Mythic Quest – Season 3 Episode 3 “Crushing It” Recap & Review

Crushing It

Episode 3 of Mythic Quest Season 3 starts with David gathering everyone in MQ for a big announcement. Montreal have just called and they want to make a Mythic Quest movie. He’s going to be the Executive Producer, but the others are completely nonchalant about this achievement.

Instead, David adjourns the meeting and sends Jo down to GrimPop, intent on breaking the news to Ian and rubbing it in.

However, Sue has an alternate point of view. Sh doesn’t think a movie adaptation is a good idea, believing that it’s going to annoy the fanbase and rile them up. David gets the complete wrong message from this, and decides to head down to GrimPop and personally tell Ian. Of course, when he shows up he finds the place empty… And he can’t find his way back out.

Just before David’s entry, Poppy manages to complete a hard bit of coding, Rachel shows up looking for Dana (who’s currently in VR with Ian) and encourages her to head out and celebrate her achievement. Naturally, Jo appears and begins yelling, but as she was told to take the day off, she ends up tagging along with Poppy and Rachel.

Jo is socially inept and confused by the idea of brunch. Although Poppy calls it “the brunch”, in an amusing turn of events. At the table, all three end up discussing their woes and issues, turning from a celebratory moment to tears. “So this is brunch.” Jo says, watching as Poppy and Rachel cry.

Having seen enough, Jo decides to drive them across to another State and brings them to a makeshift army base where they’re encouraged to crush a bunch of cars while driving a tank to get their anger out.

Brad and Carol meanwhile, contemplate bringing more NFTs and lootboxes into gaming, and head off to see Sue, discussing how the goalposts are always changing in gaming and there was a time when people were angry about horse armour.

Meanwhile, David finally finds a way out of GrimPop courtesy of Ian and Dana who find him asleep on the floor. He’s also urinated all over himself too, so David thinks twice about bragging and gets in the elevator and leaves.

The Episode Review

After a strong episode last week, Mythic Quest slows down and instead shows a completely different side to proceedings, with the girls heading out for brunch, a little bit of videogame working and a chapter that features very little of Ian and Dana. While that in itself is fine, there’s not much of a resolution for David’s big reveal, unless that’s carried across to another episode of course.

Although there are less laughs this time around, the show is still enjoyable and next week’s episode promises to get back to the office for more shenanigans.

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