Will there be a My Name is Vendetta 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

My Name is Vendetta 2

It has almost been a month since My Name is Vendetta was released on Netflix. The film from Italy is a hardcore revenge thriller with non-stop action and a lot to offer for genre fans. In the recently released list of Netflix’s most-watched movies, My Name is Vendetta managed to make it in the top 10. That is a huge accomplishment, considering the small-scale budget of the film.

Having watched it, you must be wondering if we will see a sequel to My Name is Vendetta. It surely ends in a way that gives us franchise vibes. But what is the judgment? Here’s what we know of a potential sequel to Netflix’s My Name is Vendetta:

What is My Name is Vendetta about?

The old Mafias of Italy never give up. Such are the cultural representations, movies would have us believe that these men eat and sleep pride. My Name is Vendetta springs into life when Santo’s, a former gang member on the run, daughter Sofia innocuously posts a photo of him on Instagram. His cover is blown and his sworn enemies finally get a whiff of his whereabouts. They murder his family and frantically hunt for him and Sofia, who manage to run away.

But Santo is eventually met with the realization that it must end with bloodshed. They cannot outrun the hunt and must take it upon themselves to finish off the rivalry for Sofia’s sake. Will the daughter rise up to the challenge and will Santo be able to stop them?

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Will My Name is Vendetta have a sequel?

It seems very likely that the film will get a sequel commissioned in 2023. Given how much people liked the Netflix film and more specifically, how it ended, things are looking good. Movie sequels are a tricky subject for Netflix. It is difficult to anticipate a decision and hence very difficult to give you clear answers but we’re gearing toward this one being renewed.

What could the My Name is Vendetta sequel plot be?

Now, this is interesting. The movie ended with Sofia taking revenge by killing Michele and keeping her father’s traditions alive. His blood flows through her veins and she realizes that. With nothing to lose, Sofia turns into a heartless assassin who knows she will always have to run. A sequel will most probably revolve around her. But we might not see the character return in the same form.

A grown-up, more stringently trained Sofia might be a perfect place to start the conception of a sequel. As the movie ends with Sofia getting ready to go into hiding herself, it’s clear she’s not free from danger. She perhaps might even encounter someone like herself from the opposite family hunting her down. An eerie and tacky Deja vu bit that should do the trick for those who loved the first film. 

Would you like to see another My Name Is Vendetta movie? What did you think of the first film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Sequel #2 Please! Show Sophia grown up. Living with her husband and teenage children. Only difference is she wd be training them for a war. With an artillery of weapons, bombs, detonators, poison arrows, disguises, etc. Thank you in advance😘

  2. The movie was very good and absolutely will deserve a sequel you have a chance for the girl to continue your tradition and everybody that liked the first one is going to like the second one and even more people will catch on because it’s a girl as the main character this time

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