My Dad the Bounty Hunter – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

For the Throne

Episode 7 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 begins with Pam’s return to Doloraam, accompanied by an additional gift. She introduces Tess, Adja, the kids, and Blobby to the Emperor and Empress. Lisa and Sean are excited to see their grandparents, and they do warmly welcome them.

They share a joyous reunion with their daughter after 14 years. Just before they enter the palace, Pam makes her intentions of striking a deal clear. However, the Empress insists on postponing the discussion until nightfall.

Upon returning to the palace, the kids are eager to explore, but Tess wants to find Terry first. The Empress is puzzled about how they would know about a Bounty Hunter sent years ago, until the Emperor breaks his silence. He confesses to putting a bounty on Terry and explains his longing to reconnect with his daughter.

He takes them to meet Terry, who is being treated well in a cell. Tess sighs with relief, and the family reunites. Terry is surprised to see Blobby with them. Tess provides a brief account of everything that happened from Terry’s abduction to their arrival at Doloraam.

Meanwhile, B’Caala approaches Pam with a plan to obtain Kalatite. However, she is no longer interested in his assistance as they have found and returned the princess to the Emperor. Upon learning about Tess’s return, B’Caala recalls the deal to marry her, but Pam dismisses that idea as well.

Back at the castle, the Royal Family celebrates their daughter’s return. B’Caala interrupts the celebration, demanding Tess’s hand in marriage arrogantly. Upon discovering that Tess is already married, he insults the Doloraami culture and challenges the Emperor for the throne. The Emperor accepts the challenge, but Terry steps in and accepts on his behalf.

The fight between Terry and B’Caala begins. The battle becomes challenging as the fighting platform is revealed to be a bamboo structure with wide gaps and sharp spikes beneath. As the fight progresses, Terry struggles to balance on the platform while B’Caala displays his flexibility as he manoeuvres around the arena.

Despite taking multiple hits, Terry manages to stay on the platform. The platform begins to rotate, further challenging Terry’s abilities. Terry takes a direct kick to the chest and falls onto a support plank. He uses the opportunity to disable the rotation by jamming a stick into the gears.

Adapting his fighting style, Terry improves his balance and gains the upper hand. He puts B’Caala in a chokehold and forces him into a yielding position. However, Vunaari’s child falls from the audience stand, and Terry rushes to rescue her. B’Caala stomps on Terry while he’s helping the child, but Terry eventually saves her and returns her to her mother.

Weakened from the previous attacks, Terry is unable to fight effectively. B’Caala seizes the opportunity to attack and get him to yield. The audience boos B’Caala, and the Vunaari people reject his sovereignty, forfeiting the challenge. B’Caala leaves in shame, and Pam is furious at his failure.

The Empress gathers Tess and her family to discuss Pam’s true nature. They express their distrust of the Conglomerate, citing incidents involving the abduction of Lisa and Sean and the events at Chillion. The Empress decides to reward Pam by presenting her with a large crate. To everyone’s disappointment, the crate contains only gold.

Pam is initially thrilled but becomes disappointed upon opening the crate. The Empress thanks her for bringing the princess back to Doloraam but apologizes for being unable to offer Kalatite. In response, Pam signals for the Warp Gate to open, allowing a massive spaceship with numerous smaller ones to enter Doloraam’s skies.

The Episode Review

This episode exposes Pam’s cunning intentions as she brings back the Princess of Dolaraam solely to negotiate a deal for Kalatite. It also highlights an intense battle between B’Caala and Terry as B’Caala challenges the Emperor for the throne. This fight stands out as the most thrilling of the series, showcasing Terry’s natural talent and empathetic fighting style.

The chapter concludes with Pam commanding an assault on Doloraam after their rejection of the offer, setting the stage for an epic showdown between the Doloraami Empire and the conglomerate.

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