is inundated by well-wishers, from neighbours and parents from school as they have found out about her cancer with the news report.

After Patrick decides to cancel his photo festival, Brigitte speaks to him and offers to prescribe free medication for when Elvira goes through her chemo. The charity continues for the family too when the kids and Patrick run out of money in the hospital, prompting a stranger to pay for their shopping.

Elvira visits Jane in hospital to take notes on the difficulties she has been having with her health insurance as Jane wants to make a difference for any future patients. After sending her husband away again, Elvira hears the washing machine making a loud noise. As she heads in to check on it, it explodes, causing her to run away and seek help from one of her neighbours. The woman who answers the door lets her in and we see that she runs (what appears to be) a cult and tries to get Elvira to join. Returning home, She sees that Sam is back from school and packing as Niklas’ parents have agreed for him to come after hearing about his family on the news.

Brigitte calls Patrick over in her pharmacy as she has found that Elvira’s prescription has been signed by a doctor, who died two years ago and also that some of the tablets prescribed to her have been off the market for a while. After putting pressure on the representative from her washing machine’s firm, Elvira manages to get a new machine after telling her she’ll use her daughter’s vlog to give them bad publicity, while Sam arrives in Germany but gets the cold shoulder from Niklas.

Elvira has coffee with her colleague who tells her that their company will merge with another one, meaning that their boss, Brunet, will lose his job. She then heads to the hospital but unfortunately finds out that Jane has passed away. Her husband gives her the notes she has been taking, determined to make a difference for anyone in her situation.

Virginie and Carole arrive home and find the leaflets from the neighbour running a cult. They decide to take the test, after which they head to the woman’s house. She tells them they’re gifted children and shows them pictures of the famous people she knows. Patrick goes to the hospital where he finds out that Elvira was never a patient, while we see Brigitte looking through more of her paperwork which is where the episode ends.

While more strangers suddenly appear to help out the family, we see that Elvira’s lies were not as air-tight as she once thought they were. Brigitte has found a flaw and things aren’t looking good for Elvira as it looks like Patrick is close to the truth. The finale is up next and is set to be quite dramatic as her family look ready to confront her about it.

We also see that the neighbourhood host a strange gathering of people in one of the neighbour’s houses as one of the women tries to recruit Elvira and her children to their cause. This is yet another mystery added to the show and while it does bring another interesting plot to the story, I feel that it should have perhaps been presented to us sooner, as there’s only one episode left and not a lot of time to resolve everything.

With a second season already green-lit, the show might end on a cliffhanger but in the meantime, I am quite intrigued to see Elvira’s family reaction as they find out the truth about her.


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  1. Why did Elvira throw Jane’s notes out the car window? Is she giving up on making a difference because her insurance company is merging?

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