Will there be a Baghead 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:


Baghead 2

Alberto Corredor directed a short film called Baghead in 2017, and he has now turned it into a feature film starring Freya Allan, Jeremy Irvine and Peter Mullan. But will there be a Baghead 2? Or do we have to settle for this one being a one-off horror movie? Here’s what we know at the time of writing:

What is Baghead about?

Iris Lark (Freya Allan) is a young woman who inherits a run-down pub from her recently deceased estranged father, Owen (Peter Mullan), and she discovers a dark secret in the basement known as ‘Baghead,’ a shape-shifting creature that lets you speak to lost loved ones. But this endeavour is not without its horrific consequences, as Iris will discover when a stranger called Neil (Jeremy Irvine) turns up wanting to speak to his dead wife. Iris’s friend Katie (Ruby Barker) turns up to assist her friend and try to keep the monster at bay.

Will there be a Baghead 2?

Spoilers ahead for Baghead 2. Yes, there might be a Baghead 2 because the ending saw the demon monster escape from the old pub into the world. Also, horror movies are usually followed by a sequel these days as they perform well at the box office and are cheap to make. However, there hasn’t been any talk of a sequel just yet, as the film has only just been released. 

What could Baghead 2 be about?

The ending of Baghead set up a potential sequel when Iris, now under the power of Baghead, escaped from the old pub after it was set on fire. A sequel could extend the mythology of the first film and follow Baghead as it becomes unleashed into the world. 

When could a sequel be released?

The sequel would have at least been discussed if it were in the works. However, since there is currently no information regarding Baghead 2, it is best to avoid getting your hopes up, as the likelihood of one is in the balance at the time of writing.

Of course, this is all speculation and if anything changes, we’ll be sure to update you!

Would you like to see a sequel to Baghead? Let us know in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Will there be a Baghead 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:”

  1. I have also watched this movie and it is one of my best movie I have ever seen. So I was really hoping for next sequel. I really wanted to see the next sequel of this horror movie.

  2. Just finished watching it, great horror film. Would definitely like to see a sequel & see what they come up with especially since she escapes in the ending

  3. Yes! This was the first horror I have enjoyed for a long time!
    The very concept and the way they ended the movie truly opens up a myriad of possible ways they could make a sequel.
    I hope they don’t waste the opportunity to make this the possible franchise it could be

  4. I enjoyed the film, but what a dumb title. “Baghead”. Sounds like something an eight year old would come up with. There were so many elements that could’ve worked as a title. Like maybe “Two Minutes” or even the name of the pub, which was, “Queen’s Head”.

  5. I would love to see baghead 2 the first one was very scary had me on the edge they did a great job with this movie so please make baghead 2 thank you.

  6. It’s like the golden age of horror returning.
    This creature with.. Monkey’s paw like powers got me begging for a sequel!
    Methinks it would be against still alive descendents of that brotherhood, with lots of shape shifting involved.
    This is a gold mine of ideas!

  7. I would very much welcome the idea of a sequal to Baghead. For me, it proves that there is still life in the British Horror Industry, it had all the makings of a cult classic and all the suspence very much needed to make it work, that has some how escaped most recent Horror films of late, however! It’s a shame that some of the CAST seemed to be a little like the proverbial, fish out of water, but other than that, the film was well executed and the Special affects and Make-up was nothing short of excellent.

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