My Man is Cupid – K-Drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

My Man Is

Episode 16 of My Man Is Cupid starts with Sang-hyuk taking Baek-ryeon to the park, where he was supposed to meet Jeong-ah on the day she was killed. He tells her he found a way to stop the metamorphosis; subsequently, they will be together forever. It is his time to be brave, and he has come with rings to show his sincerity. 

What happens to Song Yeon-cheol?

After setting up the bomb in Jae-hee’s car, Yeon-cheol lurks around the police station waiting to see the fireworks, and he smiles in satisfaction when the bomb goes off. However, his smirk is wiped off and replaced with immense fear when Sang-hyuk saves Baek-ryeon from the fire. He drives off the police station quickly, but Sang-hyuk goes after him, and coincidentally, the police track his car. Yeon-cheol drives into a building under construction, parks his car, and runs upstairs. He is still terrified, wondering what he just saw at the police station, and then starts hearing voices calling him a murderer and a monster. 

Sang-hyuk shows up, and a fight breaks out between them. In the end, Yeon-cheol stumbles and falls to his death. The Deity appears and tells him he will have a worse fate in his afterlife. He will have to work with the people that he killed and experience the painful karma of his actions. Before he dies, he sees flashes of all the people that he killed furiously walking towards him and hears their voices ringing in his head, calling him a monster and a murderer.

After his death, the news reporter reveals his backstory. Yeon-cheol’s mother was abandoned at the orphanage, where the director severely punished the children, teaching them about the deadly sins of women. After he left the orphanage, his first kill was his mother, the orphanage director, and a landlady he felt got on his nerves. After successfully killing the three women and getting away with it, he gained confidence in his murder skills and started killing random women, but stopped after he met his wife, Go Eun-seo. However, after learning about his wife’s extramarital affairs, he spiralled out of control. He embarked on a killing spree, killing his wife, the man he had an affair with and any witnesses. Regardless, the reporter says that Yeon-cheol is a murderer and he deserves no pity. 

What happens to Oh Baek-ryeon and Cheon Sang-hyuk?

After proposing to Baek-ryeon, Sang-hyuk heads back home to execute his plan to stop the metamorphosis. He asks Dong-chil to shoot an arrow when he goes into the cocoon, but before that, he needs to talk to the Deity. Sang-hyuk goes up the roof and shoots several random arrows, agitating the Deity and forcing him to appear. He tells him about his plan to stop the metamorphosis, and that is when he tells him that Baek-ryeon will die for Jae-hee that night. Sang-hyuk frantically calls Baek-ryeon but goes into a metamorphosis before he can tell her to get out of the car.

Meanwhile, the bomb is still ticking as Dong-chil struggles to shoot the arrow. Finally, he gains enough courage and shoots Sang-hyuk through the heart. The cocoon turns dark, and he almost dies, but upon hearing Baek-ryeon’s voice, he breaks out of the cocoon, and the next moment, he is flying out of the burning car with Baek-ryeon unharmed.

Baek-ryeon worries since Sang-hyuk’s wings look weird, but she does not get to ask about it because Sang-hyuk hurries after the killer when he leaves her in Jae-hee’s care. Sang-hyuk is severely injured during the fight with Yeon-cheol, and he vanishes as soon as Baek-ryeon arrives at the scene. 

What happens to the Cupids?

As soon as Sang-hyuk vanishes, the cupids, including Dong-gu, Dong-pal, and Dong-chil, also vanish. Dong-gu gets to say goodbye to Do-ra since they spend the day together. Towards the end of the episode, we learn that while Sang-hyuk went into the cocoon waiting to be reborn, the cupids stayed, but they were invisible to the humans. They were watching over Sang-hyuk’s cocoon, waiting for his rebirth. 

What happens to Jae-hee?

Well, nothing much! He makes peace with the fact that Baek-ryeon will never like him, and he bids her goodbye, hoping they will never meet again in this life or the next one. 

Do Oh Baek-Ryeon and Cheon Sang-Hyuk end up together?

After Sang-hyuk vanishes, Baek-ryeon locks herself in her room for weeks, not talking to anyone. However, she gets better with time and hikes up the mountain to pray. When Do-ra asks, she says she will pray for a miracle after her thousandth time. She misses Sang-hyuk immensely and wishes she could turn back time so he can be by her side even if he would not like her back, and she never takes off her ring. Slowly, she returns to her normal self and is sociable even with her colleagues at the hospital. 

The night before she makes the thousandth trip up the mountain, a thread appears from Sang-hyuk’s cocoon, and the Deity is seen standing over Baek-ryeon as she sleeps, and he attaches a thread of fate to her ring finger. The next morning, Sang-hyuk appears in front of her on the mountain after her prayers. He tells her that he died and was reborn to be with her. What he never did the first time they met was to break his cocoon for her and choose to become human so they could stay together, but this time, he broke from the cocoon, lost his wings, and became human. There will be no more metamorphosis, and they will spend the rest of their lives together. 

How does My Man Is Cupid end?

During her live show, Do-ra tells her viewers that a whole new world awaits them once they overcome their fear and choose to be brave. Baek-ryeon and Sang-hyuk are parents to a girl and are thinking about getting her a brother or sister. They arrive at the Love Room for a meal as a family with Jeong-ah’s parents, who are now Baek-ryeon’s parents and Yeon-ah’s grandparents. 

The Episode Review

The final episode of My Man Is Cupid is a welcome relief since it gives a satisfactory ending to an otherwise anticlimactic series. The first few minutes of the episode are rushed and not in a thrilling way, while the rest is sluggish and painfully boring to watch. The serial killer subplot receives a rushed ending to give Sang-hyuk a heroic act but leaves the viewers more confused than excited. Why did his wings turn black? What was the role of the cupids in this series? Why did they forget to give Dong-gu and Do-ra’s story a befitting ending?

We are still questioning what the two Deities were on about. Why would one go to such extents to kill So-hee just to give her a thread of fate in the end? What was Jae-hee’s purpose? He could have been just a normal detective who fell in love with Baek-ryeon and not the incarnation of Prince Lee, and there would be no change to the plot.

What is up with Jae-hee and Baek-ryeon’s decoding not to meet again in this life or the next? They could have become good friends since Jae-hee is no longer into her. The finale gave a happy ending to Baek-ryeon and Sang-hyuk but conveniently forgot about all the other supporting characters.

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