Will there be an Amsterdam 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Amsterdam 2

Talking about disappointments for the year, Amsterdam perhaps takes the top spot. David O. Russell’s huge ensemble period comedy could not capitalize on the setting and the talent of the personnel. Neither was it able to inspire box office numbers to recoup production costs, the critics too discarded it as a big shambles. Amsterdam is about the political conspiracy that unfolded in the most scintillating fashion when Frank Roosevelt’s democratic government was almost overthrown by a military dictatorship.

Although the incident could not gain too much international recognition owing to the Second World War, it takes center stage in Amsterdam. Having seen it, you must be wondering if there will be a sequel to the film in the coming times. Here is what we know about a potential sequel that could take place.

Will there be a sequel to Amsterdam?

The answer right now – and most probably even after a lot of time – is not right now. A lot of big studios lost money with Amsterdam and the reason for that was attached to poor word of mouth. Given how bad the reaction and reception to the film were, Amsterdam 2 is most likely not happening.

Russell or any other creative personnel have not guided for a sequel. In fact, there has not been much activity after the release of the film. Apart from promotions, there has been radio silence on that front!

What could happen in Amsterdam 2 and when could it be released?

Well, since the original was based on a true event from history, the possibility of the story continuing is nonexistent. The episode of the Conspiracy ended with General Butler giving his testimony to a Congressional committee and that was it.

However, if the producers were to get enthusiastic about recouping their money, they could come up with a different incident from history with similar bearings and tones. The franchise idea, though, might be a huge risk considering how wrong such projects can go.

The possibility of all of that happening should be postponed until at least 2025. But like we said, do not waste too much of your time chasing this story. Almost impossible for an Amsterdam 2 to happen.

Would you like to see a Amsterdam 2? What do you think will happen in the sequel? What did you think of the first film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. WHATTTTT?? THIS IS IN MY TOP 10 MOVIES IN THIS CATEGORY!! The Cinematography is outstanding, the acting is superb, and the storyline although intricate at times, always found its way back to the mark!!! Negative critiques must be diehard Transformers Movie Fans where Predictability is only overshadowed by the Amount of CGI fight sequences!!😂😎

  2. YES, IF COVID KEEPS EXCELLENT WRITERS IN QUARANTINE. NO it is not without a few flaws but on track better than most crap on television. but honestly the producers and money grubbing shit heels that make big decisions have screwed up long and short, Allow me to list their failure, JETT, WORRIOR, bruce lee version, which is to say all video named worrior is crap otherwise, Dead Wood hbo The bottom in the barrel was a follow up movie. it seems as thou a pirvate equity ponzi type is in control of all the hollywood movie budget. the writers put christian bale as top actor but in reality john david and what’s her name are top flight actors, christian bale was a ego maniac for about 12 years thinking he was all that beautiful, but maturation set into his small mind and a world class actor evolved, sorry now i’m babbling, just for clarity and proof i’m ignorant, miami vice is way cool but 135 million to make and 164 million collected doesn’t seem like that’s a win win for the ponzi schemers. thanks be well clyde

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