Will there be an Enchanted 3? Here’s what we know about another sequel:

Enchanted 3

Fifteen years after the first movie came out, Disney+ released the official sequel to Enchanted — Disenchanted. While the 2007 movie was a cheeky take on fairy tales that turned tropes upside down, the 2022 sequel is more about the mother-daughter relationship between Giselle and Morgan. And of course, there is an evil queen, a talking cat and world-ending magic involved.

But will the magic continue? Will we get a third instalment in this franchise? Read on to find out.

What is Disenchanted about?

Disenchanted starts out a few years after the ending of Enchanted. Giselle and Robert are new parents to baby girl Sofia, while Morgan has entered her moody, teenage years. Thinking that a change in location would do them good, the family moves to the suburban town of Monroeville.

But their problems persist and when Morgan and Robert don’t seem happier, Giselle uses a magical Andalasian wand to wish for the perfect fairy-tale life. At first, it seems that her wish has come true. Monroeville becomes Monrolasia, Morgan is chirpy and Robert sets off to battle dragons and ogres. But Giselle realises things have gone wrong when she begins to turn into a wicked step-mother. Moreover, the wand has been stolen. A magical scroll that came along with the wand tells her that she must reverse the wish before the last stroke of midnight.

You can find a detailed account of how Disenchanted ends in our Ending Explained article.

Will there be a third Enchanted movie?

Considering the actors’ ages and the grown-up Morgan, there doesn’t seem to be much scope for another adventure into Giselle’s world. We predict that there will not be another sequel to the Enchanted franchise. However, the makers have not made any official statement regarding a sequel to Disenchanted.

What could Enchanted 3 be about?

Seeing as Giselle and her family are now happily settled in the town of Monroeville, it’s hard to think of new adventures that could still be exciting for audiences to watch. That said, with magic involved, anything could happen in either Andalasia or Monroeville. Should the franchise continue, we can expect to see more fairy-tale tropes being turned on their head as Giselle, Robert and Morgan deal with everyday life.

When could Enchanted 3 be released?

Disenchanted was released a decade and a half after the first movie but it’s highly doubtful that we’ll have to wait fifteen years for another sequel. Particularly since the story is associated with a specific set of characters and won’t be the same without them. If there were to be a third Enchanted movie, it would be in the next couple of years. Of course, this is all speculation as there has been no official news regarding a third movie.

Would you like to see Enchanted 3? What do you think will happen in the sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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  1. Hello ! I am Jennifer Marcos three year experience in this field .and now working for Disney website. It is an OTT platform, which streams the entire Disney content.

  2. Enchanted is my all time favorite Disney movie! Excited that Disenchanted came out. I enjoyed it more the 2nd & 3rd time I watched it. I do it hope that a 3rd installment happens. I’d like to see more focus on what’s happening in Andalusia w/James Marsden and Idina Menzel. Many fun possibilities. James & Idina have not aged a bit, & James is a perfect Prince with the gift of comedic timing…he just needs more screen time. Would also like to explore Morgan & her baby sister’s storyline. Maybe a sequel to “Happy Working Song” with the animals! If they would color Patrick Dempsey’s hair, he would look more like he did in Enchanted. Maybe more singing for him, & less dancing. Amy Adams is amazing! They could tone down the orange in her hair & over accentuated hand & dance moves that they gave her in Disenchanted. Gifted singer/actress..she could not be replaced in any sequel. Must have same musical score writing team!

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