Mythic Quest – Season 3 Episode 2 “Partners” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Mythic Quest Season 3 starts with a great gag. Ian ends up playing around with his VR headset but in doing so, he bumps straight into Poppy while she’s sitting at her desk. She’s not happy with him messing with her space, especially as she’s “thinking big” – but Ian is too. He wants to put Hera into the Metaverse, linking everything to the Blockchain and doubling down on the whole NFT/crypto fad.

Poppy navigates Ian through this – and away from her – and encourages him to be a great partner and to get her some lunch. Of course, he can’t help but throw another quip about her hair before he leaves, with Poppy just about keeping it together.

Meanwhile, David continues to spy on Brad, seeing him as the suss new member of Mythic Quest HQ. In fact, he even has Jo spy on him and report back too. Placing an expensive diffuser in the bathroom, and cleaning spotlessly, David wonders what Brad’s plan may be. Carol just thinks he’s doing a good job but David is like a Pitbull with a bone, he’s not letting go of this.

Back at Grimpop, Dana shows up for her first day at work but it’s too much for Poppy as she’s knee-deep in coding right now and eventually brushes her off. As a result, Rachel suggests they have some fun. They head back into MQ’s coding suite and end up with a really awkward conversation with the two new male coders.

And of course, Ian is not helping. In fact, he continues to suggest Poppy needs to think big and change her entire nutritional regime. Poppy turns it around and points out that she has the more important job and needs room to actually work. Of course, Ian messes that up too, and ends up smack bang in the middle of MQ’s latest crisis – harassment at work.

Now, given the uncomfortable interactions with two new coders , with Jo calling them “lowest white men on the totem pole”, everything comes out in the most disastrous way possible. David calls Brad evil and devious and incapable of change, with Jo taking offence and believing she’s similar to this too. Carol eventually snaps and lays down the law and tells them all to get back to work.

Back at GrimPop, while Poppy ends up in a self-induced sugar coma, Dana and Ian realize they have more in common than they first thought. In fact, they both like the Metaverse and decide to plug in to VR together. Could we be seeing the start of a crazy new friendship?

The Episode Review

This is more like it! The second episode of Mythic Quest is brilliantly constructed, doubling down on the comedy that works so well here. The whole diversity meeting and harassment gig is a nice touch, while the subplot involving Poppy and Ian down at GrimPop is easily the best part of this show.

The two have very different ideals and ways to do business, and seeing them both clash and butt heads over the best way forward is an absolute joy to watch.

The subplot involving Dana and Rachel hasn’t really gone anywhere thus far but given what we’ve seen at the end of this episode, it would appear that Dana and Ian may just be hitting it off for the rest of the season, which will likely give Dana much more to do. Mythic Quest looks to be gearing up for a return to form in Apple’s workplace comedy.

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