My Lovely Liar – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Doha’s Weakness

My Lovely Liar episode 7 sees Do-ha and Sol-hee talking in the rain. Sol-hee reveals the truth about her lie-detector abilities. She is confident that she and Do-ha won’t work out even though she believes he has never lied to her. Do-ha feels guilty about that statement but says nothing. 

After this, they both head home. Each is deep in thought about different things. For Do-ha, odd things about Sol-hee start to make sense as he looks back. On the other hand, Sol-hee regrets opening up about her secret. 

The next morning, Sol-hee calls Cassandra and gives her a day off. She asks that she tells Chi-hoon too. Sol-hee wants to clean the mess her mom made at her office privately. She is surprised when Do-ha shows up and helps as if nothing happened. This prompts her to ask why he is not afraid of her. He replies that her ability is no big deal, and he finally understands her more. He doesn’t care whether she pretends to be a shaman as long as she pays her taxes. 

As they clean, Chi-hoon arrives, unaware that he has the day off. He mistakes Do-ha for a robber and accosts him. Once the truth is revealed, Do-ha introduces himself, and Ch-hoon simply assumes he is a fan of Syaon too. He doesn’t think much about Do-ha’s name. After all, who would have thought he is the famous mysterious songwriter? Later, Sol-hee explains that Chi-hoon is her driver, but his dream job is to be Syaon’s bodyguard. 

Elsewhere, Hyang-sook is getting her nails fixed. She worries about her credit card declining, but thankfully, Sol-hee has yet to cut her off. Hyang-sook debates whether to apologize to her daughter but decides to remain in her villain era. 

Meanwhile, Do-ha and Sol-hee go for a walk and come across Bo-ro’s bakery. Do-ha is shocked that Sol-hee has never visited the bakery. She explains that it is easier to keep her secret by avoiding getting too friendly with people. Do-ha insists on getting her bread, so they join the long queue outside Bo-ro’s bakery. There they meet Cho-rok, who is curious about their relationship. Sol-hee clarifies that she and D0-ha are good neighbours and friends. 

It is their turn, and they happily walk in and start selecting bread. This is when one female customer walks in and demands a refund. Apparently, she found a cockroach in one of the pieces of bread she bought a day earlier. Upon hearing this, the customers leave, and Bo-ro is dismayed. He gives the lady the refund, and she walks out too. Sol-hee is unsure how to help Bo-ro since he didn’t lie about being clean, and the woman didn’t lie about the cockroach either.

Our two friendly neighbours opt to have a meal at a fancy restaurant after the incident at Bo-ro’s bakery. They go to the same restaurant that Gang-min and his partner, Officer Hwang, are in. It immediately becomes awkward as they are seated next to each other. Officer Hwang is curious about the lady Gang-min likes at the Tarot cafe and asks about it. Gang-min tells him that the girl has a man. 

On the other hand, Sol-hee and Do-ha refuse to leave and order their food. They casually talk but can hear everything Officer Hwang and Gang-min are discussing. Gang-min says he is not ready to give up on Sol-hee since she is unmarried. Of course, this is a warning shot for Do-ha and an advance towards Sol-hee. Being a detective, Gang-min has already picked up that Do-ha and Sol-hee are not dating. If they were, Do-ha would have known she doesn’t eat eggplant. He would have also helped clean her thighs when she accidentally poured water on herself. 

As Do-ha leaves the table to grab more paper towels and Officer Hwang leaves for the restroom, Sol-hee confesses. Gang-min feels a ray of hope that he can win her back since she seems bothered by his presence. Once Do-ha returns, she tells him that Gang-min is aware they lied. He realises his mistake and asks Sol-hee what she likes and hates. 

Elsewhere, Deuk-chan visits Jae-chan’s burger restaurant and asks about Eom-ho. Jae-chan insists that he has not seen or spoken to Eom-ho. Deuk-chan asks him to call if Eom-ho shows up. He is worried that Eom-ho will try to kill Do-ha again. He wants to find him before he gets to Do-ha, but Jae-chan is uncooperative. 

Deuk-chan is surprised by Jae-chan’s nonchalant behaviour. His younger brother argues that Do-ha seems too fearless these days and ought to remember his place. Deuk-chan loses his patience and lashes out at his brother. He insists that Do-ha owes them nothing. Jae-chan questions who Deuk-chan loves more. Deuk-chan angrily leaves after pointing out how disgustingly dirty the burger place is and asks Jae-chan to consider closing the business. 

The next day, Cassandra meets with a regular client who is looking into buying a new estate and wants guidance. She is the wife of the local realtor, and Sol-hee thinks they make a good power couple. They are all under the assumption that the couple has no kids. The realtor shows up asking for his wife, and they leave together. Chi-hoon then comes in, eating the bread from Bo-ro’s bakery, and they inform him about the cockroach scandal. He spills the tea about Sol-hee and Do-ha’s cleaning date, but Cassandra already knows.

In the meantime, Cho-rok and O-baek are trying to uplift Bo-ro’s spirit. The bakery is in trouble, and he blames himself. Do-ha visits too and offers to buy everything after a young man tries to humiliate Bo-ro. As always, O-beak and Cho-rook ask invasive questions like what he does for work, the price of his clothes etc. Do-ha is quick to give short, ambiguous answers and leaves. 

Later that evening, Sol-hee is distracted by her thoughts about how accepting Do-ha is. She spills soda on her blanket and takes it to a laundry nearby. She runs into Do-ha and asks why he is too accepting. She reveals other than her parents; no one knows the truth about her abilities. When she was young, her mom had warned her to keep it a secret. Otherwise, she would have no friends.

They continue talking, and she reveals he lied to her only once. He asks about the said instance prompting her to bring up his sleep talk. They are interrupted by a drunk Bo-ro, suffering from the cockroach scandal. They get him a cab and walk home together.  They worry about Bo-ro and are unsure about how to help him. They decide to start by finding out who posted about the cockroach on social media. 

The following morning, Eom-ho visits Jin-soo and shows him a picture of Do-ha in high school. Jin-soo is unsure if the man in the picture is Kim Do-ha since he has never seen his face clearly. They exchange contacts. This interaction piques Jin-soo’s interest as Eom-ho seems determined to find and kill Do-ha. 

At the precinct, Gang-min lets down one of his crushes easily. He tells her that he likes someone else but willingly accepts her sandwich. He then gets a notification to starve for the next 8 hours ahead of his doctor’s appointment. The message understandably saddens him.

Another day passes, and Bo-ro’s bakery is heading to its downfall. He takes the day off to do a thorough cleaning. Meanwhile, at the tarot cafe, the rude man from Bo-ro’s store visits. He wants to know if his new business will be successful. Sol-hee finds it weird when the man lies about knowing the local realtor. Do-ha also shows up and tells Sol-hee about the fuss the man caused at Bo-ro’s store. They agree it is too suspicious and investigate further. 

The more they dig, the more the evidence leads to the local realtor. It turns out that the rude man is his son. The realtor and his wife collided to bring the downfall of Bo-ro so that their son could use that space for his business. Bo-ro doesn’t take too kindly to this and gives them a taste of his anger. 

With Bo-ro’s situation fixed,  O-baek, Cho-rok, Young-jae, Sol-hee and Do-ha go out to celebrate. They drink, play games and get to know each other. No one makes a fuss about Kim Do-ha’s name and simply assumes it is common. They think it is a hilarious coincidence.

On the way back home, Do-ha buys Sol-hee her favourite ice cream. He is slowly noting the things she likes and treating her to them. Sol-hee thinks it is admirable that he only lied to her once. She remembers him sleep-talking and claiming he didn’t kill anyone. At the time, she assumed he was talking about Syaon’s suicide attempt and thought nothing of it. She informs Do-ha that Syaon was not intent on killing herself.  Her statement shakes do-ha. Did he kill Eom-ji? Later, they text each other goodnight, but Do-ha worries about their conversation. 

Other things are brewing away from Yeonseo. Do-ha’s mom has begun a private campaign for a position in government. However, the Do-ha situation is proving to be hard to clear. After meeting with a potential sponsor, she calls Do-ha and asks to meet urgently later that night. 

Elsewhere, Chi-hoon rescues Syaon from some fans who are stalking her. He takes her to the tarot cafe, unaware of the history between her and Sol-hee. Syaon asks to speak to Sol-hee privately and offers to pay her to relocate. When this fails, she claims she can’t live without Do-ha, and Sol-hee is interfering with them. 

Sol-hee scolds her for always threatening suicide when she doesn’t mean it. She asks Syaon to get her feeling in check and refuses to give up Do-ha. This is when Syaon drops a bomb and says that Do-ha has a weakness. She reveals that he killed someone, and Sol-hee is reminded of the only lie she ever heard from Do-ha.

Concurrently, Do-ha meets with his mom. She is surprised that he no longer wears a mask and insists he leaves for German. She maintains that it is for his own safety, but Do-ha doesn’t believe her. He confronts her about using him for her political ambitions and refuses to go to Germany. He insinuates that he has important things to do in Korea away from his career. The mom is pissed and frustrated, but Do-ha is right? She sees him as a killer and wants him gone.

He leaves and heads to So-hee’s tarot cafe. He finds her deep in thought, waiting for him. He starts by telling her that he has something to say. She also responds that she has something to ask him.  She asks about Eom-ji, and he replies he was only a suspect. He claims he has never killed anyone, and the bell rings in Sol-hee’s ears. This signifies that Do-ha is lying!

The Episode Review

Is Sol-hee’s ability faulty when it comes to Do-ha, or did he kill Eom-ji? We have a lot of questions as to why Do-ha lied. Is it possible that he killed Eom-ji and failed to remember? 

Secondly, Syaon’s mental and emotional condition is alarming. She seems too obsessive about Do-ha and wants to cling to him. She is determined to stop at nothing to get him, which should be checked before it escalates. Unfortunately, Deuk-chan is too busy trying to get to Eom-ho before he kills Do-ha. Speaking of Deuk-chan and Jae-chan, don’t they seem a bit fishy? Deuk-chan is definitely hiding something. Does he know the truth about what happened to Eom-ji? Why did they give Do-ha an alibi?

Lastly, Eom-ho has awakened a sleeping lion in Ji-soo. He will start looking into Do-ha, and Eom-ji’s case will be brought up again. This time Do-ha’s new identity will bring even more attention to the case. Will he be able to prove he is innocent?

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