My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

My Special Gift Will Ruin Us

My Lovely Liar episode 6 picks up where we left off, with Do-ha taking off his mask at the Jazz Club. Given the big smile he gives to Sol-hee, it is safe to say, he feels comfortable. He continues to play his song and looks so good. 

Later, he drives Sol-hee to dinner and thanks her for her help. He admits that she gave him the confidence to take off his mask. Sol-hee is happy for him and assures him that no one is paying them any attention. It is expected that Do-ha feels a bit anxious about revealing his face again. Sol-hee finds it cute that he is so worried about people looking at him and keeps on reassuring him that it is all good. 

They decide to get dessert at another shop. Sol-hee thinks Do-ha will feel more comfortable there so she takes him to a bar. They end up having a few drinks. This time Do-ha indulges himself in celebrating his face reveal. They talk about his stage name being Kim Do-ha and Sol-hee asks why he tried to put a wall between them. Do-ha reveals it is because of his past trauma and Sol-hee asks if it has to do anything with Syaon. You see, she thinks she has got it all figured out but she is so wrong. Do-ha admits it has nothing to do with Syaon but another woman he once liked.

As the night wears on, Sol-hee gets drunk and Do-ha is forced to carry her on his back. Is it a K-drama if the male lead doesn’t do this? Sol-hee is too drunk and even spills some food on her clothes. Do-ha ends up taking her home and putting her to bed. Sol-hee hazily watches him take off his shirt to look at how much sauce she got on him. In her drunken state, she briefly wakes up, slaps him accusing him of being a bad guy and then drops back on her bed. 

She wakes up the next morning embarrassed by what she did. The more she remembers from the previous night, the more mortified she is. She remembers every detail, from asking for ice cream to slapping Do-ha’s handsome, innocent face. Poor guy! He never saw it coming! On the other hand, Do-ha is at his apartment trying to get rid of the stain on his shirt. 

Meanwhile, Deuk-chan gets a call from Syaon’s manager that she has locked herself in her room. She is clearly depressed from being rejected even before she confessed her feelings. She is not in the right mental space to work so Deuk-chan thinks it is best to let her rest. He orders the manager to release a statement that Syaon is recovering from the accident she had a few weeks back which got worse. 

Back in Yeonseo, Do-ha leaves the house without his mask. He heads to the convenience store but he is still wary of people watching him. He runs into Bo-ro, who insists on giving him some cream buns. Bo-ro remarks at Do-ha’s handsome face and we are also inclined to agree. That face shouldn’t be covered with masks all the time. He later shares this thought with Cho-rok and O-baek. Cho-rok admits she finds Do-ha attractive and wants to pursue him but O-baek is a bit jealous.

In the meantime, Sol-hee nurses a nasty hangover and Do-ha drops by to bring her a hangover cure. She does her best to quickly look presentable. Do-ha is understanding and asks her to think about changing her passcode. She revealed it to him last night. She asks if he is okay since he is not wearing a mask. He says he is okay but the problem is he has no clue how to get rid of the stain on his shirt. She offers to clean it for him.  

Once he leaves, Sol-hee dives into the soup he brought and the hangover cure. She is touched by her thoughtfulness. She hears the news about an upcoming football game. She later returns Do-ha’s shirt and he invites her to watch the game the next night. She coyly agrees to join him but lightly scolds him for asking her on a date without clear specifics. She then corrects herself and calls it an appointment. Nonetheless, they agree to watch the game together at a local club. 

Elsewhere, at the station, Gang-min is working hard. He fails to notice a fellow officer flirting with him. He is more focused on the case. 

The next morning, Do-ha runs into Jae-chan again. This time, Jae-chan warns Do-ha to be careful and stop walking around without his mask. Do-ha points out that he has repaid his debt to him already and it will be bad for all of them if the truth comes out. 

On the other hand, Eom-ho tracks Deuk-chan down and asks about the real identity of Kim Do-ha. Deuk-chan is startled and even though he tries to deny the truth, his initial reaction betrays him. 

Meanwhile, Do-ha continues to work on his music, unaware of the trouble that is slowly brewing. Deuk-chan calls him and begs him not to visit the office without prior notice. He points out that his latest stunt has only increased peoples’ interest in him.

On the other side of Yeonseo, Cho-rok sneaks into the tarot cafe to find out what Sol-hee is hiding. She doesn’t manage to look around too much since she is caught by Sol-hee and kicked out by Cassandra and Chi-hoon. She rushes to Bo-ro’s store after getting his message that Do-ha is there. She shares her theories that Sol-hee might be in a cult and Do-ha quickly defends Sol-hee’s business. 

Outside, Gang-min roams around the neighbourhood and sees Do-ha and Sol-hee together. He is hurt to see her give Do-ha the smile she used to give to him. He quietly walks away, nursing his heartbroken heart.  He later gets hurt while on a case. Gang-min is having a hard time letting go of Sol-hee. He wants to explain the truth about why he disappeared all of a sudden but doesn’t know where to start.

Night rolls by and Sol-hee and Do-ha meet up for their date. Unfortunately, all bars are busy and they end up at O-baek’s bar. Bo-ro, Cho-rok and O-baek note how they seem to be so close. They deduce that the two must be on a date. The date goes smoothly and they are happy that their team won. 

It seems Sol-hee is not the only one flirting around. Her mom, Hyang-sook is amping up her new con project. This time, she has set her eyes on a rich widower and wants to be his wife. However, one of the man’s daughters is onto her. She hires Sol-hee to sniff out the lies from the new lady in her dad’s life.

Sol-hee is shocked to meet with her client and see her mom is there. Hyang-sook acts like she doesn’t know Sol-hee and they play a few Tennis rounds. Later, Hyang-sook begs her to keep her secret and asks for a chance to change her fate. She emotionally blackmails Sol-hee saying this is the only way for her to give up her conning career. However, Sol-hee realizes her mom is lying about loving the rich widower. She puts a stop to her mom’s project but doesn’t reveal to her client that she is related to the woman in question.

As expected, Hyang-sook doesn’t take kindly to Sol-hee’s decision to ruin her latest project. She pays her a visit and throws a fit, breaking things in Sol-hee’s office. She claims Sol-hee ruined her life from the moment she was born. She argues that Sol-hee owes her and should pay up since she makes money easily. Sol-hee asks her mom if she ever loved her but her mom’s response is disappointing, to say the least.

Sol-hee also loses her cool and admits it is not easy to live with her gift. As they talk, Do-ha drops by and overhears the conversation. He is forced to step in as Hyang-sook tries to hit Sol-hee. Hyang-sook mocks him for not knowing the truth about Sol-hee’s powers. She angrily leaves after dropping the bomb on Do-ha. 

Do-ha apologizes for eavesdropping and Sol-hee walks out. It is raining heavily so Do-ha follows her to give her an umbrella. Sol-hee admits she is embarrassed and asks him for space. She says they will never work out because of her gift. Do-ha asks her what gift she is talking about and she reveals she can detect lies. 

The episode ends with them standing outside, drenched in the rain while intensely staring at each other.

The Episode Review

Well, it looks like Do-ha will need to decide if he is confident enough to continue dating Sol-hee. He knows her secret now and this endangers his secret as well. Things are getting interesting and we can’t wait for the next episode. At this point, the chances of it going well are 50-50. Sol-hee can help him establish his innocence or rupture his life again. 

On the other hand, we have to talk about Hyang-sook. She is quite a delusional mom. How can she blame her child for being born? She needs to own up to her mistakes. The least she can do is let Sol-hee live her life without interference. 

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