Has Somebody Feed Phil been renewed for Season 7? Here’s what we know:

Has Somebody Feed Phil Been Renewed For Season 7?

Somebody feed Phil is a food and travel documentary hosted by the funny Phil Rosenthal who you might remember as the creator of the hit comedy show “Everybody Loves Raymond.” 

What is Somebody Feed Phil about?

Somebody Feed Phil premiered in 2018 and it is currently in its sixth season. The show follows Phil on his many food adventures across the globe, sporting a standard structure whereby Phil introduces viewers to a new culinary experience and invites his comedian friends to share a joke as he tells them what he has been up to lately.

It is a light show that you can enjoy if you love travelling and learning about the different gastronomy and cultures from across the world. You can read our extensive review of season six  HERE.

Has Somebody Feed Phil been renewed for season 7?

Netflix has officially confirmed that yes, Somebody Feed Phil will be returning for a seventh season! Deadline have the low-down in their latest article but it’s testament to the staying power this series has. It continues to draw in viewers who are interested in following him on his food adventures.

We estimated last year that the show would be renewed and we’re super psyched to see Phil return on more culinary adventures in the future!

UPDATE: Season 7 began on March 1 2024.

What we know about season 7 so far:

Honestly, we are as clueless as can be but we are hoping Phil ventures out and explores more areas across the world, including South America and Europe. There have been speculations surrounding the next locations that Phil might consider but given that the world has so many dishes and cultures to explore, Phil will have a hard time choosing the next six to feature! It would be fun to see him completely out of his comfort zone, in a place like an amazon jungle or Iceland. What would you suggest?

Are you excited to see Somebody Feed Phil return for season 7? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

27 thoughts on “Has Somebody Feed Phil been renewed for Season 7? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Any and every culture explored is an adventure in your own living room,fantasizing of the fun and experience Phil and the crew are having is so much fun!!!! Trying too figure out where I’d love to go??? It’s challenging with all the different places he travels. Best show so far as of yet. Thanks, keep up the amazing episodes ❤️

  2. Having just discovered this show, I can’t rave about it enough! This is one of the greatest series I’ve watched, Phil is such a likable, relatable, funny guy and you can sense his passion for food and for travel, both which I enjoy very much as well. Looking forward to the next season, would love to see an Iceland episode.

  3. I Love Phil’s show !!!! It makes me so very happy!!! I can’t travel much and I feel transported to these places and it brings me so much joy ! Funnest travel show I have seen !
    7th 8th 9th 10!seasons keep going !!!!
    Love love ❤️ the show all the way Go Phil!!!!!!!!

  4. I never tire of rewatching all the episodes while i wait for another season. I love the way this entire show is produced, from the locations, to the people and the food. the crew is entertaining as well. PLEASE do a season 7, and on and on! Best show hands down!

  5. I would love to see Phil go to Istanbul. He can tour by boat and foot with seeing the many mosques, markets and hidden gems. A colorful tour it would be!

  6. Best, Best, Best!!!!! My favorite show on cable. Has comedy, serious, and great food locations…..please, please renew so I don’t have to keep watching 1-6 again and again. Thank you Netflix SFHamner

  7. /Somebody feed Phil is one of my favorite shows, it brings me joy and happiness. I have watched all seasons at least twice. Please bring back more. Thank you.

  8. Yes. Please!! We need more Phil. We binge watched all 6 seasons and laughed, learned, cried a bit and just thoroughly enjoyed Phil’s exploits. (We even like Richard!).

    So please. The world needs more Phil.

  9. I love this show. Somebody Feed Phil is one of the best shows on Netflix. Phil is funny, down to earth and just an all around fun guy. He treats people so well. My son turned me on to it. I watch it with my grandkids and my mother. Nobody gets offended. Please renew for many more seasons. I love when Monica is on with him. I also love that he brings his grown kids along sometimes. I like that his brother, Richard, produces. It is a real family affair. I cried all the way through the tribute to his parents episode. RENEW THIS SHOW!!! Plaase.

  10. I love Phil’s show and his humor. I work with people of all ages who also love the show. All his shows are different. Sometimes he has his family, different music, cultures, animals and exotic geographic places. His shows are never dry or dull. I and my coworkers really would like to see him come back with Season 7!

  11. I enjoy that this is a non chef driven food show. While I enjoy those shows, I feel like I am being taught how to eat by them. Phil makes me feel like we are on vacation together. And the informality encourages me to try things.

  12. Dear Phil, i have enjoyed all your stops around the world, my favorite was Vence.

    I wish you could visit the islands of the Caribbean. The food, the people, the amenities, the beaches, the music! Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, , they all have very diverse cuisine, character and traditions. I think you and your audience will have a good time while you and your team will enjoy the unique foods and people there. Bienvenido!

  13. I would like Phil to do a show about Vancouver, Canada. It is rated one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I live near Vancouver.
    Vancouver has cuisine from all over the world and tops the diversity of food in the majority of cities. It has for example…Persian, Caribbean, Indian, Lebanese, Sri Lankan and Afghani.

  14. How about Melbourne, best coffee and eateries for anyone, even PHIL! Please consider Australia. We love Phil down under.

  15. Netflix please bring back Sonebody Feed Phil for a season 7. My wife & I love the show. It’s wholesome, refreshing, funny & family oriented! Please bring it back!!!!!

  16. Somebody Feed Phil is the best therapy!! What a joy he is!! How can one feel anxious or depressed after watching even one episode? It would be lovely if he continues with another season.

  17. Omg, please renew Somebody feed Phil. I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t watch more. I wanna be friends with him and his wife! I live thru his travels. My hubby and I laugh and just love every one of his episodes! What a brilliant, wonderful man he is. His humor is astonishing and we both love the show so much!!!💜


  19. Suggest considering the Central Coast of California. The culture is what So Cal was in the 60’s with the Old West and a large art community mixed in. Lots of wineries, local breweries, family owned farms and ranches (some of which date back to the 1860s) along with amazing farm to table restaurants like:
    Ember: Locally sourced beef and seafood cooked over an open fire. Listed in the Micheline guide
    Somm’s Kitchen; Owned by Ian Adamo, a world recognized sommelier who also worked as a chef at Le Cirque and La Grenouille restaurants in NYC. Serves small bites and with wine pairings along with wine commentary and stories such a serving Hillary Clinton and meeting the Queen of England.
    Tognazzini’s Seafood. Serves fresh seafood caught by its own commercial fishing boat.
    Also, the home of Santa Maria tri-tip barbecue, a local tradition served at many restaurants and ranch gatherings.
    Sylvester’s: Kind of a dive, but best burgers on the Central Coast. All ingredients are fresh and burgers are hand individually made. Home of the “Big One”. A 5 pound burger. If you can eat it, its free.
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    Morro Rock: Peregrine falcon sanctuary and sacred place for the local Chumash tribe.
    And lots more

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