Will There Be A Fire Island 2? Here’s What We Know:

Have you seen Fire Island yet? It’s a new comedy movie that is on Disney+ in the UK and Hulu in the US and it is currently taking the internet by storm.

This movie about a group of gay best friends who reunite for a week-long vacation on the island has been a big hit with critics, and people have taken to social media demanding a sequel be made.

But how likely is a Fire Island sequel? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Fire Island about?

Fire Island is loosely based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice but as we said in our review, there are no women in corsets or buttoned-up blouses here. The movie focuses on a group of gay men who meet on the island every year for a week of sun, sand, and sex, but on this occasion, two of the men, Noah and Howie, meet a couple of guys who could hold the key to true love and lifelong relationships.

Of course, the path to true love rarely runs smoothly and so it is for Noah and Howie. But if you know anything about Jane Austen’s classic story, you will know that there is the promise of love for at least one of the couples, provided they can rein in their pride and put aside their prejudices in the meantime.

Will there be a Fire Island 2?

According to the movie’s star and writer Joel Kim Booster (Noah), the possibility of a sequel set in another popular gay vacation spot is “not off the table.”

In an article at Gay Times, he said this when asked about a follow-up movie or TV series.

“Yeah, a real anthology series! While I don’t know that I necessarily feel all the way inspired to write another gay vacation movie at this time, I would definitely do anything to work with this cast again.

Maybe what will happen is I’ll do an And Just Like That… sort of style film in 20 years from now. We’ll all return to Fire Island and we’ll see where these characters are in 20 years.”

Andrew Ahn, the director of Fire Island, also told the Gay Times that he would like to hang out with the cast and crew for another film.

Conrad Ricamora who plays Will, Noah’s love interest in the film is up for it too! He said:

“To be able to spend another shoot with everybody that’s in this cast would be a dream come true.”

So, while there is no definite word on a sequel just yet, it is clear that there is potential for a follow-up as the cast and crew are keen to work together on something. Let’s hope it’s not in 20 years though.

While we appreciate Booster’s idea for a sequel two decades from now, it’s rather a long time to wait for anybody desperate to see the Fire Island vacationers sooner than 2042!

What could Fire Island 2 be about?

Jane Austen didn’t write a sequel to Pride and Prejudice so there is no source material for Booster or any of the writers to work from. They could still create a story based on another novel by the author, however.

They could create a sequel around Persuasion, for example, a story about a woman who reawakens her love for a person she was once persuaded not to marry. In Fire Island, Howie is warned against a relationship with a man called Charlie because of the difference in their social status and while they do get together at the end of the film, the sequel could begin at a time when they have drifted apart because of Howie’s fear of their class differences.

Or the filmmakers could sideline Austen completely and create something original. At the end of Fire Island, Noah and Will seem to get together but there isn’t a definite ending to their story. The sequel could catch up with them, be that in the city or on another vacation island, to see if they have managed to remain in a relationship.

These are just a couple of possibilities but for now, we can only speculate as there is no real news of any sequel forthcoming. Perhaps now is the time to brush up on Jane Austen if you want to share your own ideas with the team behind Fire Island.


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