Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Grouchy Goat

Episode 2 of Mythic Quest Season 2 begins with Dana and Rachel under strict instructions to design a new mobile game. However, they’re not exactly enthralled given these games are notorious for being stuffed with microtransactions.

Anyway, they’re eventually put on the development team with Jo overseeing them. Coming up with ideas in the studio, they liken Jo to a grouchy goat… and that’s their idea! Grouchy Goat is green-lit and they begin working on fleshing out this concept.

Dana and Rachel come up with a variety of ideas around this, but Jo realizes they’re missing something – a backstory. Jo struggles in her new leadership role though, doubting herself at every turn.

After all of this prep work, the project falls on deaf ears when Brad arrives and questions their ideas. Jo turns on them, of course, but Brad actually applauds her snaky attitude. Brad is unhappy with the effort put into this for what should be easy money.

Meanwhile, Poppy and Ian disagree over the ideas they have for the expansion. While Ian is able to visualize his ideas and whip the team up into an artistic frenzy with his words, Poppy struggles to do this. Ian seems to effortlessly command a room and eventually decides to instill some of his wisdom onto Poppy. An upcoming seminar for her is the perfect opportunity to hone her skills.

After dressing Poppy up in a tight, stylish dress, David and Ian both coach her and allow the girl to head on stage. She rambles on but eventually shows off her insecurity and real personality. By the end of this incoherent ramble, Poppy receives a standing ovation. It turns out Ian planned all this…but Poppy played them both and actually manipulated them into writing her speech. Ian gets goosebumps and looks proudly at her colleague – Poppy is a boss after all.

The Episode Review

This entire episode revolves around leadership and creativity, which is delicately balanced and works beautifully across the two separate stories. Seeing Phil and his team forced into working long, long hours to get the artistic vision of the expansion right is unfortunately a story all too common in the gaming industry.

Likewise, the whole idea of leadership scoffing at the backstory of the goat game and throwing it out for being too complex is a really nice touch.

That’s to say nothing of the story involving Poppy and Ian though. These two had great chemistry across the first season and this second season doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon.

Seeing how Poppy has managed to manipulate Ian and David into getting what she needs is a great touch and a fitting way to end the episode too.

So far, Mythic Quest has been a really enjoyable season and both episodes this week have seen the show grow into becoming a quirky and well written comedy series.

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