Has Somebody Feed Phil been renewed for Season 7? Here’s what we know:

Has Somebody Feed Phil Been Renewed For Season 7?

Somebody feed Phil is a food and travel documentary hosted by the funny Phil Rosenthal who you might remember as the creator of the hit comedy show “Everybody Loves Raymond.” 

What is Somebody Feed Phil about?

Somebody Feed Phil premiered in 2018 and it is currently in its sixth season. The show follows Phil on his many food adventures across the globe, sporting a standard structure whereby Phil introduces viewers to a new culinary experience and invites his comedian friends to share a joke as he tells them what he has been up to lately.

It is a light show that you can enjoy if you love travelling and learning about the different gastronomy and cultures from across the world. You can read our extensive review of season six  HERE.

Has Somebody Feed Phil been renewed for season 7?

Netflix is yet to confirm whether the show will be renewed for season 7. It takes a while to get official confirmation of whether a show will get a greenlight or be axed. Somebody Feed Phil continues to draw in viewers who are interested in following him on his food adventures.

So far, based on the numbers, it seems incredibly likely that Netflix might renew the show for its seventh season. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear from Netflix in the coming week or months. 

What we know about season 7 so far:

Honestly, we are as clueless as can be but we are hoping to hear about the fate of the show soon. If it is renewed then it might air in the first half of 2023 and there have been speculations of the next locations that Phil might consider

Given that the world has so many dishes and cultures to explore, Phil will have a hard time choosing the next six locations to feature. It would be fun to see him completely out of his comfort zone, in a place like an amazon jungle or Iceland. What would you suggest?

Would you like to see Somebody Feed Phil return for season 7? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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