Will there be an Influencer 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

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Influencer tells the story of a social media influencer named Madison whose life takes a very dark turn when she journies to Thailand and meets a young woman named CW.

If you have seen and enjoyed this movie, you might be interested in a sequel.

But will there be an Influencer 2? Or is this one movie that you won’t get to hear about on social media?

Here’s what we know.

What is Influencer about?

On the surface, Influencer is a psychological thriller about one woman’s battle to survive after meeting somebody who does not have her best interests at heart.

But dig beneath the surface and you will discover a movie that examines the depths of social media obsession and the fake identities people use both on and offline.

To learn more about the movie’s story, check out our Ending Explained article which enters into spoiler territory.

Will there be an Influencer 2?

A sequel to Influencer has not been announced. While there is scope for a second movie, we don’t think the filmmakers behind Influencer intended their movie to have a follow-up. Of course, if it goes viral, we might see Influencer 2 at some point. You shouldn’t get your hopes up though.

What could happen in Influencer 2?

There is much we didn’t learn about CW in the first movie so it might be the sequel (or prequel) gives us insight into the dark side of her character. This is just speculation as we don’t think a follow-on movie will happen. But if Influencer 2 is announced, we will update this page with the relevant information.

When could Influencer 2 be released?

There is a chance the movie could be released as early as next summer if it is given the green light. But as there is no word of a second movie at this stage, we can’t really say for sure.

Would you like to see Influencer 2? What did you think of the first film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I loved this movie. I would love to see a sequel or prequel!!! Cassandra Naud was great in this psychological thriller. 🫶🏻

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