Mythic Quest – Season 3 Episode 1 “Across the Universe” Recap & Review

Across the Universe

Episode 1 of Mythic Quest Season 3 starts with everything on the up. David is about to make parole and get out of jail while Ian and Poppy are working together on their project within GrimPop Studios. They make a good pitch and in fact, are offered $50 million from potential investors.

While Poppy is over the moon, Ian is less so. He points out they’re not going to take this offer, and solely because Ian has a bad feeling “in his gut”, despite it being double what they asked for. Eventually Ian concedes and allows her to make the decision… but is she really as enthused as she first seems?

Unfortunately, this only exacerbates Poppy’s anxiety and she ends up with some pretty bad stomach problems. With a day passing, the pair reverse roles with Poppy deciding they should not take the money and Ian choosing to go for it. So what does Poppy’s gut really say?

Jo and David are still overseeing Mythic Quest, while Carol is feeling unfulfilled despite a jump to the Head of Diversity and Inclusion. David knows all about this and he points out that her role is basically to maintain the status quo but she’ll never have the funds to actually do anything significant to make a difference. All she needs to do is act like she’s making a difference.

Carol rejects this and points out that’s not how she rolls and as such, comes up with an idea. She’s hired a new employee… Brad. He’s back and this time he’s there as a janitor. As he’s an ex-felon, Carol brings up that they get a discount on bringing him in so it’s a win/win for the company.

The big drama here though comes from CW’s party, which all our characters prepare for that night. Ian and Poppy clash with David, a good deal of tension between them all. However, when Poppy announces in front of everyone that she’s turned down the $60 million offer (the firm counter-offered with $10 million more), Ian is shocked.

With things stewing over, CW doesn’t show up to his own party so everyone begins shuffling out. Just before they do, David is given a letter confirming something major. CW is dead. Everyone asks David questions but of course he’s in the dark as much as everyone else.

He points out within the letter the error of his ways and how their friendship is treasured… as well as holding onto one another for as long as possible. With CW apparently in a satellite flying over, the group look up to the night sky.

The Episode Review

The first episode here essentially sets the scene, with a re-introduction of our main cast of characters and a return to the workplace comedy shenanigans. Of course, the videogame material is secondary to what’s otherwise more of an interpersonal dramedy, but it works reasonably well all the same.

There are a few good jokes in here, including Ian’s wall of fame, as well as the CW gag at the end, even if it is a bit bittersweet to see him now passed and no longer in the series.

The ending certainly leaves the door open for more, and it’ll be interesting to see where the rest of the show goes from here, especially with the two studios working under the same roof. Will Poppy’s decision not to take the money come back and backfire on her? We shall see!

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