My Dad the Bounty Hunter – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Tales of Doloraam: Part 1

Episode 8 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 commences with the descent of the Gigantic EHC vessel over Doloraam. The empress calls out Pam for being the treacherous snake that she is and swears to defend Doloraam. Pam retaliates by insulting the planet and threatening to take over.

As the Doloraami guards attempt to seize Pam, 3 bots arrive to defend her. Ajja tactfully manages to take them down, but unfortunately 3 more bots arrive. The Royal family retreats back into the Castle.

Pam commands the ships to start destroying the city, and they reactively fire at it, wrecking the place. The empress scolds the Ministers for siding with the Conglomerate all along, until Terry intervenes. She sends them off to activate the shields to protect the Empire from further invasion.

The Dolaraamis utilize the Kalatite shields to deflect enemy attacks, leaving most of the Conglomerate’s forces insubstantial. They then call in the Kalatite weapons and prepare to retaliate. The Kalatite weapons show incredible strength in their attack and defense capabilities as the soldiers use them to take down the bots.

Tess convinces her mother to let her fight with Doloraam, and she agrees to fight by her side, while Terry fights alongside the Emperor. However, they leave the kids behind, keeping Blobby on top of Lisa so she can’t move.

The royals step onto the battlefield, taking down a large portion of the bots. Meanwhile, Lisa struggles to slip from under Blobby as she desperately desires to join the battle. As Lisa struggles to set herself free, the luminous lines show up on her skin once again.

With a few tries, she manages to explosively set herself free. She immediately grabs a few weapons and rushes off to battle. As she ventures out, she is intercepted by a bot that tries to attack her. She uses her limited knowledge to save herself from the bot.

Adja sees Lisa fighting and rushes to make sure she’s alright. She also advises Lisa on how to wield a blade. She calls in to inform Tess about Lisa’s presence on the battlefield. Tess is scared to allow Lisa on the field but agrees, especially as Adja promises to keep her safe.

The Doloraami troops manage to reduce the air and ground troops to below 40%. Pam decides to send in the next wave, reopening the Warp Gate to let more ships into Doloraam. The newly entered ships focus fire on the Shield and make it collapse, giving access to the smaller ships to enter and continue the invasion.

Sean realizes the problem and decides to shut down the Warp Gate to prevent further reinforcements. He contacts KRS to come pick him and Blobby up and take them to the Command Center.

Meanwhile, the Emperor attempts to make conversation with Terry as they fight the bots, but Terry insists they focus on the fight instead. KRS arrives to take Sean and Blobby to the central command center.

Upon entering the Control Center, Blobby and Sean work on deactivating the Warp Gate. Pam catches wind of this and sends Beta to handle them. Beta arrives at the Command Center, and Blobby faces off against the bot to let Sean complete the task.

Unfortunately, Blobby is no match for Beta and isn’t able to stop him for long. Sean speaks to Beta, trying to convince it that the Conglomerate is evil and it doesn’t have to follow their orders. For a brief moment, this endeavour is successful, but Pam quickly assumes manual control. Just then, Bog dog enters and shoots Beta down. This simple action allows Sean to successfully shut down the Warp Gate, preventing the entry of any further ships through the Warp Gate.

Pam assumes control of all units, and huge drilling machines are deployed.

The Episode Review

This episode marks the beginning of the battle between Doloraam and the Conglomerate, as the Conglomerate invades seeking to seize the Kalatite Crystals. The battle between the two sides showcases the true power of the Kalatite Crystals through an arsenal of weapons as the all-out war erupts.

Additionally, the chapter reveals an unusual side of Sean as he doesn’t appear too enthusiastic to fight despite Lisa breaking free. Nevertheless, even without setting foot on the battlefield, he contributes significantly to shifting the odds in Doloraam’s favor by shutting down the Warp Gate.

The episode also highlights the sacrifice Blobby makes to protect Sean which is highly in contrast with Blobby’s personality. This, however, is justified by the bond created between the two throughout the season. It still remains a mystery whether Blobby is still alive due to his unpredictable blob physiology.

Despite the closure of the Warp Gate, the threat hasn’t been neutralized completely, as Pam assumes control over all active units.

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